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mlm attraction marketingWhat is MLM attraction marketing? It’s simply Network Marketers using the Attraction Marketing business model to get leads for their business. Before then, MLMers followed a pretty predictable blueprint, with distributors all trying to chase people down to purchase their products or join the biz op they were promoting. Because they were all competing to attract the attention of mainly their friends and family, things got really depressing to say the least, and very few marketers actually made any money.

Enter MLM Attraction Marketing

MLM attraction marketing is a increasingly popular concept that has turned everything on its head. No longer is it about chasing every innocent by standard with air in their lungs to buy your products and pushing your company website. Now it is all about branding yourself as the leader in your industry and magnetically drawing others in to find out who you are, and not to your company or site. In other words, YOU are the brand not your company and not your product, but yourself.

The power of persuasion

So how can you start persuading people to want to know what you and your brand is all about? You can start by determining the characteristics that attract you to others. We as human beings want to feel important and appreciated; we are invariably drawn to people who show a real interest in us and who show us that they actually care about our concerns and our problems.

Help me help myself!

In order for mlm attraction marketing to be effective and allow you the ability to attract more people to you, you would need to have something to offer that can help to increase their quality of life. You must become a problem solver. You must show a real interest in the problems and issues of others as well as the ability to help give significant and valuable solutions to these concerns. You build your own brand by building relationships, and solving the trepidations and issues of the men and women that you have built these relationships with.

If you’re building your business off-line, as many network marketers still do, the same principles apply but you are usually limited as to how many new relationships you can form and maintain for the simple fact that there’s only one of you and certainly not enough time in the day. Not to mention, your warm market can dry up pretty quick!

Help for the weary marketer

The internet is the saving grace for the mlm attraction marketer, because of it, there are no such boundaries since you can establish and maintain relationships with hundreds, even thousands of people around the world using state of the art communication technologies.

An advertising strategy used by big businesses for many years; email auto responders can promote you and your product or service day in and day out and is now affordable and readily available to the average mlm marketer. With this tool, you can continually communicate with your prospect to cultivate your relationships.

By offering a free online boot camp, e-book or some other value-based content in exchange for their contact information, you can begin to develop trust and customer loyalty over a period of time. Always provide exceptional value and, over the passage of time, your new contacts will come to grasp, like and trust you as the leader they are trying to find and may ultimately join your primary business and/ or become customers for life.

Finding high quality content to offer to your customers

There are a few Attraction Marketing systems available that can help you provide valuable content as well as attract an endless stream of leads. The one I use and love is called My Lead System Pro Mastery. The reason it is particularly well-liked is that it does a whole lot more than supplying content and products. It is first and foremost a training system, with a collection of personal videos that teach you step-by-step how to formulate and carry out the strategies that can lead to your success.

There is a lot that goes into online lead generation to build your business, so much so that it can cause serious confusion, stress and overwhelm. Trying to do it on your own can set yourself up for failure.

So what’s the solution? 

You need to have a CLEAR VISION, LASER TARGETED GOALS, a STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN, continuous TRAINING AND SUPPORT, and a PROVEN TURN KEY SYSTEM that will do the hard work for you. 

Best MLM Marketing Systems

My Lead System Pro Mastery is a system that has all of these elements and more. Try it yourself for only $10 and watch it take the overwhelm out of your life!

MLM Attraction Marketing