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Why Real Estate SEO is Different from Standard SEO

Why Real Estate SEO is Different from Standard SEO

real estate seoWhen it comes to real estate SEO, you might as well take everything that you’ve read about in those basic SEO guides and toss them right out the window.  Real estate SEO is a horse of a different color for many reasons, but for one in particular: whereas other websites can be optimized to bring in leads one time and then convert them into long-term clients, real estate SEO has to work over and over again, constantly bringing in new leads and converting them into new clients.  Why?  Because the average person doesn’t buy a house one day and then come back a week later to buy another!

What Makes Real Estate SEO Unique

Sure, there is loyalty in the real estate game—when you get your clients a great deal and make everything run smoothly for them, chances are they will come back to you when they move again (or if you’re in the higher end of the market, buy a second or third home).  But let’s face facts here: that turnaround time isn’t something many real estate agents can bank on.  Plus, since most real estate agents only sell locally and most moves are made into a specific region or area, chances are that you won’t be getting a cut of your current client’s next move anyways.

That’s what makes real estate SEO so unique and vital to the industry.  Without the proper real estate SEO techniques, you are waving an invisible, bait-less hook in a sea of fish that are being scooped up by your competition left and right—all of whom have fishing nets!

3 Things to Consider for Real Estate SEO

Here are a few of the factors that complicate real estate SEO as compared to a wider-ranging business that can bank on global sales, customer loyalty and static products:

1. Local SEO is Everything for Real Estate SEO.  While other SEO tactics can focus in on broader keywords that are related to the industry, real estate SEO has double the work.  Not only do you have to rank for those standard keywords your leads will be looking for, but you also have to match for those keywords in the exact locations that you are selling or renting property.  This means double the keyword research, double the content, double the work.  It means going different routes to get your rich snippets up and running, to get your local map showing on the search engine results pages—it means a lot of different work you have to put in, unless you have a real estate SEO system to do the work for you.

2. Content is Essential for Real Estate SEO.  With real estate SEO, your market is constantly changing which is great considering you have to constantly bring in new leads and clients, but that translates into more content.  Real estate SEO needs more localized blogs, more pointed, helpful content, more keyword rich, sales driven webcopy and essentially more of everything content-related than standard business websites.  Why?  Because you have tons of listings and are appealing to a large audience from all over the country—or even world—trying to draw them into one very specific location.  To do that, you have to cover all of your bases and to do that, you need a lot of content.  Having a real estate SEO content management system in your hands will make things a lot easier.

3. Fresh Media and Consistent Updates Keep Up with the Changing Market.  Finally, real estate SEO is nothing without pictures of the properties.  Not only do you have to have a fast load time (meaning your server has to be well-equipped, your pictures properly sized, etc.), but you also have to have alt-text for your pictures, each with relevant keywords.  The pictures should be placed in a logical order and all indexed with the search engines.  This isn’t too hard to do with a few listings, but if you have 15 pictures of each property listing and 500 listings, you can see why real estate SEO starts to get complicated.

What’s the Solution for Effective Real Estate SEO?

So with all of these cogs in the wheel, what’s the best way to get effective real estate SEO without having to shell out thousands of dollars for an SEO firm?  Simple.  CLICK HERE right now to find a guaranteed online marketing system that is easy to use, impossible to mess up and 100% effective.

7 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

7 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

real estate marketingReal Estate Marketing Tools- Traditional

Aside from the well-known bandit signs and billboard signs, there are many other traditional real estate marketing tools that are still working for many professionals in the industry.  While online real estate marketing is still raking in most of the real estate sales and leads, it’s foolish to ignore other avenues that are still generating clients and revenue for some of the most prolific real estate agents and companies in the world.

Seven Offline Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should be Using

To help you get a better idea at what offline real estate marketing tools are working in this online marketing-driven climate, I’ve put together some of the most effective offline realtor tools for you:

1. Host a Broker Event.  This will help you network with the people in your industry about the topics that matter most.  This is an excellent way to keep an ear to the ground and possibly get ideas for your blog, fill holes in your marketing strategies and even come to an agreement with colleagues that might find clients you need, but they have no use for.

2. Print Media.  A standard-bearing classic in offline real estate marketing tools, be sure to invest in professional designs and printing materials only.  Stick with the basics here: research papers, white papers, product descriptions, brochures, marketing material, etc.  Whatever will get your message out there and keep screaming it once your client gets it home and reads it.

3. Support Local Organizations and Charities.  From sponsoring a local baseball team to adopting a highway, there are tons of ways that you can give back to the community.  Not only will this establish you as a pillar of the community, but your name will become instantly recognizable.  This comes into play when a community member’s friends or family are looking for a real estate person in the area—guess whose name is on the tip of their tongues?  Be sure to be selective and choose organizations that are inline with your message and values.

4. Press Releases.  The goal here is two-fold.  First, you want to get informative press releases out that establish your real estate agency as the “go to” firm in the area.  These releases have to be timely, well-informed and address all of the latest topics and breaking news in the area.  This will garner the attention of news and program directors at your local media stations, leading them to contact you for matters in which your expertise is needed.  These are the types of media appearances that will make your agency a household name, thus building up buyer confidence and increasing your real estate sales and referrals.

5. Hold Free Real Estate Seminars.  Give speeches meant to show potential real estate investors how to enter the market, or show people how to get the most added resale value on their home. Talk about topics that people are going to benefit from—give them “the get” as in “what are they going to get for attending?”  Then, deliver on that get.  Don’t sell your services, but rather establish authority and be helpful—it will come back to you tenfold.

6. Catchy Business Cards.  Business cards can make you stand out or get thrown out—it’s up to you which name on paper you want to be.  For instance, drop-cards are a nifty way to gain attention.  These look like folded up bills of money, leading people to at least pick them up and look at them.  When they see your name, they associate putting money in their pocket and are left with a good impression.  Drop these in places where people will pick them up.  Or how about a business card that folds up into a house?  Have a plain white business card?  That’s perfect for them to write someone else’s phone number on and then throw away when they’re done with it. Just sayin’ (wink-wink)

7. Vehicle Wraps.  You drive around your town or city everyday, passing hundreds and thousands of people.  Why not use your car for free advertising?  Get your vehicle wrapped with your real estate agency’s name or your name and face.  Let people know who you are, wherever you go.  It’s a one-time cost and super effective at getting you recognized as a person about the community, not just some name on a sign in front of a house.real estate marketing tools

Of course, integrating these offline real estate marketing tools with online marketing techniques is the real key to real estate success. 

CLICK HERE right now to see how each of these offline real estate marketing tools can be plugged in and integrated with an online marketing system built just for realtors like you.

So Tell Me, what kind of traditional or online real estate marketing tools are you using?


What’s The Difference Between Direct Sales And Network Marketing?

What’s The Difference Between Direct Sales And Network Marketing?

difference between direct sales and network marketing

My purpose and commitment is to really help you understand and appreciate the MLM industry. One of the things you need to know when shopping for a business opportunity that is built on the multi-level marketing format, is not only how these businesses work but which one will compliment your skill set, personality and area of expertise.

The Difference Between Direct Sales and Network Marketing

Direct Sales and Network Marketing are both based on the multilevel marketing business model. MLM or Multilevel simply refers to the business structure in which the compensation plan is mapped out. The Direct selling and Network marketing vehicle is the actual distribution system or the way the products are dispersed.

With Direct Selling, the emphasis is usually on direct, person-to person product distribution, which typically involves the independent sales representatives earning a commission from the products that they sell directly to the customers.

The usual way of getting their products out to the masses or finding customers is by hosting product parties, trunk sales, booths and etc., by way of their circle of influence. Advancing in rank is dependent upon the volume of products sold.

In some companies you can recruit other people to hosts parties in which they would be offered a discount on the products for hosting that party and also earn free products if they sell a certain amount of merchandise.

This is important to know if you happen to be a really good sales person or if on the other hand, you hate the thought of selling in this way, when choosing a mlm company.

Some examples of Direct Selling companies are:

Avon, Natura, Vorwerk, Herbalife and Mary Kay 

Now with Network Marketing, the emphasis is on team building. Building a team of partners who are in agreement to use the company products in their household as well as share products with others outside of their network.

You are basically the customer as well as the business owner and you are able to sponsor, support and train others who want to build a business of their own. So the importance here is on building an organization of like minded individuals who use and move product within and outside their network.

In network marketing, you also have the flexibility to host product parties or have a booth, etc., in order to promote your products if you so choose. You are the business owner, not just a sales representative so you have the power to run your business as you see fit.

This model is a great if you love networking, team building and training others.

Some examples of Network Marketing companies are:

Sisel International, Vemma, Amway and Visulas.

Some direct sales companies also incorporate the network marketing team building model as well depending on the compensation structure, so make sure to do your research.

Understand that the purpose of both models is product distribution, but, it’s the way the distribution happens and the way you, the marketer, gets compensated, that makes the difference.

  • On a side note, steer clear of companies that don’t have a product OR they have a limited product line that offers little to no value to the public.

In the end, the difference between direct sales and network marketing is fairly minimal. Both serve as an opportunity for the ordinary individual to build their own business, delivering quality products to the masses in a less expensive and more personal way.

By eliminating the middle men; expensive advertisers and merchandisers, the network marketer and direct seller can create residual/ passive income from home with less time, less money and less hassle than the traditional business model.

So Tell Me….

Have you ever owned a network marketing or direct sales business?

What did you like or dislike about it?

Did you find it too challenging? If so, tell me why.

I would love to hear from you!


 To Your Success!



massive action

Okay, so here’s the thing…..

I don’t have a problem with taking massive action in my business or for any goal.

I just believe it’s taking the “cart before the horse” so to speak.
Let me back up a bit…..
Now you’ve probably heard all of the statistics about network marketing or about new businesses….
97 percent of network marketers fail….
95 percent of new businesses fail after the first 5 years… yada- yada- yada-
There is a slue of reasons for these numbers, but I can say with a certainty that none of those reasons are due to a lack of knowledge or skill.
Because nowadays you can learn any skill with just a click of a button or hire any kind of business expert for a reasonable price, to get your business off the ground.
The real issues, whether you’re a small brick and mortar biz owner or network marketer, is due to lack of clarity of vision, direction and those “inner blocks” that seem to sabotage your efforts at every turn.
What do those inner blocks look like?
They look like fear, uncertainty, confusion, lack of confidence, procrastination and any other emotion you can think of that has ever tripped you up.
If you’ve ever asked for advice on how to get your Network Marketing  business off the ground and running, and you were told to just take “massive action,” or “just go find 10 people to talk to today,” then you may have felt a little irritated.
I know I sure did….
See, the problem most people are facing in their business is not that they won’t take massive action, it’s not like they don’t’ know what to do…
It’s that they don’t understand why they CAN’T take that massive action needed to see those results in their business they’ve been working for in spite of the fact that they already know exactly what they need to do.
Does this sound at all familiar?
In other words, we know what to do but often times we just can’t find the motivation or inspiration to do it.
How do I know this?
Well, because I’ve experienced it in my own life, in my own business.
See, the reality is that as humans we develop certain internal blocks that keep us from our success in many areas of our lives, however, we are usually not aware of them until we are faced with new challenges. (like trying to start a new business)

Success Tip: Changing your viewing point.

One way to overcome these internal blocks is to change how you see them in your life, don’t judge them as good or bad. Remember, anytime we are faced with something new we have to grow and expand into the new idea or vision.
One tip that I would like to offer is to see these seeming obstructions in our psyche as transitional periods that we need to pass through. We are transitioning into new ways of thinking. If you stay the course and get to the other side of it, you will be amazed at how much clarity you have about whatever was blocking your way and you will be able to truly take massive action.
So, if you’ve been struggling, if you’ve felt overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel because you can’t seem to take “massive action”…
….Don’t give up just yet….Success needs time to grow.

So tell me….

We’re there any instances in your life where you were told to just take massive action but you were blocked by a lack of motivation, fear, doubt etc.?

How did you get through it.?

Did you give up or push through?

Share your story

To your Success!

Attraction Marketing- Stop Chasing and Start Building Your Team!

Attraction Marketing- Stop Chasing and Start Building Your Team!

attraction marketingIn today’s fast-paced, high-tech world of Internet marketing, there are many techniques from which you can choose that will benefit your business by increasing your reach, boosting your online presence and bolstering your mlm sign ups and sales. 

And while there is a large debate about which method is best, there is certainly no denying that attraction marketing has become one of the biggest and most successful online marketing strategies to date, by and large. 

But what makes this a little bit confusing is that attraction marketing in and of itself, is a little confusing to define.  That’s because so many people have different interpretations of attraction marketing, mostly because of its versatility.

Attraction marketing can be tailored to just about any business and business model you can think of, adapting its core values to help individuals and corporations attain their marketing goals. 

From multi-level marketing strategies (MLM) to inbound marketing campaigns, attraction marketing is defined so differently because it is used so differently.  Still, there are a few basic tenets of attraction marketing that we can use to help define its essence, if not pin down its exactness.

The Many Faces of Attraction Marketing

To start off with, it should be noted that attraction marketing is not a new concept.  Overall, the basis of attraction marketing is to reach new customers and leads through the demonstration of value through affiliates and spokesmen.  Perhaps one of the most classic—and successful—examples of attraction marketing would be a company hiring a celebrity to endorse their product or service.  To this day, this marketing strategy is still used, though mostly in print and television. 

But with the integration of online marketing strategies, companies have refined their techniques and thus, redefined attraction marketing.  While the message of value is still at the underlying core of the strategy, it is now done in a manner that is far more cost-effective, utilizing the viral capabilities of the internet instead. 

In a nutshell, the social aspect of the internet has taken the cost—and the celebrity—out of attraction marketing and replaced them with webpages and network marketing representatives.

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing—The New Attraction Marketing

Still, the ultimate goal of attracting leads to your mlm business or company website rather than going out and actively  recruiting them is the main focus of modern day attraction marketing on the internet.  For example, rather than cold-calling customers or sending out individual emails (or even email blasts), it has become far more prevalent to create content that attracts leads to your site.  This can be accomplished in any number of ways. 

For example, affiliate marketing is a great way to leverage the work of others to boost traffic to your site.  Essentially, you provide your affiliate partners with personalized links to your site and when they drive traffic to your site that results in a conversion, you pay them a commission. 

The affiliate partners will then go create their own sites, content and social media pages which increase not only your perceived value, but also your reach.  In a nutshell, your attraction rating is instantly extended by extension of your affiliate sites.  

Overall, the point here is that your marketing dollar is going to be better served by inbound marketing than outbound marketing.  Given that internet searches mainly bring in your targeted audience (thanks to search engine algorithms that promote relevancy over bulk traffic), it’s generally accepted that spending money on attraction marketing is going to spend your marketing dollar on your targeted audience, rather than say a print ad which would reach more people, but not necessarily more potential leads that are high-conversion customers. 

Becoming a Thought Leader and Authority Figure in your MLM Business attraction marketing

Another method of attraction marketing is establishing yourself as an industry leader in your particular niche.  Once again, there are many ways to go about this, but some of the most popular are blogging and social media sites.  Both are equally effective when utilized correctly, but for some businesses, blogging fits better than social media—and vice versa—for establishing authority. 

In the end, it really comes down to tailoring your message across multiple mediums to get your brand across in the way that you want it to.

With blogging, there are many goals, all of which are served simply by creating keyword-centric blogs that provide value, interesting and fresh viewpoints, and are consistently churned out.  When this happens: 

  • You rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) thanks to increased keyword reach and fresh, relevant content.  This means more incoming traffic and higher perceived value because of ranking position on the SERPs.


  • Your content has a higher chance of going viral because of value and viewpoint, thus further increasing your reach and attraction marketing factor. 

With social media marketing, your attraction factor is spread through organic and paid reach, giving you a better chance to not only recruit potential partners, but also establish stronger bonds with your current customers.  Social media is all about interaction and engagement, both of which serve to give you a chance to get your value-based message out there to your potential leads and current customers. 

This is integral to attraction marketing.  Plus, when you engage your fans, followers, etc., you also show up on their friends and family’s social media sites, further increasing your reach.  Because they are closely related to your target audience, there’s a good chance they are part of your target audience as well.

How to Get Started with Attraction Marketing

As you can see, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact definition and usage of attraction marketing because it is so fluid and wide-ranging a concept.  No matter what your business is, what your goal is or what your current online marketing strategy is, attraction marketing can fit right in, helping you to sponsor more, boost sales and achieve all of your current and future goals. 

To get started using attraction marketing so you can stop chasing leads and start building your business, you only need to understand a few core concepts, all of which can be found by CLICKING HERE right now.