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Inside Look At The Top Contact Management Systems (CMS)

When you start to reach the point in your business where contact management systems aren’t a nicety, but rather a necessity, you’ll quickly begin to realize that there are many options out there for you to choose from.  If you want to grow your business successfully, managing your contacts effectively is one of the most important tasks at hand.  If your sales and marketing team cannot quickly find, assess and contact your buyers and leads to capitalize on opportunities while they’re hot, your business will not only not grow, it will soon start to fail. 

Features to Look for in Your Contact Management Systems 

Before we start listing the top contact management systems on the market today, let’s take a look at what you should get standard with the top contact management systems and what features you should look for to expand your capabilities:  

  • All good web based contact management systems should come with the ability to store your customers and leads information including email addresses, names, addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, etc.
  • It’s important that your contact list is easily searchable and retrievable by the parties in your business that need the information and need it quickly
  • You should also have the ability to set up calendars and notifications so that no events or tasks fall through the cracks.  Each of your contacts should be added to the relevant events or tasks and the appropriate people in your business should be notified to take action.  This can be helpful when its time for renewals of contracts or reminding you to follow-up with cold, but qualified leads.
  • Notepads are another great feature in the top contact management systems out there, giving your employees or interns the ability to make notes on customer and client profiles from meetings, calls, etc.  Helpful information such as the best time to contact a lead or their kids names will help other salesman pick up where a first contact left off.
  • The ability to share files is crucial for interoffice cohesion, allowing your sales team to share a docket with the marketing team, etc.  This is essential for companies that deal with any number of files, contracts, proposals or other personal documentation that is critical for a member of the company to have in front of them at the drop of a hat.
  • Just like subsets and categories of blogs are easy to pull up because of tags, having the ability to tag your client and lead profiles is helpful as well.  You can pull up an entire geographic area at once, a certain type of customer, a demographic, etc.  Just tag their profiles appropriately and when you click on the tag, they are all assorted, arranged and ready for contact. 

The Top Contact Management System Reviews of 2014 cms

To make sure that not only your clients and leads are up to date, but also your contact management systems are up to date, here’s a list of the top contact management systems to grow your business in 2014: 

  • Salesforce. By integrating collaboration, mobile and social tools, Salesforce remains a top player in the contact management software game, offering their steadfast standard features and a unique group and task organizer called Chatter.  Easy to use since the social profiles are right next to the contact info of all your clients and leads. With Salesforce, you looking at a price range of about $60-$300 a month if you want the added feature of their CRM. 
  • InfusionSoft.  This is a brilliant contact management system for anyone that also needs eCommerce tools and marketing automation.  A one-stop do-it-all interface with appointment and contact management, your lead capture and nurture processes will never be so organized. The drawback? It can be complicated to use as well as pricey. Your starting cost would be $199-$379 per month 
  • NetSuite CRM+.   If you need to create orders, track your projects and manage the partners involved, this system offers you all that and more.  With sales forecasting tools, opportunity management software and advanced metrics, reporting and analytics (in addition to standard contact management features), this is a top choice for many large companies. Cost? $199 to $499 per month 
  • Hatchbuck.  For small and medium sized businesses who need sales and marketing software that takes email marketing CRM and automation to the next level of cohesion, this is a great way for your sales and marketing teams to stay on the same page. You will also shell out a good bit of cash for this system; from $99 to $299.

contact management systemsThe truth of the matter is, most small businesses are looking for a simple system that keeps track of their customers and clients so they can better serve and build relationships with them. Many of the features these contact management systems offer may not even be utilized enough or at all to justify the costs. These systems also do not provide a built in strategy that will help with customer/client retention. 

So what’s an alternative solution for the Network Marketer, Small Business owner or Solopreneur?

Is there a CMS/CRM that offers similar features as the top contact management systems, but is cost effective and actually builds customer relations?

Yes there is! Get all your marketing needs including amazing Contact Management Systems under one roof CLICK HERE to find out now!