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Article Writing|Quick Tips for Writing The Perfect Article

Article Writing|Quick Tips for Writing The Perfect Article

Article Writing Tips|article writingWhat You Need for Writing the Perfect Article

I consider myself pretty serious when it comes to article writing. My intention is not to just hop online and start writing gibberish. I firmly believe that everything you write should have some type of meaning behind it. Writing the perfect article really isn’t as difficult as one might think. The first thing you want to realize when writing an article is that you want real people reading it. Think about a topic that people will actually want to read about. Don’t write like you are giving a dissertation, write like you speak.

 After you have picked a topic that relates to your target market, make sure you check out these steps to writing the perfect article:

Writing The Perfect Article| Use Correct Grammar

Some people think that grammar is not all the important when writing an online article. Not true. Though you don’t want to sound like a professor, it is important to write so people can read and understand you or else they will become highly frustrated. Think about how important grammar truly is. If it wasn’t important than why would your teacher mark your grade down for bad grammar? There is a reason why people who need to hire writers, want to hire writers who are native to the language. You can be good at speaking the language, but writing the language is another story.

Writing The Perfect Article|Break up the Article

Breaking up your article into readable junks is important. When writing your article make sure to avoid really long paragraphs;  The reason behind this principle is that reading from a computer or an iphone can be difficult and you can lose your spot easily. Also, when people see long paragraphs they will be more inclined to skim through it instead of actually reading the whole thing. Try to break up your article so that it’s a lot easier to read.

Writing The Perfect Article|The Right Language

I like to say that there is a right tone for each article you right. My blog has a more relaxed tone because I’m talking to a group of ordinary people who have chosen the difficult yet rewarding task of starting their own business. There may come a time when your article needs to match the tone of the audience you are speaking to. A technical article is going to have a more professional tone, a good example of this are eBooks. It’s important to know who your audience is so that you can speak to them in the right language and tone. Remember, people relate better to people who they feel are more like them.

Writing The Perfect Article|Always Double Check Your Article

Writing the perfect article comes easy for some, but the editing part may be a real nightmare. After you have written your masterpeace, it’s important to do a quick check of the article. Some experts say to come back after a few hours to recheck the article, I can testify to that!  Others have a keen eye for editing and they can spot errors right away. It’s important to re-read your article to check for the following:

  • Does the article make sense?
  • Value- What will my reader get out of this article?
  • Are there transitions, does it flow nicely?
  • Is the article readable?
  • And of course, use your spell check.

If you are unsure about any of these answers, then have a friend look over your article for you. Remember, learning to write an effective article can take you from a novice to an authority in the business world.    Once you get your articles up and ready for promotion, I recommend you check out this free training on how to get 50-100 leads from your article marketing efforts. Do you have any “writing the perfect article techniques? Please share!

Vemma Review- From Health To Wealth?

Vemma Review- From Health To Wealth?

Vemma 400Vemma – A Company for Your Physical and Financial Health

There are very few people who promote a healthy lifestyle that have not heard of Vemma Nutritional Company. Creating leading brands in liquid nutrition, this Scottsdale, Arizona Company has become known all around the world due to the high quality products offered and to the extremely professional and constantly growing network of distributors. With all that said, you may be wondering if Vemma is a legitimate network marketing business or just another fly-by-night company.

Vemma |About the Company

The Vemma history goes back to 2004, when CEO BK Boreyko founded the company relying on a clinically studied formula to conceive and develop a whole industry that has grown beautifully throughout the years. Throughout its evolution, the company has been awarded 70 times in the United States, gaining great visibility in an era when successful business models have become fewer by the minute. Moreover, in July 2013, the company has set a record: the monthly sales have reached $20 million, double compared to the same period of the previous year.

Vemma | The Comp Plan

Benefiting from the assistance of Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D. and Chief Scientific Officer of Vemma Nutrition Company, who has put to good use his expertise in cardiology and genetic obesity, and consulting true masters in fitness, nutrition and weight management, the company guarantees the best results for each and every product designed to enhance your health.

The company’s products are distributed all around the globe by independent partners. In fact, everyone who is preoccupied by his or her well-being can become a partner and increase the family income by recommending the Vemma brands to people around them. It is as easy as that!

Vemma |Products

The Vemma products claim to impact the life of those who need to lose weight or simply want to upgrade their health level. Based on amazing ingredients, the company explains that each and every product undergoes a thorough quality control before getting to consumers.

The Vemma product line consist of:

• Vemma – a liquid antioxidant providing nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are very important for the human body, enhancing the immunity;

• Verve! – a naturally stimulating energy drink based on a nutritious formula;

• Bod•ē – a complex set of shakes and fat burners which has helped thousands of people to lose weight;

• NEXT – a nutritious preservative free supplement designed for children.

The best thing about purchasing the Vemma brands is that you have a 30-day-money-back guarantee if you are not satisfiedverve-logo-orange-bk with their quality. Plus, if you are looking for a health plan to help you get rid of the excess weight, just visit the company’s website and you will get all the information you need from experts in fitness and nutrition.

Vemma |Is It Right For You

Although a lot of customers have pointed out that getting started with Vemma requires investing not at all negligible amounts of money and you really need to put serious effort into selling the products as a partner in order to make money, the vast majority of people who have tried the Vemma brands say that they are extremely happy with the outcome. Whether or not Vemma is right for you is a very personal thing. It is dependent on the amount of money you are willing to invest each month, the amount of time you are willing to put into marketing the products and sponsoring others, as well as the quality of the training Vemma offers to make sure you have the knowledge to prospect effectively. Lastly, what is your gut feeling about the company and its products? If it’s not exciting you or motivating you, then it’s probably not for you.

Vemma |Marketing System

There are 2 things that all MLM distributors need to do: prospect and market. If you don’t have a system that helps you with those 2 things, you will not be successful. That’s just a fact. There’s no way under it, over it or around it, prospecting and marketing  is the life blood of any network marking company and Vemma is no exception.

When I first started in my first MLM business, the company was great, the products were awesome, but the support and training sucked. They were still teaching the 3ft rule and “the boots on the ground” prospecting techniques. My sponsor or more like recruiter- because there is a difference, signed me up and said “ok, now go hit up your friends and family and get them to an opportunity meeting…Urrg!

Yes, they had training, as I’m sure Vemma does too, but if they are not showing how YOU can generate leads EFFECTIVELY, in a way that is truly duplicable, you will never even get started.

This is the marketing system that I use now and it is highly recommend it for not only it’s lead generating capabilities but for its profit generating abilities as well. If you would like to check it out, CLICK HERE.

marketing systemAlso, in my current MLM business, I’ve found an effective offline prospecting system that is so simple anyone can do it and the best thing is it doesn’t take up a whole lot of time, i.e. no boring 3 hour opportunity meetings. (But, that’s my little secret) =)

If you’re not interested in my system, I urge you to find a system that will not only be simple to do and teach, but that will also provide more than one prospecting option for your new Vemma business.

Bottom line is that Vemma is a large company that has become well-reputed world-wide due to its network marketing approach, but also to the high quality products provided.

Vemma may not make you rich right away, but the additional health benefits you get from the nutritional products may help you save money on medical bills.


What is the Law of Sufficiency & Abundance?

What is the Law of Sufficiency & Abundance?

law of abundance

Law of Sufficiency & Abundance

The law of sufficiency and abundance states that we live in a Universe of abundance and that you already have everything within you right now to make your life a living dream.

Many people will read that statement and think it is crazy because they are so used to living with a scarcity mindset, but there is no scarcity in our Universe – there is only the limitations we set for ourselves.

The reason scarcity doesn’t exist is because we are natural born creators and we can create any amount of abundance that we want, whether it be more money, a successful home business, friends, the perfect job or any other goal. Why is that true? Because everything in our Universe, from the cells that make up our bodies to the components that make up material objects to money and even our thoughts and feelings, are made of energy, and energy is abundant.

Law of Sufficiency & Abundance Actin Plan

Get it out of your head that you are a physical being. You are not. You are a spiritual being in a physical body. Most people don’t question the “magical” things that a spiritual being like God, Jesus or Buddha can do. You are no different. You just don’t know it and therefore you limit yourself.

If you feel like there isn’t enough to go around, then you will attract everything to you that will “prove” that to be true for you, however that is not reality – it is just the cycle you have gotten yourself into.

See the abundance in yourself in order to attract abundance to you. What I mean by this is that you need to stop trying to change everything around you in an effort to bring more abundance to you.

Instead, you need to look inside and find inner peace. Find that inner knowing that you have everything you need inside of you right now to create what you want. Then you will attract those things to you, and you will find yourself manifesting abundance.

AdvoCare | A Slightly Biased Review…..

AdvoCare | A Slightly Biased Review…..

advocareAdvoCare Advocating Healthy Lifestyle Financial Care

If you want to become an advocate for a well-balanced lifestyle and financial security, AdvoCare promises to provide you with the best products and means to improve your quality of life and help others achieve that goal as well. Now I stated that my review was slightly biased for the simple fact that, though I’m not in the business right now, I did try the products and became a distributor- on paper only. I never worked the business opportunity for reasons that I will explain later in this review. That being said, this wellness company has developed a really fun system, utilizing the 24 day weight loss challenge to introduce people to their nutritional, weight-loss and sports product line up.

AdvoCare History

AdvoCare was founded in 1993 by Charlie Ragus. This is good because it shows that the company has surpassed the dreaded 5 year mark. The name of the company was not randomly chosen either, but was meant to transmit the founder’s strong belief and commitment in being an advocate who cares for the health of people around the world. One interesting fact is that Ragus was a Herbalife distributor from 1983 to 1989 which shows he has a history in the health and wellness industry. Although he had a passion for healthy living, Charles Ragus passed away on June 1, 2001 at the young age of 58

AdvoCare’s vision is to honor and enhance the development of the company by constantly improving the excellence standards and seriously committing to its distributors.

AdvoCare Compensation Plan

Based on a Multi Level Marketing strategy, this Texas Company provides its customers with the products using the direct selling method and also provides support for distributors in building small businesses. As  most multi-level companies do, if they put effort into growing their network by recommending and selling the products, they get compensated. So the more AdvoCare supplements that you and your team move into the market, the more you get paid.

The following is a breakdown of their compensation plan take from their site.

As an AdvoCare Distributor you can:

  • Earn up to 40% on product sales to your customers.
  • Earn up to 20% on every product your Distributors sell
  • Earn override commissions on your team volume
  • Earn Leadership Bonuses of 3-19% on your complete organization
  • Qualify to earn twice-a-month pay period bonuses when AdvoCare awards $20,000 to the top achieveing Rookie Advisors (Split $1,000;$1,500; $2,000; $2,500; $3,000; $4,000 and $6,000)
  • Qualify for twice a year luxury vacations

There’s NO enrollment bonus when you sign up a new distributor and that is an important point, if you ever run across a company that pays you money to sign up people, run the other way! This is what gets a lot of companies in trouble when rewarding recruiting instead of product sales.

When a new Distributor places an Advisor order for $3,000 in products, you earn 10% or $300.  So you get paid on product moving out of the warehouse, not just for recruiting.

AdvoCare Products

Being a premier health company, AdvoCare’s products are conceived and developed relying on top quality ingredients and on the extensive knowledge of highly reputed biologists, nutritionists and pharmacologists. The company has cultivated relationships with professional athletes and sports teams creating products which are free from substances that are prohibited in sports competitions. Moreover, AdvoCare has made a duty of honor out of sponsoring sports people when participating in certain events or competitions.

The AdvoCare products follow the best practices and meet the highest standards as far as the herbal extracts and other ingredients are combined. The science behind the brands aims at delivering the best results for people looking to lose weight, enhance their energy level or improve their sports performance.

The company produces five lines of products:advocare products

Trim – weight management products,

Active – energy products, 

Core nutrition for a well-balanced diet,

Elite – nutrition for advanced sports and

Definite Difference®- healthy skin products.

The reviews on AdvoCare products all speak highly of the results they provide and the improvement in the consumers’ quality of life. The weight management programs have helped numerous people in dealing with this issue and the supplements are endorsed by numorous sports icons.

While the 2008 case of swimmer Jessica Hardy seemed to raise some question marks about the AdvoCare supplements being tainted with a banned substance, the company’s counsel staff disputed the claims and denied the accusations, no other similar events have been registered ever since.

AdvoCare remains one of the most important players in the nutrition industry, enjoying a reputation for “building champions”.

My AdvoCare Experience

Ok, if the company is so great why didn’t you do anything with it? Good question! And the answer is really typical of many people testing the MLM waters.

If you’ve read my article on how to choose an MLM, than you will see that AdvoCare definitely passes the test. Not only in everything I’ve talked about so far, but the team that I was signed up with was second to none. They were everything a sponsor should be. And let me tell you, that is really super important to me. I mean, you could have a not so awesome biz op, but if your sponsor is a true leader and into helping you succeed, you can best believe you will!

So this is just my personal reasons for not really being into it. For one, the product line was too narrow for me. I couldn’t see myself taking their weight loss products long term and it was costly to do so. The nutritional products were high quality, but there were too many pills for me and I heard that complaint often from my prospects.

They do offer a skincare line; however, I considered those to be filler products because it’s not what they specialize in, so the ingredient deck was not too impressive. I’m pretty picky about what I use on my skin, so I knew I wouldn’t use them nor would I feel comfortable marketing them.

The compensation plan was okay, but you’re really called to get your hustle on in a really short time frame because you only have two weeks in which to qualify for any bonuses, and if you didn’t make that quota you would basically lose out on money and all of the hard work you put in those 2 weeks.

Another problem for me was in the fact that they still relied solely on old school marketing strategies. These strategies are still very relevant, don’t get me wrong, but it was the ONLY way they taught. How that manifested was the number of physical opportunity meetings (called mixers, which really was a refreshing spin on your typical biz op meetings) they had each week; there were 3 a week on top of training.

Now, this is not a bad thing, It’s important to have a place to take your prospects to see how the opportunity works. It was just a bit much for me however, I would have liked to have seen some online alternatives and online lead generation techniques embraced.

Once again, these were just my feelings, doesn’t make AdvoCare a bad company, quite the contrary. But, this is why I stress that you must find a MLM that resonates with you or you wont work it and you’ll just end up wasting money.

advocareSo that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! =)

I hope you were able to find some value from this review and it helps you make a decision that’s right for you.

Network Marketing is one of the best ways to create a lifestyle of time and financial freedom. Once you have done your research of your chosen company, the leadership is there, and you feel that it is a right fit for you, understand that this is just half the battle. The true work comes in learning how to market your products and services correctly, learning how to generate leads, and converting those leads into partners.

This is where many new business owners get discouraged and quit because they are not aware of all of the options available to them. This was exactly my experience in the beginning but it doesn’t have to be yours. I really want to help you in this industry so you don’t make the mistakes I did.

If you’re interested in taking a crash course on how to effectively sponsor people on and off-line, this is an excellent Master Sponsoring Video to get you started on the right track. 

I’m so excited for you on your new AdvoCare adventure! Remember, don’t give up and enjoy the process!

Email Marketing|How to Build an Email List

Email Marketing|How to Build an Email List

email marketingEmail Marketing, How to Build an Email List

If you are involved in Network Marketing or own a home based business, then you know how important having an email marketing list is. Email Marketing is probably one of the top mediums marketers and business owners use to communicate with clients. You know the saying; the power is in the list? Creating relationships is one of the main reasons you should be building your email marketing database. Remember, it’s easier to market to existing customers than to find new ones. Keep an eye on the next few steps, so you can learn how to build an email marketing list that can help grow your business exponentially.

Tap into your existing email marketing list

Chances are you have some sort of email list already. Maybe you have friends that are interested in what you have to offer, or someone you met a business function where you exchanged business cards.  Start building your list by tapping into what you already have. Think back to any contact you may have made and add them to your email marketing list. Understand that you are not spamming them, if it is a business acquaintance, reintroduce yourself if you haven’t spoken to them in a while and ask if they would like to be added to your email list. Even if they are not your targeted audience, it is still a start to building your email directory.

Gather friends and family emails as well because they are also a start to creating a potential client list. Also, keep in mind that just because they are not using your services, that does not mean they won’t forward your information to someone who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Email Marketing and Social Media

I have talked about social media before because it’s a great way to gather contacts. FaceBook allows you to set up a welcome or Fan page where people can enter their information. If you use this information responsibly, you can gather several different email contacts, but be aware, FaceBook has made in increasingly difficult to promote your business, make sure you understand the new rules so you stay out of FaceBook jail. The important part of email marketing is that you treat your email addresses like gold. Never spam your contacts and always send them useful information. Never, ever, ever sell your email list to someone else and never buy email addresses from outside sources. That is a sure way to brokes-ville in the business world.

Email Marketing and Capture pages/ Opt-in pages

A capture page is a single page on the internet that is solely for the use of obtaining potential subscribers contact information. The page is kept very simple to keep the subscriber focused on the important information. Without giving too much information away, but just enough to peek their interest; you encourage the prospect to enter their name and email information. Many marketers offer a free e-Book or “enter to win” prize if they subscribe to their list.

Content is King

Throughout my research I always come back to the same information. Content is King on the Internet.  I personally enjoy blogging and try my best to give out valuable information. Those who have found my information useful will subscribe to my email newsletter and updates. You have the same ability to create content that appeals to your targeted audience. Just keep in mind that it takes time to gain followers that will eventually subscribe. It will happen, but give it some time.

Email marketing is a whole new world.

Before email marketing the target was home addresses.

A good portion of your profits were spent on postage alone. Thank goodness for the invention of email marketing. It’s now the preferred method for list building without all the costs. Your key to creating an email list is to make sure you do it properly, no shortcuts. It’s like the people who purchase fans for their Facebook fan page, (yeah, people really do that!). It might look like you have a lot of “fans” but in reality it’s all smoke and mirrors. The business owners who succeed in building their contact lists are the ones who do it the right way. Build relationships, write original content, be patient and consistent, and you’ll begin to see your email marketing list grow and your business explode. 


Stop pulling your hair out trying to fill up your email list!! You don’t have to do ALL of this alone! There is a TURNKEY system that will do the hard work for you; BUILD YOUR Email Marketing LIST ON AUTOPILOT!