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Design Your YouTube Channel Art Easily With [VIDEO]

Design Your YouTube Channel Art Easily With [VIDEO]

In this video I introduce A design tool that make creating your YouTube channel art super simple. I’d been using Photoshop for a long time and now feel with all of the new free tools that are much easier to use, that it’s time to chuck Photoshop all together! LOL

YouTube cover art can be the hardest to do because they have more required dimensions to account for. A lot of people will just forget adding YouTube channel cover art altogether, but you don’t have to with!

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DubLi Cashback Business Overview with Brian McIntosh

DubLi Cashback Business Overview with Brian McIntosh












The fact that a cash back shopping site has a network marketing
business side was genius to me. I love that the customer and business side are completely separate.

Customers can enjoy shopping and saving money and never have to be involved with the business.

On the other hand, those business savy people who are looking
to create residual income can build a team of people helping people save money!

I love not having to slang products that people have never heard of
and convince them of why they need it. I love showcasing the hottest name brand products and travel that people are already using and showing them how they can make money every time they shop.

In this video, the great Brian McIntosh is going to give you a quick
look inside of DubLi and show you can get more cash back or build
a business you can actually have fun doing.

Share it with your friends and family and help
them save money on products they purchase anyway!

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How to Online Shop Your Way To Financial Freedom

How to Online Shop Your Way To Financial Freedom

Can you relate to Steven’s story?

I know I can! This video introduce a husband and a father who is trying to figure out how
to get out of the 9-5 rat race so that he can spend more time with his family.

He’s looking for what many people are looking for,
the time and financial freedom to be able to live the life that people
only dream of.

Is it a possible dream?

of course, but it takes a decision, it takes commitment
and it takes work.

With DubLi, creating this kind of dream is easy.


Because it offers an opportunity to create income buy simply shopping online at
stores you normally do for your family.

This is just the beginning however..

Although, the cash back industry isn’t unique, a cash back site that also offers
the ability to create residual income as well…?

That’s insane!

And this is why I love it so much. I don’t have to convince people
to buy products they never heard of, I don’t have to make them
change their buying habits in anyway.

I can simply share the ability to get cash back on all your favorite products….
and…. if you want to take it to another level..

You can build a team of shoppers and create true residual passive income!


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Saving Money Tips With DubLi CashBack

Saving Money Tips With DubLi CashBack

One of the things my father taught me when I got my first job was to pay yourself first.

Meaning, make sure to save money out of each check. He was very adamant that putting away even 5 dollars a paycheck can add up to a substantial savings.

Most people live pay check to paycheck. I have been one of those people. You pretty much have to spend your whole check to cover the cost of living until you get paid again. So even putting away five bucks was something you could feel.

This is why most people struggle with saving.

Even though we know how important it is for our future of the future of our children, when somehow end up saying we’ll try to start saving next year or even worse have to spend the money we may have put away last week because something came up.

Well in this video, I want to show you how you can save effortlessly every time you shop for your daily, weekly and monthly needs.

The beauty of Dubli cash back is that the customer can immediately sign up for free and start earning cashback when they shop. At the free level you can earn up to 7% cashback on your spending. 

Now this may not seem like a lot of money but when you remember that at the free level you are paid yearly, just think how much spending you have to do in a 12 month time period, by the end of the year you could have a substantial savings waiting for you to cash out and use for something you may have been hope to buy or even just to put into an IRA account for you or you kids.

It gets even better… at the VIP level, you can get up to 25-30 percent cash back on your purchases and you payout is monthly as oppose to yearly, but if you are trying to save money without feeling the pinch, you don’t have to touch it!

Just let it sit there each month and let the money accumulate in your account! Just think of the nest egg you could have in 12 months .

You could have a down payment for a new car or even a new home. The possibilities are endless!

 Til next time!

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