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The Pro’s and Con’s of Network Marketing

The Pro’s and Con’s of Network Marketing

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Network Marketing If you know my story, the network marketing industry is where I began my path to being an entrepreneur. I love the network marketing industry, I grew up with it, and had I not made the decision to be a successful network marketer, I would have never discovered the amazing world of internet marketing. So here is some basic information on the business to help you make an educated decision in your entrepreneurial efforts. If you’re already in network marketing, you will want to incorporate online marketing techniques to help you get more leads for your network marketing business. I personally hated trying to get my friends and family on board with my biz and the internet helped me find a targeted stream of leads on a daily basis. And seriously, what’s a business without leads, right?

Network Marketing|What is it exactly

Wikipedia says, network marketing or multi level company, is way of doing business in which a sales force earns a commission not only for sales of products and services they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit and bring into the business, which creates a down-line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple leveraged levels of compensation. Multilevel marketing is the business plan or structure that Network Marketing and Direct Sales use. network marketing women Companies like Amway and Tupperware have been doing this successfully for over 50 years. There could be multiple levels of customers in a distribution hierarchy with distributors bringing in more people into the distribution network which are rewarded with a bonus income on top of any retail sales earnings. This structure is very similar to franchising. Network marketing and Direct Sales fall under the same umbrella, where products or services are offered on a one-on-one basis and sold directly by the salesperson to the consumer. However, direct sales people are paid based on their personal sales rather than on building an organization of other salespeople, unless you achieve the level of a manager. And since most products marketed by direct selling companies tend to be durable goods rather than consumable goods, there usually is limited potential for residual income. When you thing of the direct selling industry, think home party companies like Mary Kay or Avon. Start up costs? Most companies offer a starter kit designed to help the new distributor to get their business up and running . These kits usually come with catalogs, business flyers, samples, demonstration products and assorted other business supplies. The size and amount of product you receive will determine the cost of the kit. The starter kit combined with a small registration fee can run you any where from $30-$1,000. Monthly costs? The majority of network marketing and direct sales companies feature an auto-ship program which allows you to satisfy the minimum monthly volume requirements required to qualify for commissions at your level. Depending on the products offered, the monthly costs can run around $70-$300.   Pro’s Work your own hours Many people join who join an MLM already are working part time or full time outside the home. You can work your business whatever hours you choose. Of course, the more hours you put into your business the faster it will grow, but even a few hours a week of positive action will yield results for you in a year or two. Choose who you want to work with This is unlike a job where you have no control over who your coworkers are. In network marketing you pick the people you want to share your business with. This is why many network marketers start with friends and family first. They know you and trust you and what you have to say about your product or service. So we decide who we want to work with, and its up to them if they decide to join us. Low sign up fees Most network marketing companies have low sign up fees and monthly requirements. Where else can you start a business for less than $100 which is typical for most MLMs. Contrast this with a franchise which costs thousands to buy, and then you have employees and all the headaches which can come with owning a brick and mortar business. In most cases you are required to make a monthly purchase of product or products to stay in good standing with the company, which can range from $50 – $100 a month or so.

No staff to hire, and usually no paperwork. Your MLM mails out the checks, delivers the products to your customers and distributors, and handles any returns. Your job is to introduce new people to your product and business and the company handles the rest for you. If you decide to learn how to use the internet to market your network marketing opportunity, then you are not just limited to who you know or who you can physically meet. If you are in a network marketing company that is global or at least in multiple countries you can sign up a distributor who lives thousands of miles away from you, whom you would otherwise never have in your organization. Those who want to market online will often choose a company in multiple markets for this reason, so they are not limited to North America.

Residual income Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of building a network marketing business is the opportunity to create residual income. In the early stages of building your business you will be greatly underpaid for the work that you are doing. However, if you stick with it, eventually you will get to the point where you are greatly overpaid for the work you do. It can take anywhere from several months to a few years to be earning a large income from your network marketing company. However with the residual income you will get paid indefinitely from work you did once, over and over again, as long as you are on a monthly autoship order. Commissions are only paid when product is purchased or consumed. You can save a lot on taxes. Depending on where you live, you may be able to deduct part of your phone bill, internet, travel expenses that are business related, any tools you need to market your business, and more. Read my article on some of the items you can declare on your taxes


Though the MLM/Network Marketing business model has been successfully and legally doing business for over 50 years, there is still some that believe it’s a pyramid scheme. New marketers usually have to contend with that stigma. Most people getting into the business don’t really understand that this IS in fact a sales and marketing business and they need to be open to learning how to position themselves. Finding people to market to has always been limited to friends and family (until online marketing came along) and companies are still teaching this way of prospecting. Because of this, people often times get discouraged and quit the business too soon. One of the top reasons people quit network marketing is due to lack of support up-line. Often times its easy to get sponsored by someone who wasn’t trained correctly (my experience) and has no understanding of the industry they signed up for. Like an absentee parent, they’re not there to help you build you business, which is the ultimate role of someone who sponsors you in. Read my article how to choose a network marketing company. Offline prospecting can be a headache and sooner or later you’re going to run out of friends and family to pitch to! To tap into an endless stream of leads, you need to get online, and you need to have a system! If you’re hurting for leads, but don’t have a fortune to spend on the training to learn how to get leads, I highly recommend that you plug into a proven system that will not only train you, but will do all of the marketing for you. If you’re ready to commit and take your Network Marketing business to the next level CLICK HERE and ask to join Back to Top

Affiliate Marketing|Multiple Strategies For Residual Income

Affiliate Marketing|Multiple Strategies For Residual Income

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to make passive income from home without having to deal with any of the hassle and headache of running your own business.  With affiliate marketing, you are basically promoting other products, services and goods online, earning a small commission for each sale that generates through your work.  And while there are many different ways to go about affiliate marketing—as well as countless affiliate marketing networks and products to choose from—the basis of affiliate marketing doesn’t change too much, regardless of the avenue you take.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing

So essentially, what affiliate marketing means is that you are the promotional and marketing department for somebody else’s website.  When you become their affiliate partner, you agree to promote their product in exchange for a commission of each sale that you are responsible for.  The more traffic you send over to the site that converts (makes a purchase, signs up for their email list, etc., depending on what that site considers a conversion as per your affiliate partner agreement), the more money you make.

To become an affiliate marketing partner, all you have to do is go to virtually any website that is selling a good, product or service and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the home page.  There will be a clickable link that says something like, “Become an Affiliate Partner” or a link related to affiliate marketing.  Click this link and follow the instructions provided, filling out all necessary information.  Then, you will be provided with a personalized link that will allow the affiliate network to recognize all incoming leads that you provide.

This link will be the way that the leads you send over to the website will be noted and thus, provide information regarding your pay.  Depending on what the qualifier is for your affiliate marketing payment, the website will track anyone that comes into the site from your personalized link, giving you credit for them.  If all it takes is you sending traffic over, then every click on that link will generate you a commission payment.  If the conditions of your affiliate partnership agreement stipulate that a sale must be made for you to earn a commission payment, when the sale is made by the lead you sent over, you will receive credit and thus, compensation.

Your affiliate marketing partnership goal can be any number of things, from having the lead sign up for an email mailing list, having them get to a certain page in their site, having them watch an informational video, having them download an eBook, etc.  Whatever the goal of that particular website is, you can make a commission by sending them leads that convert, helping the website to reach its goals.  Ultimately, this is the goal of affiliate marketer’s goal since this is what directly leads to higher frequency and percentage rates of commission payments.

How do I Drive Traffic to my Affiliate Marketing Sites? 

Of course, affiliate marketing is all much easier said than done.  One of the main obstacles of affiliate marketing is creating enough traffic to your link to generate traffic for your affiliates home page.  There are many ways to do this, but the main and most successful way is to create a website based around driving conversions to your link.  This website can be dedicated to the link itself or just have a few landing pages with the link on it (with possible other landing pages on the site going to your other affiliate pages since it’s more lucrative to have multiple affiliate marketing streams at once.

The best way to drive traffic to these sites is through SEO marketing and viral sharing.  With SEO marketing, your goal is to create keyword-rich content that will provide teasers for the product, good or service, building it up enough so that the reader will click your affiliate link.  The keywords should be picked around the product and if possible, should be high-search, low-competition keywords.  For example, you aren’t going to get much traffic to your affiliate site if you are using the same keywords your affiliate has optimized for already.  What you want to do is pick up the alternative traffic that they are missing out of, most times with long-tail keywords.  Long-tail keywords are typically phrases rather than words such as “best dog groomer in Boise” or “where can I find a poodle groomer?” and they are usually more specific than general in nature. 

The other method of generating traffic to your landing pages is by creating viral content.  This is typically done through blogging or reviews.  By blogging, you are able to tackle and incorporate more keywords, especially long-tail, specific keywords and phrases.  Plus, since blogs create fresh content, they are also SEO-smart in that they raise the ranking of your page on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

But most importantly, blogs have the ability to go viral.  All it takes is a few shares on social media pages and a newsletter or email blast with your blog (containing your affiliate link in it), and if it’s exciting, informational and valuable enough, it can go viral in a heartbeat.  When you have content containing your affiliate link go viral, you can expect your commission payments to jump exponentially.

Choosing Wisely for Affiliate Marketing affiliate marketing

Of course, the first step in affiliate marketing is picking what product, good or service you want to work for.  This step has three major steps itself:

  1. Choose a product, good or service you can get behind. First, be sure that you would use the product, goods or service yourself.  If you don’t believe in it, your marketing efforts won’t come off as believable.  Plus, if you get discouraged by poor initial results, it’s much easier to give up on a project you don’t believe in.
  2. Choose an affiliate partner that can sell.  If the site itself can’t sell its own product, it won’t make any difference how many leads you send its way.  In fact, it will actually hurt your credibility in the long run.  Make sure their site would at least convince you to buy, but consider sending it to some friends and family to get their opinions as well.
  3. Make sure the commission is worth it.  This should go without saying, but make sure what you’re earning from your affiliate marketing is worth the work you’re putting in.  In the end, only you can determine this number.


When done correctly, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn residual income that can supplement your current revenue, or generate enough passive income for it to serve as your sole source of money.  For some advanced affiliate marketing techniques,

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Facebook Marketing Tips To Blow Up Your Bank Account

Facebook Marketing Tips To Blow Up Your Bank Account

facebook marketing tips

Facebook Marketing Tips-Why Use Facebook for Marketing

So you want some sneaky Facebook marketing tips to create seismic waves in your wallet? The truth is that Facebook marketing tips are all over the internet, it is just that only a few of them are true gems. In this article we will review several strategies that can refine your Facebook marketing campaign into something that pays you every minute of the day instead of bleeding you dry.  

Facebook Marketing Tips To Increase CTR (Click Through Rate)

At the end of the day if you aren’t getting any clicks on your ad, you are getting no visitors and making no money. That being said, unless you are Geico or Coca Cola, you won’t want hundreds of thousands of random people clicking on your ad and leaving you owing Facebook millions of dollars, (well maybe not millions, but you get the point). There is a happy medium to make sure that people click on your ad, but only people that are interested. Here are a few Facebook marketing tips that will show how to make that happen.

Facebook marketing tips- The Do’s and the Dont’s

with your ad to help you get a better CTR, but if the clicker doesn’t actually want your product and they click on your ad, it costs you money.

1. Don’t Put Images Of Busty Girls On Your Ads. Unless you are selling busty girls, chances are you will just get people who want to see busty girls. There are some Facebook marketing tips out there that tell you to put these sort of images  

2. Target The User Personally. One of the best Facebook marketing tips is to target people on a personal level. Create an ad that has the viewer’s flag on it or calls out their location. People relate to their location on a very personal level and this helps encourage them to click if they are interested in your service.

3. Test Different Headlines and Ad Text. Often the difference between people window shopping and attracting serious customers is just a word or two or a number. Sometimes the best Facebook marketing tips are the most insane, however they work. The only way you will find out the best headline and the best Facebook marketing tips in general, is to do your own tests. Make sure that you only change one part of your ad at a time so you can see which one got results in relation to the particular change you made.

Facebook Marketing Tips For Creating Good Ads

1. Read Copywriting Books. Facebook marketing tips are worthless if you don’t know how to write good copy. You can have a fancy ad professionally designed, but if you don’t have good copy to go along with your beautifully rendered ad, it won’t give you the results you are aiming for. Some of the best Facebook marketing tips can be found in books written by Claude Hopkins, Ogilvy and Sugarman. They don’t appear to be Facebook marketing tips because they were writing ads for newspapers and magazines, however the exact same principles apply.

2. Learn To Use Gimp or CS. If you can use Gimp (the free image manipulation software) or Photoshop CS, you will be able to make your own ads. You won’t have to rely on Facebook marketing tips or ads from other people and will be able to come up with creative ideas that your competition might have overlooked. The power in writing your own ads is huge and you can create something entirely new and enticing even if you are just beginning.

3. Steal From Others. The most underrated Facebook marketing tips of all time are the ones that nobody talks about, such as stealing your ideas from others. However it isn’t really stealing, it is more just taking inspiration from others. Look at the progression that music has taken over the years and how some genres are so close to each other it is hard to tell them apart. Musicians steal each other’s chords, licks, riffs and lyrics all the time, however they change them a little due to all of their different influences. Make up your own Facebook marketing ads by spying on your competition and then making a mash-up of their ideas to create your own ads. facebook marketing tips

Facebook Marketing Tips In General

When you are first starting a Facebook marketing campaign, you need to define your ideal customer. This is all first year marketing class sort of stuff, however when you advertise on Facebook, you actually have to use it. The best Facebook marketing tips are often the simplest, and this is one of them. Think about your product and who the ideal customer is and where they are located. What sort of job would they have and what would they like? How old are they and would they have a partner?

These are all questions you have to answer. Come up with a list of attributes of your ideal customer and then you will be able to target them exactly.

Some Facebook marketing tips will tell you to create an ad and wait while you let the traffic flow in, but that is the wrong mindset. If you had an ad on the radio and none of your customers who heard the ad were buying, you would either change it or stop it.

The same goes for Facebook ads, you don’t just treat them like something you set and forget, they are something to test and track and see what works the best. There are plenty of free and paid tracking software systems out there and you don’t have to be a genius to operate them.

When you first decide to follow these Facebook marketing tips and get some high quality traffic through the doors of your website, you need to have a budget and approach this like any other business decision.

How much are you going to spend per day, how much do you want to pay per click (or per potential customer), how much is your product selling for and how much is pure profit (this will indicate how many clicks you need and how much to pay for them). There are a lot of decisions to make but these Facebook marketing tips will help you to get a good head start.

facebook marketing tipsIf you liked what you’ve read, LEAVE A COMMENT, don’t be shy!



Also, you can get your hands on some phenomenal Facebook marketing tips training that will show you step by step how to create killer ads that will blow up your bank account!


Facebook Advertising – Targeting Like A Sniper

Facebook Advertising – Targeting Like A Sniper

facebook advertisingFacebook advertising is in full effect right now. Log in to your account and you will be startled at how accurate some of the ads are. If you don’t have a partner or if you look up certain things, Facebook advertising knows. This is great for advertisers as you can target by more specific criteria than ever before and split test until you have the perfect campaign. 

Facebook Advertising -How Do I Know If Facebook Advertising Is For Me? 

Facebook advertising PPC is incredibly powerful, and there are many ways you can approach it. There are the paid ads and then there is the free method. Just like in Google, you have the paid results (Adwords) and the organic results (Search Engine Results Pages). 

Organic Facebook Advertising 

Organic basically means that you don’t pay for your traffic directly. Obviously there is no such thing as completely free so you will still have to pay for it in some way, however, you don’t pay a certain price per click or per impression. Here is an overview of organic Facebook advertising

1. Setting Up a Fan Page or Profile. If you have a product or service you can set up a Facebook fan page for free. On this page you can put anything from videos to sales copy, product information, a link to your website, or sell straight off the page. 

2. Get Traffic To Your Page. This is the tricky part that a lot of people new to the internet or to marketing forget. Once you have the page setup, somehow you have to get traffic to it to see your awesome page and Facebook advertising information. There are so many ways of getting traffic, but they all include putting a link somewhere on the internet that you hope people will click on to get to your page. Again, there are millions of places where you can put your links; however some places will help you more than others. This requires a lot of manual work; writing articles, blog comments, forum posts, messaging possible customers or other time consuming task, well worth it however, if you are looking for longevity in your business. 

Paid Facebook Advertising 

facebook advertising


Paid Facebook advertising is where the serious players are and is where you should go if you have a budget for advertising. These can be the ads that pop up on the side or the ones that appear in the news feed. There are many reasons why this is such a good way to advertise, but it does cost. This is just another advertising platform like Google and Yahoo or any other ways of buying traffic, and using this method comes with many advantages. 

1. Targeting Like A Sniper. With Facebook advertising, you can hone in on your exact customer, just like a sniper would hone in on his target. Facebook advertising PPC enables you to target by age, gender, likes, education, religion, ethnicity and a host of other variables. This is the type of targeting that most advertisers only dream of. 

2. Pay For What You Want. If you are just starting a new product or website and you don’t have the deep pockets of Saatchi & Saatchi, you can buy as little traffic as you want. If you are just testing out a new product or website to see if you can make some money, Facebook advertising is a great way to go. You can buy some traffic for $20, track it and see how it performs, and then make a decision to either change your offer slightly or try something else. 

3. Get In Your Customer’s Head. When a user is scrolling through their Facebook account, they are in a state of high concentration (although you might not believe it). This is something of an addiction for a lot of people and they are in a sort of trance, similar to television viewing. When your customer is in a altered state such as this, it is the perfect time to pitch your message to them. They will be online for a while and often don’t set a time limit for Facebook. You can see what your customer likes and set your campaign accordingly. 

4. Make Instant Business Decisions. If you are planning on using SEO or organic Facebook methods, it can be months before you have any data or traffic to make decisions from. Using paid Face Book advertising gives you the ability to buy some traffic who are already hot prospects, send them to your offer and see what happens.

In 20 minutes you could already have sent 100 people to your offer, have the data and either change your offer, move on, or if you are making money, scale it up and bank some serious profits. 

Many people are afraid of paid advertising because it seems like wasting money. This is a narrow understanding of the process of investing in your business and is not valid in the marketing world. Every single thing you do toward your business costs you your time or your money.

If you are out there writing articles, blog commenting and forum posting, you are spending your time. If your time is $25 per hour, you could have worked for one hour and then sent that $25 of traffic to your offer and you can have some instant feedback instead of waiting months to see if an offer converts. 

Facebook Advertising PPC -Say Yes To 1 Billion Customersfacebook advertising

Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) is a truly effective marketing strategy that you should take the time to learn how to use correctly so you can get your business into profit quickly. With over 900 million users in all countries, it seems absurd not to use this platform to target your ideal customer. The staggering amount of information you can use to mark your demographics means that even a local builder in the nail polish industry can use Facebook advertising to attract customers. 


The Key Here Is Learning To Use Facebook Marketing Correctly. If You Are Ready To Get Started With Your Advertising Efforts Then Let’s Get You Some Training That Will Turn You Into An EXPERT In Facebook Advertising Today!

DS Domination Review – Dominating Drop shipping with D$ Domination

DS Domination Review – Dominating Drop shipping with D$ Domination

ds domination reviewWith all the buzz going around about drop shipping and the number one business model for it, I figured it was time to do a DS Domination review. 

In this DS Domination review, we’ll take a closer look at the company and see just why they’ve been able to create so much success for drop shippers over the past few months. 

Of course, this DS Domination review didn’t come easy since it’s currently in “invite only beta” mode, so unless you have an “in,” you probably haven’t seen much else about this.  Luckily, we’ve been able to get a few people in (see link at bottom to find out if there are any left!).

My DS Domination Review

DS—or D$ as it is really called, but I’m not typing that out a bunch of times—Domination isn’t just another MLM business platform or recruiting pyramid, it’s an actual legit business plan that is making tons of people money as we speak. 

The results on both the sales and compensation sides have been so successful, it’s allowed DS Domination to lock their beta testing, only offering it to “friends of friends.” This kind of smart marketing is indicative of the type of strategies you get when you join up with DS Domination.  So what’s it all about? 

The DS Domination Review—What is DS Domination?

DS Domination is a drop shipping sales and training program, developed by top eBay Power seller for ten years running, Roger Langille.  What do I mean by “top eBay Power seller?”  Let’s put it this way: he’s been making more than seven figures a year using this very process.  What’s more is that the process is so simple; I was shocked I didn’t see his angle when I first put this DS Domination review together! The training method revolves around posting on eBay with your drop shipping supplier in mind.  You will learn which products to post up, how to post up products correctly and generally how to turn a profit on eBay no matter your level of involvement, experience, or inexperience, as it were.

DS Domination Review—The 20 Modules of DS Domination

While I really can’t go into heavy detail in this DS Domination review without giving Mr. Langille’s proprietary ideas and methodology away (I don’t want any lawsuit trouble!), I was able to procure this 20 point module of learning for the purposes of this DS Domination review. Let me note here that there are 2 levels; Pro and Elite, in DS Domination and 3 stand-alone products. This is a list of the modules at the beginning level known as DS domination Pro. You should be able to get a better idea about the concepts, ideas and methods you will learn about simply from the titles:  

  • Module 1: Moving Forward with eBay Drop shipping
  • Module 2: How to Set Up your eBay Selling Account The Right Way
  • Module 3: Outside the United States Start Here
  • Module 4: Listing Your First Item
  • Module 5: Listing Your Anatomy and Adjusting your Product Picture
  • Module 6: Speeding up your Listing
  • Module 7: Titles and More on Drop Shipping Spider
  • Module 8: Alert Alert Critical Info
  • Module 9: International Item Location
  • Module 10: Why 18% Fail? Avoid these Pitfalls
  • Module 11: Shipping from Amazon
  • Module 12: Why is PayPal is Holding My Money
  • Module 13: Customer Returns
  • Module 14: Lifting eBay Limits
  • Module 15: Multiple Accounts on eBay
  • Module 16: Resolving Problem Orders
  • Module 17: Extra Video Caution
  • Module 18: Titles Key to Success
  • Module 19: eBay Fee Calculator
  • Module 20: Watch Over Roger’s Shoulder as he Finds Products and Lists them on eBay

This is perhaps the most in-depth look at a successful—if not the most successful—eBay drop shipping account in existence.  The 20th module alone is worth the price of enrollment, which I might add, is very low. Each module has videos that show you the step-by-step process Roger uses to create huge profits with his drop shipping suppliers. 

All you have to do is mimic his methods with your eBay account and suppliers and you can quit the rat race and become independently wealthy—or at least independently profitable! And for all you affiliate marketing connoisseurs out there, there is a place for you in DS domination as well.

Not only can you make money with the product alone, you can earn 50% commissions with sign ups. However, the real beauty of this business is that your average 18 year old and up can take advantage of the drop shipping side and make a hefty income to boot.

DS Domination —Why Does it Work?ds domination review

So what makes the DS Domination drop shipping program work so well?  Well, it sounds silly but it’s the simple concept of buying low and selling high, but reversed. 

Most people think of this as something having to do with stocks, but when it comes to drop shipping, looking at the products as an investment will help you gain the same success Mr. Langille enjoys. What I really took away from this program is that you have to keep in mind that the money comes to you first. 

When you remember this, you can turn the drop shipping world on its head by understanding the way the market works.  In most situations, you will buy low and sell high.  But here in the DS Domination world, you will sell high and then buy low. 

Let me explain. When the money comes into your account for a product, it is then up to you to fill the order with your supplier. That means that you have the money—now all you need is the low price to buy.  The higher you sell and the lower you buy, the more your own profit margins increase.

It really is that simple and it’s why I was shocked when researching the system for the DS Domination review! Of course, it’s not that easy otherwise you wouldn’t need the system. 

The real meat and potatoes of DS Domination comes with learning how to sell high and buy low through proper listing techniques, titles and much, much more. 

DS Domination Review—Does DS Domination Really Work

The one stat that really flew out at me while writing this DS Domination review is that of those who have followed the course, 83% of the members have been profitable in their very first month

That’s a huge success rate, especially in that amount of time!  Add to that the fact that these profits are generally between $1,000 and $2,000 a month and you can see why I’m giving my DS Domination Review Stamp of Approval. 


There Are Many Who Are Having Issues With This System…

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