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Imlm guru2n the Internet and network marketing industry we have people who stand out as the top producers; the heavy hitters of the game. We look at them in adoration, we hang on their every word, buy every training module they put out, and basically worship the ground they walk on. But the reality is that gurus are people just like you and me. They’ve simply mastered a SYSTEM and have become pretty savvy in the art of persuasion. And make no mistake, they are in this business to make money and lots of it.

But let’s not kid ourselves, guru worship can do nothing but cause you to get your feelings hurt in the long run, especially if you happen to meet them in person or speak to them through some other means. Sometimes it’s better not to ever meet your favorite guru and just continue to receive their value from afar.

Take my personal experience for example. A while back I had the pleasure of speaking to one of my favorite marketing genius’s. I remember hearing him speak on a webinar before and wasn’t really that impressed. He constantly talked about being the number one earner here and the top producer there, and I was kind of turned off by it at the time.

Now, I totally understand why he would start his webinars this way, it wasn’t necessarily to brag, but to show how far he had come in this business and let the listener know that they can achieve guru status too. I’ve heard it from others, but for some reason, he just sounded cocky to me.

Then I happened to opt in to one of his free training pages and I began getting emails from him. Wow, was I impressed!

His emails and blog posts were eloquent and inspiring. He was speaking in a language that I resonated with and he came off to me as kind of Zen. I was pretty much hooked. Next thing you know I was paying money for his training webinars and opting in to any and everything he put out there. I got so much valuable information from him that he had become, in my mind, My Guru….

In one of his trainings he mentioned something that really caught my interest and I wanted to learn more about how to implement it. I wanted to know if he had a training on this particular subject as well. So, I decided to contact him. I wasn’t looking for any handouts, wasn’t looking for anything for free, I just wanted to let him know that one, I appreciated his content and two, I wanted to know if he had or will every have a training on this subject. I was ready and willing to pay whatever price he laid out.

Now here’s where you can stumble if you’re not careful. Here is where you can get your feelings hurt or be offended, if you don’t see the “guru” for what he/she really is.

When I sent the email his response was quick and he was very gracious and thankful for my compliments. He proceeded to ask me what business I was in… initial question didn’t get answered. The second email was in response to his question. I told him what business I was in and asked him my original question once again.

This time his comeback was a pitch to his MLM opportunity. He said he offered free coaching to people who sign up with him and sent me a video of the plan for me to view. Again, my initial question was never even addressed, this was a big turnoff for me…Greedy Salesman?? Read on…

…Ok, so I’m the type of person that will really try to see the positive in a situation, cuz I hate negative energy..So I did….

First and foremost, this guy wants to make money, just like you and I do. You can’t fault him for that. Yes, we want to create relationships, and help people, but in the end it’s about making money and we make money by recruiting people in our particular biz op. The sooner we accept this, the less likelihood of being offended.

Now before I put a bad taste in your mouth about network marketing, let me just say that my experience is actually proof that Attraction Marketing really does work! I’m pretty sure that I am just one of hundreds of people that this man gets emails or phone calls from.

He has a working knowledge of the #1 rule in Attraction Marketing find the problem, and give the solution by providing value.

Because he has followed this golden rule, he has produced a massive following, I was one of them. He didn’t have to chase me; he didn’t have to try to get me to meet him at Star Bucks so he can tell me about his business. I ran to him with credit card in hand.

See, he’s a guru because he wasn’t afraid to pitch his business to me. He wasn’t going to wait for some other time to pitch me, he saw the moment and took it.

No matter how repulsed I may have felt by his tactic initially, the reality is, success comes to people who aren’t afraid to ask for what they want, salesy or not. The reality is, recruiting is the name of the game and there is a way to create a massive organization if you’re willing to be fearless. He is definitely a Master Recruiter!

A marketing guru is just a person who knows a little more than you do, the have a CLEAR VISION, SPECIFIC GOALS, a STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN, and they make perfecting their craft by training their biggest priority. But most of all, that employ a PROVEN TURN KEY SYSTEM that maximizes their efforts and does the hard work for them.

 Most gurus have mastered Attraction Marketing, and you can and should too. If you don’t have a proven system taking the “crazy” out of your marketing efforts-Test drive mine for 10 bucks. That’s IF you want to be the next guru in your industry.