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MLSP| Living The Dream- Are You?

MLSP| Living The Dream- Are You?

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I had the pleasure of attending Mlsp’s 4th annual Live The Dream event here in San Diego, CA ; my home town. It’s crazy how it all worked out for me when I think back. I started MLSP for the second time just 3 months ago (you can read about why I came back to MLSP here). Soon after I came back, I found an online MLSP mastermind group headed by April Marie Tucker, who was already making her ranks with the MLSP community.

I got lucky to say the least. Everything I didn’t have the first time I joined, I now had. To top it off, it was revealed that this years Live The Dream event would be held right here in San Diego!! You know that feeling you get when you feel like the stars are all aligned in your favor and the universe is saying “now is the time?” Well that’s how I felt. I won’t go into what MLSP is in this article, but you can read it here.

I think the weather was nearly perfect, the weekend of November 1st, 2013, not too hot, not too cold, but just right. I on the other hand, I was blessed with the arrival of a chest cold….yaay me! In fact, this little guy was just getting started. I was getting progressively sicker as the weekend of the Live the dream event went on. It had reach the point where whenever I tried to speak, I would start coughing incessantly!… It sucked so bad because I couldn’t really engage with people like I had planned, I couldn’t do the interviews and ask the questions like I wanted so much to do without infecting everyone around me with the plague or chocking on every other word! Seriously, it was insane!

However, with all of that, I still found myself very lucky. I had VIP access, I didn’t have to fly out of town, and the actual event was held not 20 minutes away from my home, so I didn’t have to stay sick in a hotel room. I figured the universe wanted me to shut up, listen and observe and that’s exactly what I did. I was blessed to be in the presence of the best of the best in the online marketing industry and let me tell you, these people who are truly living the dream were ready and willing to share their experiences and advice for anyone who desired to live that same dream.

So What’s Live The Dream?

What does it mean to live the dream? Only you can know that for yourself, but I can tell you what it means to me. Owning my life! Having my time be my own and not dictated by someone else. Waking up when I want to, not by some irritating alarm clock reminding me that I have a boss to answer to. Having the ability to create residual income; income that I create whether I get out of bed or not instead of relying on a paycheck that can be taken away at any moment.

Living anywhere in the world I desire to live and not have to look for a job because I get to make money from my laptop. Having the ability to give myself a raise when I want to, instead of settling for a meager 1-2% from my employer if I’m lucky. Not being afraid of getting laid off or replaced because I am my own boss!!

This is true FREEDOM to me; this is what it means to live the dream.

me with Brian Fanale 2 me with diane hochman 2

There are only a handful of people that are truly living the dream, not because there isn’t room for all to live this lifestyle, but because only a few will actually put in the work to make it happen. I was able to meet some of these amazing visionaries this weekend. Diane Hochman and Brian Fanale (co-founder of MLSP), made the biggest impact on me. Brian hosted the event and you could truly see that this man has a heart of gold. He really wants everyone to live the dream and through MLSP he is making that possible for anyone who is ready to stop playing small and start living the life they were meant to live.

Diane is a spit fire of energy! I was only able to take a photo with her, but I was able to watch her in action. She is amazing! There was no one she wouldn’t talk to, no one she wouldn’t share her message with. Time was not an issue with her, if you needed her attention you had it 100 percent for as long as you needed her. I was very impressed. She has been crowned the queen of Attraction Marketing and I can see why, she has a natural magnetic energy about her that was hard to ignore.

All in all, in spite of my cold, I really felt that I witnessed the heart of the MLSP the community this weekend and it just solidified why it is the best lead generating-affiliate marketing-training system in the industry!

Are You Living Your Dream Or Are You Content With The Status Quo?

Do you have a PLAN B if something were to happen to the structure of your life as it stands right now? Is fear, procrastination, unbelief or pure laziness keeping you from your dream? What will your bank account look like 5-10 years from now? Is your family financially secure?

If you want more for you and your family then you need to do something different than you are doing right now. The best thing about MLSP is that you can go into it completely green, knowing absolutely nothing and come out of it an expert Online Marketer, offline business owner or Network Marketer. There is no other community out there like this that can give the average working individual a way to create residual income and true freedom in there lives and that’s no lie!

I challenge you to push yourself like never before. Take a good look into MLSP and see if it won’t change your life.

I’ll be there for MLSP LIVE THE DREAM 5 hosted from Texas in 2014, where will you be?

The Home Based Business Explosion: Is It Really A Way To Financial Freedom?

The Home Based Business Explosion: Is It Really A Way To Financial Freedom?

“Times they are a changin’”. The state of our economy is a major concern for a lot of people now days. People are realizing that trying to survive on a paycheck alone is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Having a plan B and finding a way to have multiple streams of income is more and more important for many families across the nation. 

Starting a home based business is a possible plan B, and is gaining momentum as a vehicle  for many people to build in order to bring home some extra income on top of  their full time job or even to be able to give up their 9 to 5 in hopes of becoming financially independent.

Now, any new venture can be challenging, but worth looking into, especially since having your own business can be a dream come true and the perfect solution to provide you with the time and money you need to make you and your  loved ones feel happy and secure.

Read on to find out if having a home business is right for you.  

The Path to a Successful Home Based Business Is not Necessarily an Easy One 

Starting any business involves an initial investment, and since the purpose of any investment is to produce more money in return, you need a thorough business plan, containing all the information, expenses, opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses of the business you wish to start. 

This way, you know in advance what measures have to be taken and how they are going to affect your business. Depending on the business platform you have in mind, the investment can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars or even more. If you do not have all the capitol you need, you may consider getting a loan. 

However, in order to finance business ideas, most banks and private lenders consider the business plan and the budget predictions crucial. If you are just a beginner in the chosen field you have in mind for your business, now would be a good time to seek professional help from a business consultant or analyst. home based business

One home business strategy that has been around for over 50 years and has been steadily growing more popular over the last decade, is Network Marketing. Many people are declaring that network marketing or direct sales will become a major force in the coming future and that more families will decide to build a business through this avenue.


Not only are the start up costs low, but it bypasses most of the hassles and liabilities that are associated with a traditional “brick and mortar” business model. It also offers the potential for the independent owner to become financially wealthy in a relatively short period of time. 

I’ll say here that this option is NOT for everyone!

Assuming you have all of your ducks in order and you manage to get your home business up and running, you’ll need to let the world know you exist, build a customers base, and establish a reputation – that means publicity. 

As many small and medium entrepreneurs have discovered, advertising has been present in the world we live in, under various forms, since forever and it is the one element that can get you ahead of your competition and ensure you the desired level of sales in no time.

Believe it or not, there are many successful business owners that will tell you that reaching the top was relatively easy, however, it takes considerably more effort to stay on top. Getting a sale is one thing, but getting repeat sales is a whole other story.  You must work to keep your customers faithful to you by showing them that you care, by surprising them with new and better products, by rewarding them for their loyalty and their smart choices. 

Having your own home based business may appear a little difficult when you have so many aspects to consider but, if you take them one by one and you don’t give up too soon, you will see that nothing is impossible. 

You may lose a couple of nights sleep anxiously waiting for the next day’s results, you may make mistakes every now and then, but what matters is to never lose faith in yourself, or your dreams of success. 

After all, no one ever said that starting and running a home based business would be easy! Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

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Get Your New At Home Business Off The Ground With These Success Tips

Get Your New At Home Business Off The Ground With These Success Tips

home businessFinancial freedom and greater time flexibility are just some of the benefits associated with running a successful home based business. However, if you hope to be successful, you must plan ahead and educate yourself before undertaking a responsibility such as this or else you may not be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that may await you. Read on to discover how you can start and run your very own successful home business.

Have a Plan of Action

What kind of business are you looking to develop? Do you have your own product or service that is unique? Are you utilizing multi-level marketing or online marketing to build your business with? Once you’ve found your business platform, you need to take the time to turn this platform into a reality by developing a solid plan of action that lists the steps needed to go from a vague idea to an actual functioning home based business. If you know other profitable entrepreneurs it won’t hurt to go to them for a little advice to get you started. If network marketing or direct sales is your chosen path, then you have the added benefit of people already aligned to help you with your plan of action. Don’t hesitate to consult with your sponsor or up-line for direction.

Niche Marketing

Discovering the right niche for your home based business will improve your chances of branding yourself within the market. If you do not have a firm idea of what it is you are offering people will be unlikely to want to do business with you. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Even if you have similar products, like cosmetics or skincare, you can still learn to stand out from the crowd. This is even more important if you are in network marketing. If you are just duplicating what is already out there, you will hurt your chances of success. Find your own unique niche or carve one out if it does not already exist.

Designate office space

You need to set aside part of your home that will be a good workspace where you can run your business on a daily basis. This is crucial for tax purposes as well. Every year you are in business, take pictures of your office space and file it, you can use it as proof if you happen to get audited by the IRS. Its best to have a whole room that can be used just for your business, but at the very least, you should designate a certain part of your house that is only for the business and nothing else. Make sure that the kids are aware that this space is not for playing around! =)

Stick to a Schedule

You do not have to work from 9 to 5 every day, after all, isn’t that why we want to escape the J-O-B? However, you should try to come up with a schedule to follow so that important tasks are not neglected. Distractions are everywhere when you’re  running a business from home. The kids, the husband, the laundry, not to mention the T.V; the list can go on and on. A home based business offers a great deal of flexibility, but do not let yourself become so flexible that nothing gets accomplished. Write down a list of your goals for each day when you get started in the morning and map out a time frame for its completion.


If you don’t have a good marketing campaign, even the best-run home business will fail. If no one knows about your products or services, you will never get any customers or clients. Take advantage of both offline forms of advertising, such as television, radio or newspapers, as well as the many online opportunities such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or the new kid on the block, Pinterest. Do your research to find out if article marketing or pay per click is something you could get into.

Success almost never happens overnight, so patience is an important virtue for a home business owner. You may have some difficult times where it seems like nothing is happening before you manage to see some profits in your new venture. Stick to your plan and don’t let yourself become discouraged. At the same time, you should also not be afraid to change things up a bit if something does not seem to be working for you. Always test things out to see what’s working and what’s not.

With these foundational tips, you should find it easier to develop a solid business plan that will let you take your new home business from a dream to a reality. 


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Home Business Newbies: Follow These Simple Steps And Save A Ton Of Money On Your Tax Returns

Home Business Newbies: Follow These Simple Steps And Save A Ton Of Money On Your Tax Returns

home businessIf you are currently someone’s employee and don’t own a home based business, make it your business to find one, running a home business is the best way to get some of those needed tax advantages. Whether it’s the latest yummy shakes, juicy juice, or anti-aging youth serum, get involved in a home business of your own. On average it can save you $500-$700 or more with the new tax changes on the horizon.  

Once you’ve decide that creating a business is for you, there are many things that are involved that must be taken seriously. There are a myriad of expenses associated with running a home business, but the good news is, many of them are tax-deductible. This article highlights several things that  you will be able to write off when April 15th rolls around.  

 Office Supplies  

First off let me just reiterate, if you have a home based business, you must designate a separate area used solely for business purposes.  If ever you get audited by the IRS, you’ll need to prove that you have this space laid out for your company affairs. That being said, when you have to purchase office supplies for your new company, you will be qualified to write these items off. It may not be sensible to write off every single marker, pen or paper clip, but items like fax machines, copiers, and business software should definitely be included. The key is to only write off things that are used solely for business purposes.  

Trade Magazines 

There are magazines out there created for the sole purpose of educating you about your trade.  In order to succeed in your business, you may need to read a few if you want to keep up with what is going on in your industry. While the Internet has a lot of information, it would not hurt you to subscribe to a few of these trade magazines. If the magazines you purchased satisfy a genuine need for you to run your business effectively, then guess what? These subscriptions can be written off as well. 

Your Phone Bill 

If you are in any type of business you are well aware of how important your phone is. Without it, your business will never get off the ground. Although you cannot write off your entire bill from your taxes, you can write off your service if it is a dedicated business line. If you have added a second phone line to your account to be used for business only, which is highly recommended, that is deductible. 

The Internet 

Can you ever imagine a time where people actually performed business affairs without the world wide web?  Thank goodness for technology! The Internet is another expense that can be written off if you use it for business alone. Now, if you spend countless hours shopping online and only one hour doing business related work on it, then please don’t attempt to deduct that.  If on the other hand, you have a laptop that you use for business purposes (including Social Media Marketing), and not for any personal reasons, it’s perfectly ok to add your online usage as a business expense. 

Shipping Charges 

Have a tangible product that you sell as part of your business? Then you are allowed to deduct any money that you use in order to ship your products to people.  However, if you only use shipping services every once in a while, it will not make much of a difference on your tax deductions, but if you use it quite often, the ability to write it off can save you a ton of money. Keep all of the receipts you give from making shipments and any other related cost you may incur in the process. 

Gas Mileage 

Many people make the mistake of forgetting to deduct mileage when they file their tax returns. If you use your car for anything that relates to your business, for example, dinner meetings, product deliveries, and even some recreational events as long as your business is somewhere in the topic of your conversation, you can deduct it.  

The most important thing to remember is to always document everything that you do that is related to your company. You must keep accurate records in case there are any questions later on. 

You’d be surprised at how many things you can actually deduct from your tax returns that can save you a ton of money. But it’s also true that keeping good records isn’t always an easy task.

Lately there have been a few really good tax software programs pop up that you can purchase in order to help you keep track of your tax related paperwork.  Two of the cool programs that I recommend is and Godaddy’s online bookkeeping, they not only provides a great tracking system but also educate you on the latest tax changes.  

How to Make Your Dream to Work from Home Come True

How to Make Your Dream to Work from Home Come True

The possibility to work from home represents an ideal solution for those who want to make more money, have more free time to spend with the kids, and more freedom to enjoy life, or for those who are fed up with traveling miles and miles from home to their workplace and back every day.

Of course, that ideal is rarely realized, so most people find themselves going through the motions feeling stuck in that “Groundhog Day” called Corporate America. Yet constantly wondering where and how they could possibly find a home based job or business of their own, that will ultimately free them from the daily grind so that they can finally live the life of their dreams. Does this little description sound like you? If so, you are not alone, millions of people are looking for alternative ways of making a living from home. This article will provide you with some direction.

Let the world know you wanna work from Home

Human resources specialists say that home based jobs are advertised mostly on specialized job sites, but also on different forums, social networks or in the media. Of course, not all the offers to work from home are genuine, but, usually, those that are do not require that you invest any money, they come from companies that can be verified and determine that you go through a certain recruitment process.

As you will probably see for yourself, in the beginning, the earnings are not that great, but decent enough to cover your basic living expenses in the beginning. In order to obtain a home based job, or at least find some opportunities, specialists recommend that you follow the same steps as if you were looking for a regular job:

  • Let everyone around you know what you want, because they could see an offer you missed or know someone that knows someone in the work from home industry. Tell your neighbors, friends, relatives and work colleagues.
  • Post your intentions online, on your social network profiles, your messenger status or on the various forums you are a member of. You never know who might have a connection.
  • Attend job fairs.
  • Look for offers online. There are numerous job websites you can check for specific work from home job opportunities.
  • Join work from home forums. There are several out there that can provide excellent information about how to get started. A good one to check out is

To make sure the opportunities you find are for real, it’s a good idea to search for information on the company advertising for the job online. You can start by visiting the official website of that company or various forums, whatever suits your interests, but don’t give up until you find something, no matter if it is good or bad. You cannot be the first person interested in that offer, and someone out there will tell you sooner or later if it is worth following or not.

Among the offers to work from home, you will probably find proposals to join MLM networks that have become quite popularwork from home and have managed to bring success to a large number of people from all social categories, some more successful than others. A network marketing or direct sales opportunity is for those who are looking for true financial freedom and are willing to put in the necessary work to build their own company instead of working for someone else. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, there are some really good companies out there, just make sure to do your research.

Also, don’t forget about online and affiliate marketing which can also create passive residual income. For more information, check out You’ll find tons of help and information on internet and affiliate marketing and how to get started.

For those non risk takers, there are also companies looking for call center agents (tech support or voice mail), willing to let you work from home on the condition that you be available within a certain time schedule and that you have a phone land line as well as reliable and fast internet connection.

There are also copywriting and editing jobs available in various fields, offered mostly by magazines and information websites, but also by various content service providers, and you may want to consider tutoring and accounting as well. Freelance writers are in high demand for those with and entrepreneurial spirit. A great source for copywriting jobs is and

As you may have realized, in order to work from home, you usually need excellent communication and interpersonal skills, but what you don’t already have can certainly be learned with patience and dedication.


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