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The Benefits Of Internet Marketing Compared To “Brick and Mortar” Selling

The Benefits Of Internet Marketing Compared To “Brick and Mortar” Selling

internetmarketingcomputerAlthough it no longer represents a novelty, internet marketing is still a controversial subject if we consider the numerous conservative voices that declare traditional commerce to prevail over any online attempts. In other words, we have a lot of haters out there! Lol!

Regardless, the fact of the matter is, there are thousands of successful internet marketers out there who started from scratch and have made a fortune, building a reputation and writing history in their line of business, so we have to assume online marketing comes with its share of benefits, wouldn’t you say? Let’s take a closer look.

The Benefits of Internet Marketing

Minimal costs – Running a business the classic way involves paying rent, salaries, utility bills and taxes that can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is doing this for the first time. Online, with just a couple of hundred dollars, you can set up a website to promote your products and services, and, if anything goes wrong, you can always sell it and recover your money. Yes, you can actually make money by selling your website. As I’ve stated many times, having a site is like owning prime real estate minus the headache.

The possibility to go worldwide – The products you sell can be seen by people all around the world, online, without you having to invest more money or set up new websites. Taking care of details like shipping and payments is all it takes. And if you are in a Network Marketing business, shipping and payments are taken care of through the company.

Low advertising budget – If you had an actual store, you would have to advertise for it in the newspapers, on radio or television. As an internet marketer, you can post your ads all over the web, paying only a fraction of the money traditional advertising would involve. Even better, you can promote your products for free, through article marketing.

Internet Marketing from Search Engine Optimization to Incredible Salesinternet_money_mansmallversion

In order to make your activity known on the web, you can write articles that offer useful information related to your niche or describe the products and services you promote as a general category.

In exchange for your articles, numerous directories let you include links towards your website. This way, the people reading your articles are guided towards your website and, if they like what they see and / or read, they will undoubtedly buy.

A great number of visitors will also help you gain a better position in SERPs and, for the same objective, you can have your website’s blog enriched with relevant, keyword optimized content on a regular basis.

Most of the above strategies make the principles of search engine optimization, one of the most important parts of internet marketing. Your website will need an optimization campaign, simply because, just like you need to have your store located somewhere downtown, where there is a lot of traffic and, implicitly, a great flow of potential customers, you need your website on the first position in SERPs. It’s all about Location, Location, Location!

People don’t bother to check the tenth page of the search engines’ results, just like people will not be looking in a bad neighborhood to buy a house, (maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point). They check the first, perhaps the second page, and they alter their search query. Therefore, you need to be among the first, and, for that, you need to please the search engines using quality content, thousands of quality backlinks and a thoroughly optimized website that would make any internet marketing entrepreneur proud. 


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Magnetic Sponsoring: Attraction Marketing For the Network Marketer

Magnetic Sponsoring: Attraction Marketing For the Network Marketer

marketing strategyMarketing rules the world, wouldn’t you say? Everywhere you look there’s and Ad telling you when, where, what, and why you need to buy, go to, see, or have, XYZ. Buying and selling is the name of the game, and businesses are always looking for a way to improve the system; to develop the most effective way to sell products to the consumer.

Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to the customer. It’s used to basically, identify the customer, satisfy the customer and hopefully, keep the customer by developing a relationship. Throughout history, marketing has changed considerably in conjunction with consumer tastes. The adoption of marketing strategies required businesses to shift their focus from a production orientation; producing as much as possible of a given product or service, to a marketing orientation; knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. In other words, figure out what they want and get it to them before and better than the next guy.

Reverse marketing was the next stage in this evolution of marketing. While marketing has mainly dealt with finding the right set of customers and targeting them, Reverse Marketing deals with strategies that make the customer find the company that is offering the product. Now days you can see the reverse marketing strategy all over the place, but you probably never really recognized or considered it as such. All you have to do is pick up a magazine, turn on the TV or drive down the street and you’ll come across all sorts of advertisements. Companies have gotten so good at this, that you think that when you decide to go buy something, it was actually your own idea! But was it?

Attraction Marketing and Magnetic Sponsoringmagnetic sponsoring

Out of Reverse marketing spawned the most resent and highly talked about, line of attack called Attraction Marketing. This strategy is basically the same as the Reverse marketing concept and has been working well for companies for a long time. Now, attraction marketing has been reformulated and re-coined by internet marketing guru, Mike Dillard. Attraction marketing is a technique specifically designed to inform and educated your targeted customer about who YOU are, what YOU are doing and how YOUR service or product will benefit them way before they ever decide to buy from you. It usually works like a charm; as long as you are providing VALUE and satisfying the needs of the prospect.

“People join People, not Businesses”

While Reverse marketing has mainly been utilized by big businesses and corporations, Attraction marketing has become the favorite method for Online Marketers as well as Network Marketers or Direct distributors. With the birth of the internet, the Attraction marketing system is an inexpensive and effective way for anyone to be able to attract their niche market, and at the same time brand themselves as the leader instead of the MLM Company itself.

Magnetic-Sponsoring bookMike Dillard further defined this technique and created a revolutionary system to solve a nagging problem that most Network Marketers face in their business; lack of qualified leads. His book entitled Magnetic Sponsoring is the go-to bible for many multi-level and internet marketers AND the platform for MLSP or My Lead System Pro. In it, he maps out how to have people chasing you instead of you chasing them, and explains in detail why people join people, not businesses.

This book was the defining factor for me in my decision to get into this game! Get the book, it will change the way you look at marketing and give you the motivation and the confidence to build a business that will pay you handsomely in the long run.

Offline prospecting can be a headache and sooner or later you’re going to run out of friends and family to pitch to! To tap into an endless stream of leads, you need to get online, and you need to have a system!

If you’re hurting for leads, but don’t have a fortune to spend on the training to learn how to get leads, I highly recommend that you plug into a proven system that will not only train you, but will do all of the marketing for you.

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Advanced Internet Marketing – Can MLSP take you to the next Level?

Advanced Internet Marketing – Can MLSP take you to the next Level?

Advanced internet marketingOnce you have mastered the basics of marketing on the Internet and are seeing results, you need to move onto Advanced Internet Marketing. Even if you aren’t ready to actually implement Advanced Marketing Strategies, knowing about it in advance can help you prepare for it when the time feels right for you to jump in.

Many people learn the basics of Internet marketing and then stop. Not a good idea. They figure they are doing fine right where they are, so there is no real motivation to move forward. Why mess with a good thing, right?… Think again.

There are several reasons why you need to know as much about Internet Marketing as you possibly can. The number one reason is stagnation.  You may be doing very well in your online business right now, but you need to be constantly growing your marketing skills and adapting to the changing demands of your potential customers if you are going to stay ahead of the game. This is where Advanced Internet Marketing comes into the picture. Staying ahead of the game is the specialty of MLSP aka, My Lead System Pro. This company is not only the master in lead generation, but it offers an education platform that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

See, in the “brick and mortar” business model, the store across town is your competition. You may only have to worry about staying ahead of a few other businesses in your area. But online, stores all over the world are your competition. You potentially have to worry about hundreds of other businesses trying to steal away your customers. Since the world seems to be growing more impersonal, and customer loyalty is hard to come by now days, this can represent a big problem if you’re not keeping up with times in this industry.

The first thing you should do before focusing on Advanced Internet Marketing is to give yourself a refresher course on any strategies that you already use and is working for you now. Document and track what is effective so you know how to duplicate it. Toss anything that is just not showing any real benefit to your business.

The next step is to become a member of MLSP. If you want to be current, if you want to experience massive growth in your online company, MLSP is the way to get there! Why? Because within the system is the most up to date, cutting edge training materials and resources on the Internet today! Any time there are any rumors of new strategies that may be floating around on the net, MLSP is on it before anyone else. You’ll have access to the information way before the rest of the competition can even figure out what to do with it.

Forget about having to learn entire new methods through books, magazines or haphazard searches on the Internet, believe me when I say My Lead System Pro has you covered when it comes to advanced marketing techniques! I love it, I use it, and I’m so thankful for it!

mlsp banner


There are many options available within the system that you can utilize to expand your marketing efforts, but I’m only pointing out the training the system provides. There is so much more available to you including the ability to create multiple streams of income which offer 100% COMMISSIONS! You should be more than able to sift through all the techniques offered in order to find what you are not only comfortable using, but is also relevant to your particular niche.

You don’t have to go racing into new marketing right away if you are doing well at the moment. You can use the system to learn all you can about the methods you are going to implement next. But you do need to always be learning something and preparing for the next stage of your online business. This keeps progress and growth from catching you off guard.

If you’ve found through your tracking that your current Internet Marketing efforts are based around tried and true tactics that seem to be working well for you, yet you still seem to be only achieving mediocre results, then you must try something new. It may not be obvious right now, but you are doing yourself a big favor by learning about Advanced Internet Marketing.

Give My Lead System Pro a test drive for 10 bucks, if you don’t like it, chuck it….But I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

I can guarantee you will amazed at the possibilities of what you can accomplish once you get in there, I was.

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You will begin to formulate new ideas and plans for the future of your business. This sort of preparedness and forward thinking will keep you going strong in Advanced Internet Marketing for many years to come.

Metaphysics and The Laws Of Attraction

Metaphysics and The Laws Of Attraction

metaphysicsThere are 2 major instances in my life which led me, ultimately to metaphysics, though I didn’t know that that was what it was called at the time. The first was a feeling or memory that I carried as a little girl that I had been “here” before. It was a kind of “knowing” that I have always existed and I would always BE. I couldn’t tell you why, my family had little spiritual connections let alone religious.

My first introduction to God was through the Catholic Church; the only reason for that was because my mother wanted my sister and me to go to a private school, so I was there up until about the 2nd or 3rd grade. If you know anything about Catholicism, you know I didn’t get the “belief” I have now from there.. lol!  My experience with the Catholic Church wasn’t bad at all, like I said, I call it my introduction to God to which I’m very grateful.

The second instance was when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian at the age of 19.

I won’t go into detail here, but while lying in the street I had an out-of-body experience that was very real and very vivid. 

From then on, I started asking questions…….

If you’ve ever asked the questions:  

Who Am I really?
What am I doing here?
Where did I come from?
Am I more than my body?
What is my soul?
What happens when I die?
Have I lived here before?
How can I find inner peace?
And most important of all: Who and what is God?

Then I would say that Metaphysics sets out to answer these questions in a very specific way….You may have heard the term “metaphysics” and while you might have an idea of what it means, you may not fully be able to explain it or define it. That’s because metaphysics is not a term that is easily defined.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines metaphysics as, “a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology.” In case that makes no sense to you, let’s define some of those words within the definition: ontology is the study of reality; cosmology is the study of the origins of the universe; epistemology is the study of knowledge and belief.

What all of that means is that metaphysics is a study that goes beyond science, and attempts to understand the workings of the universe that cannot usually be explained by science. It is a very spiritual practice, but without the structure of religion.

There are those that want to lump together Metaphysics with the New Age movement, but that would be a mistake. If you’re talking about Crystals, ESP, Astrology, Psychic Ability etc., then you’ve moved from Metaphysical study to New Age.  There is nothing wrong with these concepts; however they have little to do with true spiritual enlightenment and tend to have a distracting effect on the new seeker of truth.

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At the core of metaphysics is the study of energy and the idea that everything in existence is made up of energy. God is energy, humans and animals are energy and even inanimate objects and thoughts and words are energy. For that reason, God is in everything and EVERYTHING is connected. The belief that the structure of all matter is comprised of energy is a largely held theory of Quantum Physics.

Do you remember in science class the saying that Nothing Ever Dies, it Only Changes Form?

Another key aspect of metaphysics is that reality is nothing more than perception; therefore we are all creators of our own realities. Taking that concept even further, metaphysics recognizes that everything is an illusion and that even though we live in accordance with a set of universal laws (some of which include the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and the law of belief) we have the power to affect those laws and change them, but most of us allow our belief systems to limit such power.

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Metaphysics on Reincarnation

reincarnation300Most, but all Metaphysicians see reincarnation or living multiple life experiences as the foundation of the development and unfolding of the individual consciousness or soul.

The understanding is that the soul grows spiritually by experiencing ALL things. All things include different races, genders, social- economic conditions and domestic roles. However, unlike some Eastern philosophies, it is not a common belief of the metaphysical practitioner that the soul/consciousness would reincarnate as an animal.

In order to even conceptualize the possibility of reincarnation and past lives, one must first believe that consciousness continues on after our physical body dies (in most religions this is true, but how that soul lives on is debated). Without having first having that belief, it negates even the possibility of reincarnation. The bible dictates that we “be perfect even as our father in heaven is perfect”. That is a tall order to fulfill in one lifetime, so the wheel of past lives and reincarnation must continue to turn until we have grown from a consciousness standpoint and are closer to the point of merging with “all there is” or in other words, being perfected.

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Is Reincarnation mentioned in the Bible?

Early references to reincarnation in the New Testament were deleted in the fourth century by Emperor Constantine, when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

The Catholic Encyclopedia itself states, in regard to the Fifth Ecumenical Council of 553 A.D., that “anyone asserting the belief in the preexistence of souls (reincarnation) would be excommunicated.”

Many documents and historical writings have been edited out of our modern Bible, in addition to those deemed inappropriate by the Catholic Church in the fourth century.

“During the first 300 years of the early church, reincarnation was widely accepted by many of the early Christians, including Origen, whom the Encyclopedia Britannica hailed as “the most prominent of the church fathers with the possible exception of Saint Augustine.” In addition, the Gnostic gospel, Pistis Sophia, quotes Jesus as saying that “Souls are poured from one into another of different bodies of the world.”

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Metaphysics on Religion

Metaphysics is the discipline that studies what is beyond the material, while religion involves a system of unbending beliefs that incorporates more of an organizational or hierarchy structure. Metaphysics is more individual in its path, where as religion is more organized and structured by its leaders. Metaphysics in and of itself is not a religion, nor does it denounce religion in any way, it is but a means of understanding the inner, esoteric meanings of life.    

Metaphysics on the Bible

Apart from its being a book of great historical and biographical interest, the Bible from the metaphysical standpoint is, from Genesis to Revelation, in its inner spiritual meaning, a record of the experiences and the development of the human soul and of the whole being of man. Every word, every name, every act illustrated within the pages of the bible is a blueprint for the complete enlightenment of the individual soul.  

What I have learned on my spiritual journey is that WE have within us a power that is greater than anything that we shall ever contact in the outer, material world, a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied and at peace, healed and prosperous, in a new light, and in a new life.

“Mind, all Mind is right here. It is God’s Mind, God’s creative Power, God’s creative Life. We have as much of this Power to use in our daily life as we can believe in and embody.”  -Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

The study of metaphysics can transform a person’s life, positively affecting his or her health, wealth and overall happiness. With love, creativity and the belief that “anything is possible” at its core, metaphysics can be a fulfilling and worthwhile practice.

Let me say here that I’m not pretending to know everything there is to know about metaphysics, this article is sort of an introduction to the subject and by no means the end all be all of metaphysical science. My purpose in sharing this with you is simply to inform and inspire you to look for your own answers, question old beliefs that may not be working for you, and provide one possible tool to help.

How does your spiritual beliefs help you in your life and business?

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 To Your Health- Mind, Body and Spirit!


Sources– Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby-The Quimby Manuscripts,”In God’s Truth” by Nick Bunick, 
Successful Network Marketer or Struggling Distributor – Which One Are You?

Successful Network Marketer or Struggling Distributor – Which One Are You?

Close up of angry shouting entrepreneur against a white background

You’re probably familiar with the story of the struggling distributor that is frustrated with the complete lack of success in her network marketing business. And if you are in the MLM business, you probably know a few of your colleagues who perfectly fit this description.

Most of them have started MLM thinking it is a piece of cake, only to discover they have to struggle in order to survive in this competitive world. They fervently envied the success of other network marketers who seemed to have incredible luck.

But is it only luck that differentiates those who succeed from those who do not?

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes made by those who fail is to think that luck, flair or talent is all you need to make it to the top.

The reality is, successful network marketers are the ones who constantly improve themselves, working continuously, with the purpose of becoming the best, and making a name for themselves

branding themselves as the expert in their field.

The rapid world of network marketing is no place for those who cannot keep up with the latest techniques and marketing tactics.

The network marketer of today knows that they are more than just a product pusher; they know that chasing friends and family is a dead-end street. They take hold of the opportunity that the MLM business model has to offer, continue to learn new marketing strategies and turns their business into an empire.

Besides having a great capacity to self-improve, successful network marketers are positive, optimistic and capable of learning from mistakes.

They don’t dwell on their failures like frustrated distributors do. They see failures as opportunities to grow. When facing a problem, they do their best to find a solution and never look for excuses to avoid the situation.

They confront it with all the weapons they have.

Quitting is never an option for the Network Marketer.

People who succeed in MLM must have the mindset of a real business owner – they should not see themselves as simple distributors for a company. You can’t imagine how much of an impact the way you see yourself has on what you actually can become.

Successful network marketers know how to set realistic goals and work to attain them. Because they are visionaries, they can envision success and do their best to come closer to it.

And finally, those who succeed in the dynamic and competitive world of network marketing have high work ethics and know that success comes through effort, hard work and correctness, and never through sheer luck;

so, do you have what it takes to be a successful network marketer or are you satisfied with just being a distributor? It’s all up to you.

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