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Why Realtors Make Great Network Marketers

Why Realtors Make Great Network Marketers

realtorsWhether you know it or not, Realtor’s make great network marketers for a number of reasons, but mainly because the two professions deal with much of the same skill set in networking, dealing with clients and business models. We’ll go through each of the reasons below in more detail, but it is worth mentioning that not  are taking advantage of network marketing as a profession, given how successful they are at it.

With that said, let’s take a look at why Realtor make amazing network marketers.

Realtor’s Understand Time Put In Versus Money Pulled Out

Try to explain to an hourly wage earner why they aren’t getting paid by the hour and they’ll likely have a hard time—this is why they remain hourly wage earners. They have neither the understanding for the concept that trading off hours for exact dollars isn’t a good way to make a living, nor the stomach for the leap of faith it sometimes takes to understand that. It can be scary moving into a profession where you aren’t earning a set amount based on purely showing up for work.

But Realtor’s know better than that. They understand that hours for dollars doesn’t make sense—or cents. Putting in quality hours that work towards a larger payday is something Realtor’s do on a daily basis. A good Realtor knows that going through a few slim times in the beginning or your career is only a temporary setback—more like a rite of passage, especially once those big paydays start rolling in.

Realtors Understand Prospecting and Qualifying

Just like network marketers, Realtor’s have to be able to cut through the junk in the market and find the diamonds. Paying attention to a tire-kicker out of common courtesy is fine, but if you don’t understand how to prospect and qualify your leads, you’re going to be spending a lot of time holding people’s hands that have no intention to buy. If that’s what you want to do, perhaps the hourly wage is better for you since the big payday will never come.

That’s a common problem with first-time network marketers, but it’s why Realtor’s excel at the job. They already know how to spot the interested leads and prospects from the lookie-loos. Spending time with people who are actually going to buy is essential, so knowing how to identify those people is critical—Realtor’s are perhaps the best in the business at this.

Realtor’s Understand Mentoring and Assisting 

After identifying the prospects and qualifying them, many network marketers can grow weary with the sales process. They expect upfront action and instant sales. But a Realtor’s brings patience to the game, as well as a long list of skills that are meant to nurture even the most qualified lead as long as it takes to make the sale.

Mentoring and assisting customers and qualified prospects can be frustrating for many, but to realtors, it’s just another day at the office—or at the model. This is what drives home sales and builds a long list of retained clients and contacts for future endeavors. The point here is not to have a one-time sale, but a client for life—Realtor’s get this long-term aspect and understand that a little mentoring and assisting goes a long, long way. This is particularly true in network marketing as well.

Realtor’s Understand Relationships 

For the average sales person, a relationship lasts as long as the time it takes to close the deal. Then, they move on to the next person, form a “relationship” that ends when the money hits their palm, wash, rinse and repeat. But for realtors and network marketers alike, relationships are two-fold.

First, part of the job is cultivating new relationships, from the meeting point straight through the sale. Then, the second half of the job is keeping those relationships intact. A realtor’s job is never really done, not until the day they retire. They know that at any point, a former buyer might be looking in the area and so, they keep every relationship they cultivate—so do successful network marketers. For some newbies to the network marketing game, this proves too much work, but not for a realtor. 

Realtor’s are Self-Motivated realtors

Finally, realtors are self-motivated. They don’t need a boss standing over them cracking the whip—they know they are going to make more money when they do the work properly. Network marketers quickly find out the same, or they fall out the game. With realtors turned marketers, the latter rarely happens.

If you’re a Realtor, you owe it to yourself to take a look at network marketing, especially when your skill set would carve you out some easy cash. To find out more about a great business that you could excel in CLICK HERE right now.









What’s A Sales Funnel And Why Is It Important?

What’s A Sales Funnel And Why Is It Important?

sales funnelWhat’s A Sales Funnel And Why Is It Important For The Success Of Your Online Career?

As with any aspect of your business, without a clear plan in place, you are just flying by the seat of your pants on a wing and a prayer.  Ask any Fortune 500 Company if that’s how they made their billions and see what they say.  A good business plan is essential to your success, even if you are selling homemade cookies on your website.  No matter how big or small your site, you need strong strategies in place and none are quite as strong as having an effective sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the visual representation of the very real path your customers take, from acquisition to conversion.  Having a visual outline of your Sales Pipeline is important because it clarifies all of the steps your customers have to go through to become a sale and thus, shows each opportunity your sales team—even if that means just you—has to influence the lead’s decision to buy.

A sales funnel allows you to understand where and when your leads are coming into the funnel, how they are reacting to each stage of the sales cycle, when your prospects become qualified and where your leads are dropping out of the funnel.  This type of actionable data allows you to emphasize the good parts of your sales funnel while fixing the weak parts, all in an effort to optimize the funnel and get more sales.

In essence, your sales funnel is the most accurate map that will tell you why your business is succeeding or failing and shows you exactly how to fix it if it is.  Of course, this takes proper knowledge of how to set up and manage a sales funnel, but that is something every business owner or manager that wants online sales needs to take the time to learn.

Sales Funnel Metrics to Watch

There are four essential metrics that sales funnel manager’s look at to determine the health of their project’s sales funnel.  These can be broken down into any number of subcategories, but these are the biggies:

  • How many leads are in your sales funnel at any given time, where are they in the funnel and how are you acquiring these leads.  This is basically your Number value.
  • The value of your funnel, which is the total possible value of leads in your funnel.  This is basically your Potential Money value.
  • How long your prospects spend in the funnel before they become an customer.  This is basically the number of days or Flow Rate.
  • What percentage of your prospects makes it through the sales funnel to become an acquisition? This is basically your Win Rate. 

Why is a Sales Funnel Important to Your Bottom Line?

By monitoring these sales funnel metrics, you’ll be able to better gauge the readiness of your customers to make a purchase, thereby making your sales process and team more effective.  The main points to keep in mind for a successful sales funnel is that you want to make sure that the front end of the funnel is filled with qualified leads and as they progress through the stages of your funnel, the probability of the sale occurring goes up.  As this happens, the time to the closing should also decrease.

In order to accomplish this, you must remove barriers to the sale.  Barriers are what prevent your lead from progressing to the next stage. 

Common barriers include:

• Concern about the value and effectiveness of your product or service 
• A price that is too high 
• Not enough motivation to buy and outside distraction 

The manner in which you remove these barriers is what will make your sales funnel ultimately more or less successful.

Five Stages of a Sales Funnelsales funnel

To help you better understand how a sales funnel works and why it’s so important to understanding your customer’s behavior, here is a breakdown of the five commonly accepted stages of a sales funnel:

1. The Lead.  Your lead is a target demographic before they have any hard contact with you.  You need to identify where your leads are online and then get entry portals to your sales funnel in those positions.  For example, if they are in a Facebook group about puppies, you need to post in that group.

2. The Prospect.  A prospect is what a lead becomes after they have shown some type of interest in your service or product.  Contact has been made, whether verbal or simply them visiting your site or clicking on a link or opening an email.

3. The Qualified Prospect/Follow Up.  Probably the most crucial shift your prospect will ever make, when a prospect becomes qualified, you know that they need what you have, they have the money to purchase it, they are the person in charge of making the purchase and now you just have to go on to the follow up process and convince them to go with you and not your competition.  From here on down the sales funnel, time is of the essence.

4. Committed.  This is the point where they have said or shown they intend to go through with the sale.  They’ve clicked the “Buy Now” button, but the sale isn’t complete just yet.  Information, payment and delivery still must be exchanged.

5. Transacted.  This is when the sale is complete and you focus on new leads.

This process sounds like a lot but can be automated. Click Here to get access to the system I use to get my sales funnel up and through the follow up process on autopilot.







 Cash Back Review Cash Back Review

dubli imageDubLi Review

With quite a few Top-10 Empower Network leaders making the jump from EN to DubLi Cashback, the networks have been going insane. Factor in a killer July ’14 spike that hasn’t yet even begun to peak and it’s easy to see why the DubLi Cashback program is trending big time.

Forget the fact that Matt Trainer, Tony Rush and John Lavenia brought their Team Wukar legend over to DubLi—the numbers alone are enough to make it crystal clear—DubLi Cashback is a winner.

Here’s why. 

What is the DubLi Network? 

The DubLi Cashback system is part of a global marketing company called the DubLi Network. Their focus is on helping members of the network make money by either becoming entrepreneurs or by saving them money and earning DubLi cashback on purchases—or both. 

The overall concept isn’t foreign to anyone familiar with the Empower Network—you build up a global distributor organization and sell different membership packages to This website has some of the most popular travel, entertainment and shopping deals in the world. 

This is a Direct Selling and Relationship Marketing business model, meaning the company focuses on bring in the best services and products while members generate the traffic. This allows DubLi to pay commissions out from your online transactions instead of putting that money back into marketing and advertising spend (e.g. traffic referral, lead generation, etc.). 

DubLi Cashback Incentives in a Nutshell 

The way that DubLi Cashback works is simple: every time someone makes a purchase on online from one of DubLi’s preferred merchants, you could be making money. With DubLi Cashback, you do earn a chunk of that change. This leads to an unlimited passive income stream simply because the DubLi Cashback network offers products and services that people are buying every day already.  

DubLi has shopping mall with over 4,000 merchants like, Apple, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and many many more!

But the real genius of this company and the thing that makes this set up unique is that unlike other cashback online malls, you don’t- I repeat- DON’T have to shop directly from the Dubli portal! 

Cool right! I know!! 

All you have to do when you sign up as a customer is download their Google Chrome tool bar and that thing will let you know if you can get cashback from your favorite store!! 

You can go directly to your favorite site and if that toolbar is activated, you can get cashback!

If you are on google shopping for different shoe stores, for example, that toolbar will let you know if and how much money you can get back! 

That right there is worth the price of admission….which is Free, by the way! 

As your own personal customer list grows, they will refer others thanks to the huge cash bonuses they are receiving (which you receive a piece of as well) and this leads to exponential customer base growth. In other words, you make money on everyone you bring in and everyone they bring in. In fact, you can even bring in large groups and companies through the DubLi co-branded Partner Program and kick your earning into overdrive. 

How Does DubLi Cashback Work? 

Here’s how you get DubLi Cashback profits from start to finish: 

  1. Sign up as with DubLi as a consumer and install the toolbar on your internet browser.
  2. As stated before, this toolbar will remind you of your access to huge discounts from the biggest brands and stores out there such as Macy’s, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc.
  3. The DubLi Cashback discount is applied to each purchase you make through the DubLi toolbar or directly from their mall.
  4. Spread the word about this shopping cash back network so that others use it.
  5. For every person you refer who shops with Dubli, you get 25% of what DubLi makes, not your customer’s profit, (this is very important to know). It never stops, as long as they buy, you earn. 

There are 3 Customer Membership options of the DubLi Cashback Network:  

I love this because unlike other MLM companies, DubLi is customer focused as opposed to distributor focused. 

What I mean by that is, you’ll find that in most network marketing companies the distributor IS the customer. With DubLi, they have a majority customer base that has no connection with the business opportunity at all. 

So the membership options…… 

The free version, which gets you between 1% and 3% cash back and no ability to refer with an incentive.

The Premium version which is get an extra 4% on top of the free version.

Then there is the VIP membership, which brings in between 7% and 25% cash back value.

That’s a ton of cash back into your pockets even if you’re just making purchases yourself. 

Understand that you can only refer people as a customer at the VIP level which is a cost of $99 a YEAR (that’s about the price I pay for my Costco membership!), and get compensated. 

With every person you refer the DubLi cash back network; you get an additional $25 per person. 

Five customers in your network pays for the cost of your VIP membership! 

Is DubLi Cashback a Scam?dubli cashback

Sound too good to be true? 

Well, it’s 100% legit. Take a look at some of the higher-ups in the company who wouldn’t risk their fortune and reputation on internet toolbar scams: 

  • Founded by Micheal Hanson, one-time LEGO designer who has made fortunes in telecommunications, finance and chain restaurants (in addition to his rise to the top of the network marketing industry). DubLi has been around since 2003.
  • In addition to the Team Wukar members we mentioned some of whom came over from EN (Top-10), there are also a few Microsoft Corporation veterans on the Board of Directors at DubLi.
  • DubLi is part of MediaNet Group Technologies, which is publicly traded (and pulls in millions each month as they sit atop their e-commerce empire) 

DubLi Business Opportunities for Earning 

As with most MLMs, there are residual earning opportunities with DubLi Network. To make the most money and benefit from DubLi’s cashback compensation plan, you will have to become a Business Associate with DubLi  so you can earn: 

  • Money on each referral PLUS
  • Residual income when your team gets referrals PLUS
  • Commissions from your customers who purchase through the portal PLUS
  • Profits from selling the DubLi Partners Program to businesses.

Huge money making opportunity here! 

To learn more about this rapidly growing money making opportunity and how you can be a part of it, CLICK HERE right now and find out how DubLi Cashback can put money in your pocket simply for being online.













How To Make Money On Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram

make money on instagramDid you ever wonder if you could make money on Instagram? Let’s talk about that a bit….

Most people know that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks out there and probably the number one most recognizable network for photo sharing.  With its easy to use tools such as photo filters and captions, it is a great way to get that professional edge to your amateur photos.  But did you know that you could take that professionalism one step further?  Did you know that you can actually make money on Instagram?  Here’s how! 

How To Make Money On Instagram |Attract Followers

No matter what method you use to make money on Instagram you are going to choose in the end, you are going to first have to build up a solid following.  For monetary purposes, you can think of this as building up your client list or marketing, but the bottom line is that you want to have as many followers on your Instagram account as possible.

You can do this organically by posting great photos, commenting on other people’s photos, following others, sharing your photos on other social media accounts, etc.  You can also look into purchasing Instagram likes and follows, but be sure to do your research to decide if you think it’s worth it or not as some people have called it a scam run by fake Instagram accounts. 

Hashtags are probably going to be your most useful tool on Instagram as they connect you to other people and other topics.  Using hashtags is almost an art form since you want them to be relevant to your photo while at the same time being fairly broad so the hashtags show up in tons of searches.  With time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Setting Up Your Instagram Store 

Once you have your photos up on Instagram, you’ll likely realize that there’s no way to directly sell them through the app.  What you need to do is set up a store for your viewers to go to in order to buy your pictures.  Here are a few options: 

  • Third-party sellers such as Twenty20 will take care of the printing and shipping for you as well as give you a place to set up shop, but you only make 20% of each sale
  • If you want to handle everything yourself—including your profits—set up your own website.  Bear in mind that if your website becomes popular, it can be taxing to keep up with orders, printing, shipping, etc.
  • MLSP. If you are a member of MLSP or My Lead System Pro, yo don’t have to worry about setting up a store or shipping, etc., because all of this is taken care of for you.

After you’ve set up your store—be it on your own or through a third party—link all of your images on Instagram to the storefront.  Place the link to purchase the print right in the caption of your Instagram pic, but be sure to shorten the link with TinyURL or so you still have room to say something about the photo. 

Marketing Products on Instagram 

Finally, you can also sell products straight through Instagram.  You can sell your own products if you like, or you can partner up with a company (affiliate marketing).  Be sure you have enough of a following to prove to the companies you can sell their products and then prove to them with numbers and photos that you are competent.  Then, work out a contract (you can find companies easily through Popular Pays and QuickShouts). 

When you’re ready, simply take quality photos of the items you are selling and link them in the same manner as above to the storefront.  There are many different ways you can do this—some people link to their own eCommerce website, some to Amazon for affiliate sales.  Whichever manner you choose to sell the products, understand that the more unique your pictures, the better your description and the more prominent your Instagram, the more sales you are going to pull in.  You are not the only person selling things online, so use your unique Instagram skills to make an impact in your wallet! 

If you’ve ever wondered if YOU can make money on Instagram and you are open to building a business using this fast-making money on instagramgrowing social media tool, I recommend you jump on my friends new INSTAGRAM training course.

She has created a step by step video intensive that will show you how to start getting 20-50 leads consistently to your offers in just 10 minutes a day!

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SocialAdr Review| SocialAdr vs. Social Monkee

SocialAdr Review| SocialAdr vs. Social Monkee

socialAdr reviewSocialAdr Review —A Head to Head Comparison

Any good online marketer, entrepreneur or webmaster knows that back links are a vital part of your website’s online presence.  Without a good number of quality back-links, you’ll never make it to the top of a highly competitive market which means your organic search traffic will lag, which means your sales won’t be as high as you hoped.  In other words, back links are an important piece of the online success puzzle. It took me awhile to come to terms with this fact, but back links are vital to getting your content seen.

In this SocialAdr review, I will share with you the two main tools that I have been testing in my back linking strategy: SocialAdr and Social Monkee. Also, at the end, I’ll reveal a new technology that is on the market that can make your back linking 100 times more effective in getting you more traffic in a shorter period of time.

SocialAdr Review| Social Bookmarking Tools as a Backlink Strategy

In order to successfully build your backlinks in a highly competitive industry (or if you’re targeting highly competitive keywords), you have to get smart about your strategy.  That means using the best back-link building tools available to you. 

Some of these tools that you might have heard of are called social bookmarking tools, which are designed to bookmark your posts on hundreds and thousands of sites.  Then, when people engage with your posts (i.e. sharing, bookmarking, etc.) on Digg, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking sites, you get a ton of backlinks.

Two of the most popular social bookmarking tools for link-building that I’ve been testing are Social- ADR and Social Monkee.  While similar in name and function, the two tools are very different. Let’s take a look at both to see which is better for your purposes:

SocialAdr Review| Is It Worth It?

Signing up for Social ADR is free, but you will have to add some login details in order to utilize this social bookmarking tool.  Once you are in, then you have access to 24 social bookmarking sites (expect to spend a bit of time here with the login details).  Other users can then bookmark your URL giving you instant backlinks.  After the lengthy signup period, it only takes about a minute to do the rest of the work—then, simply leave it up to the way the tool is designed to work.

Of course, as with anything that takes time to set up, you can pay a nominal fee and have SocialAdr set everything up for you, so if you’re super-busy, you might want to go that route.  Otherwise, SocialAdr is a completely free tool.  There are, however, paying options that make it easier for you to get bookmarks.

This is because in order for your bookmark to be shared by others, you have to have enough credits in your SocialAdr account.  You can get free credits by sharing other people’s bookmarks (which is why this works, since other people are sharing your book marks to get theirs shared as well), or you can directly purchase the credits if you don’t want to participate with any of that hassle.

There is also an option for a paid plan where you get unlimited benefits and shares.  If you are choosing the free option, you can only share five bookmarks each day in order to prevent back-link spamming (this is a good thing and protects you since back-link spamming gets you Google penalties).

Unfortunately, this means you can only earn five credits per day, so your link can only be bookmarked five times per day max (unless you have a store of credits, buy them or sign up for a paid account).

After your URL is shared around 25 times, it is transferred to the archives for permanent linking. Whether you choose to get here free or by paying is up to you, but if you are running an enormous website or company, you might want to consider the paid option unless you can get some tech-savvy intern to take over the SocialAdr account.

All in all, I found that this SocialAdr is easy to use but can be time consuming and expensive if you’re doing the paid version. The free version is fine if you have the time, but to be truthful, you’re just not going to get the same results compared to the paid packages the offer.

socialadr review

Socialadr Review| How Does Social Monkee Compare

So, rather than tell you what’s the same about Social Monkee vs Socialadr, here’s what’s different. Not only is Social Monkee a newer tool, it also doesn’t make you add all of your login details at each of the social bookmarking sites as they use mainly Web 2.0 sites for back-links.  This means it takes less set up time on your end while getting the same job accomplished.

Also, in regards to price, like SocialAdr, you also have a free version and paid version. The upshot of the paid version with Social Monkee is that you can chose to pay yearly as opposed to monthly. Much easier on the pockets, in my opinion.

Furthermore, some people prefer Social Monkee because the results you get in your backlinks are more specific for what you are doing.  In other words, with Social Monkee, you get exactly what you pay for—X amount of dollars will gain you X amount of backlinks as soon as you click your mouse.  These types of instantaneous and guaranteed results go a long way with website owners that are trying to get fast, real results which are measurable.

Unfortunately, this does come with one big drawback in that the speed and guarantee of Social Monkee means you are getting lower quality backlinks that you would with Social ADR.  This means they won’t be as powerful a boost to your website’s rankings because they are coming from lower PageRank websites.

Socialadr Review| Which Should You Choose?

So, the choice is up to you: slower, quality backlinks with SocialAdr or faster, lower-quality backlinks with Social Monkee. 

But wait, something new has been added to solve the back linking dilemma! 

CLICK HERE to get your hands on a brand new system that gets 50 authority links per day to your site for guaranteed traffic, leads, and sales… 100% on autopilot.

I’ve been testing it out and it’s proving to give my SocialAdr Review a run for its money.