DubLi.com Cash Back Review

DubLi.com Cash Back Review

dubli imageDubLi Review

With quite a few Top-10 Empower Network leaders making the jump from EN to DubLi Cashback, the networks have been going insane. Factor in a killer July ’14 spike that hasn’t yet even begun to peak and it’s easy to see why the DubLi Cashback program is trending big time.

Forget the fact that Matt Trainer, Tony Rush and John Lavenia brought their Team Wukar legend over to DubLi—the numbers alone are enough to make it crystal clear—DubLi Cashback is a winner.

Here’s why. 

What is the DubLi Network? 

The DubLi Cashback system is part of a global marketing company called the DubLi Network. Their focus is on helping members of the network make money by either becoming entrepreneurs or by saving them money and earning DubLi cashback on purchases—or both. 

The overall concept isn’t foreign to anyone familiar with the Empower Network—you build up a global distributor organization and sell different membership packages to DubLi.com. This website has some of the most popular travel, entertainment and shopping deals in the world. 

This is a Direct Selling and Relationship Marketing business model, meaning the company focuses on bring in the best services and products while members generate the traffic. This allows DubLi to pay commissions out from your online transactions instead of putting that money back into marketing and advertising spend (e.g. traffic referral, lead generation, etc.). 

DubLi Cashback Incentives in a Nutshell 

The way that DubLi Cashback works is simple: every time someone makes a purchase on online from one of DubLi’s preferred merchants, you could be making money. With DubLi Cashback, you do earn a chunk of that change. This leads to an unlimited passive income stream simply because the DubLi Cashback network offers products and services that people are buying every day already.  

DubLi has shopping mall with over 4,000 merchants like, Apple, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and many many more!

But the real genius of this company and the thing that makes this set up unique is that unlike other cashback online malls, you don’t- I repeat- DON’T have to shop directly from the Dubli portal! 

Cool right! I know!! 

All you have to do when you sign up as a customer is download their Google Chrome tool bar and that thing will let you know if you can get cashback from your favorite store!! 

You can go directly to your favorite site and if that toolbar is activated, you can get cashback!

If you are on google shopping for different shoe stores, for example, that toolbar will let you know if and how much money you can get back! 

That right there is worth the price of admission….which is Free, by the way! 

As your own personal customer list grows, they will refer others thanks to the huge cash bonuses they are receiving (which you receive a piece of as well) and this leads to exponential customer base growth. In other words, you make money on everyone you bring in and everyone they bring in. In fact, you can even bring in large groups and companies through the DubLi co-branded Partner Program and kick your earning into overdrive. 

How Does DubLi Cashback Work? 

Here’s how you get DubLi Cashback profits from start to finish: 

  1. Sign up as with DubLi as a consumer and install the toolbar on your internet browser.
  2. As stated before, this toolbar will remind you of your access to huge discounts from the biggest brands and stores out there such as Macy’s, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc.
  3. The DubLi Cashback discount is applied to each purchase you make through the DubLi toolbar or directly from their mall.
  4. Spread the word about this shopping cash back network so that others use it.
  5. For every person you refer who shops with Dubli, you get 25% of what DubLi makes, not your customer’s profit, (this is very important to know). It never stops, as long as they buy, you earn. 

There are 3 Customer Membership options of the DubLi Cashback Network:  

I love this because unlike other MLM companies, DubLi is customer focused as opposed to distributor focused. 

What I mean by that is, you’ll find that in most network marketing companies the distributor IS the customer. With DubLi, they have a majority customer base that has no connection with the business opportunity at all. 

So the membership options…… 

The free version, which gets you between 1% and 3% cash back and no ability to refer with an incentive.

The Premium version which is get an extra 4% on top of the free version.

Then there is the VIP membership, which brings in between 7% and 25% cash back value.

That’s a ton of cash back into your pockets even if you’re just making purchases yourself. 

Understand that you can only refer people as a customer at the VIP level which is a cost of $99 a YEAR (that’s about the price I pay for my Costco membership!), and get compensated. 

With every person you refer the DubLi cash back network; you get an additional $25 per person. 

Five customers in your network pays for the cost of your VIP membership! 

Is DubLi Cashback a Scam?dubli cashback

Sound too good to be true? 

Well, it’s 100% legit. Take a look at some of the higher-ups in the company who wouldn’t risk their fortune and reputation on internet toolbar scams: 

  • Founded by Micheal Hanson, one-time LEGO designer who has made fortunes in telecommunications, finance and chain restaurants (in addition to his rise to the top of the network marketing industry). DubLi has been around since 2003.
  • In addition to the Team Wukar members we mentioned some of whom came over from EN (Top-10), there are also a few Microsoft Corporation veterans on the Board of Directors at DubLi.
  • DubLi is part of MediaNet Group Technologies, which is publicly traded (and pulls in millions each month as they sit atop their e-commerce empire) 

DubLi Business Opportunities for Earning 

As with most MLMs, there are residual earning opportunities with DubLi Network. To make the most money and benefit from DubLi’s cashback compensation plan, you will have to become a Business Associate with DubLi  so you can earn: 

  • Money on each referral PLUS
  • Residual income when your team gets referrals PLUS
  • Commissions from your customers who purchase through the portal PLUS
  • Profits from selling the DubLi Partners Program to businesses.

Huge money making opportunity here! 

To learn more about this rapidly growing money making opportunity and how you can be a part of it, CLICK HERE right now and find out how DubLi Cashback can put money in your pocket simply for being online.













Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold- Who’s on Top?

Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold- Who’s on Top?

sisel vs organo goldSisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold Review

In the battle for top-dog in the amazing healthy coffee sales niche, that you can also turn a profit from, there are really only two names in the industry: Sisel Kaffe and Organo Gold.  While coffee tasting is always a point of personal preference (e.g. some like it strong, some like it flavored, some with milk, some with cream), there can be no personal preference when it comes to cold, hard data.  Which will make you more money?  Sisel Kaffe or Organo Gold?  Which is easier to sell?  Sisel Kaffe or Organo Gold?  Overall, which is the best product for you?

Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold—Product

So right off the bat, it bears mentioning that both Sisel Kaffe and Organo Gold have found backers in the medical industry, with many doctors and healthcare experts choosing sides.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of choosing which doctor is better simply by listening to them speak, so suffice it to say that both have their healthy proponents.

Where we really start to see the differences arise is in the ingredients and blend of Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe.  Namely, Organo Gold banks heavily on Ganoderma lucidum, an ingredient that has been reported to have bioactive properties.  Ganoderma is a wild mushroom which grows on wood and is said to benefit the immune system.  It is also know to help the liver detoxify itself. 

Some other health benefits of Ganoderma:

  • Anti-cancerous properties 
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-fungal effects

Of course some detractors from Organo Gold have reported that the actual amount of Ganoderma in the Organo Gold blend is minute at best, and is being touted as just really expensive coffee. Is this true? I don’t know for sure but it should be noted.
Does Sisel Kaffe Coffee Have Ganoderma Lucidum?sisel kaffe vs organo gold

Unfortunately, having Ganoderma in their coffee at whatever levels, is where the good things start to stop with Organo Gold.  While it is widely accepted that Ganoderma has strong health benefits, the amount put into Organo Gold is troublesome to many.  And while Sisel Kaffe does have Ganoderma as an ingredient, there have been more favorable reports of the blend, seeing as Sisel Kaffe uses “just enough” Ganoderma to keep the good effects while preventing the bad.

And the bad news for Organo Gold doesn’t stop there.  While Ganoderma is Organo Gold’s main selling point, Sisel Kaffe takes the health coffee game quite a few steps further. 

Consider the following:

  • Sisel Kaffe uses Ganoderma, but at greater levels than Organo Gold
  • Sisel Kaffe uses coffee beans grown in Boquete, Panama, the award-winning, highest-rated coffee bean in the world. 
  • Sisel owns the Panamanian Boquete Gesha farm they harvest from, so there are no possibilities of contamination 
  • All Sisel Kaffe coffee beans are cooked via infrared techniques, not flame roasting, thus eliminating the burning of the bean that causes carcinogens (which in turn, cause cancer)
  • All of the infrared-cooked coffee beans are then microground and available in K-cups, instant sachets, and ground coffee bags
  • The immune and digestive system boosting ingredient Chaga is also added to Sisel Kaffe
  • Gotu Kola is added to Sisel Kaffe to support respiratory health as is Bacopa, which supports memory skills
  • There are zero toxic chemicals in Sisel Kaffe

Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe Winner—Product

When it comes down to which coffee is better for you and easier to sell, the winner is Sisel Kaffe, hands down.  If you are looking to buy a healthy coffee strictly for its health benefits, Sisel is the way to go. If you are looking to make money selling coffee via the compensation plans offered by Organo Gold and Sisel Kaffe, Sisel Kaffe will be an easier sell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more money.  For that, we have to put the two compensation plans from Organo Gold and Sisel Kaffe together in a head-to-head match.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

sisel vs organo goldIf you choose to make money selling Organo Gold via their MLM compensation plan and business strategy, here’s what you need to know:

  • You will be paid daily and weekly profits from retail product sales
  • There are Fast Track Bonuses available, all paid via weekly promotional packages
  • There is a Unilevel Bonus that is paid out monthly, but it has compression, which goes down 9 levels
  • There is a Unilevel Matching Bonus that goes 3 levels deep and is also paid out monthly
  • A Generational Leadership Bonus is paid out on a monthly basis which is a nice sum, provided you qualify (it’s hard for beginners to qualify for this)
  • A Global Pool is earned monthly, but only paid quarterly—if there is a top sales leg or team in your network, they typically snatch up your funds
  • In order to get any bonus you need at least $300 CV and at least $54 per month AutoShip

So while on the surface this looks pretty standard, you have to understand that Organo Gold pays on a Dual Team Payout system, which is just code word for binary.  Binary plans have serious drawbacks because you only get paid on promotional builder packs or first time orders—that’s it.  If you get stuck on a weaker leg, you are pretty much done for, especially if the distributor hits the Dual Team payout cap since that resets all of your unused volume to zero (a sly trick to eliminate Global Pool payouts, etc.).

Sisel Kaffe Compensation Plan

The Sisel International Compensation Plan covers their Kaffe products as well, meaning that you get access to arguably the best compensation plan in the industry:

  • Sisel Kaffee is a Unilevel Plan, not a binary plan.  Whereas Organo Gold only offers its bonuses at Unilevel (binary plans lose you at least 51% of your profit if you’re on the weaker leg)
  • Distributors can be placed anywhere in your organization and you retain full compression which means zero money lost
  • You get a true 45% Fast Start Bonus on all orders the first four weeks, not just on the first order—every order!  Plus, the sponsor’s sponsor gets 5%
  • There is also a Fast Start Bonus that goes into the second month at 100 PV
  • After the first four weeks, you start earning your Distributor payouts for six levels at 5%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%. 
  • Further, Sisel will pay an additional 5% on level 7 and then to infinity, depending on your rank.

Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe Winner—Compensation Plan

The clear runaway winner here is Sisel Kaffe.  Really, all you have to know is that Organo Gold is a binary plan while Sisel Kaffe is a uni-level.  Anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of MLM knows that uni-level is better than binary and that they should stay away from binary plans at all costs if they want to make steady residual income.


If product based companies are not what you are looking for… Click Here for an alternative.

Sisel International Compensation Plan- Show Me The Money

Sisel International Compensation Plan- Show Me The Money

sisel international

Sisel International

When it comes to residual income and compensation plans, many make the argument that the Sisel International compensation plan is the best industry. In fact, Sisel blatantly uses that claim on their own website—”Arguably the Highest Paying in the Industry”—making you wonder, just how true is it?

Does Sisel International truly have the best compensation plan for those looking to earn residual income and live out the dream of every internet marketer? Or is this just another carefully worded statement, “arguably” being the key word to scrutinize? 

Just How Good is The Sisel International Compensation Plan? 

In order to get to the bottom of this, let’s take a closer look at Sisel International’s compensation plan step-by-step. This will help us figure out where the money is coming from and just how much money you can make when you sign up with Sisel. 

Sisel International Distributors| Fast Start Bonus 

First order of business is the Fast Start Bonus (FSB) that Sisel offers. This is truly one of the better bonuses out there, simply because your bonus depends on how quickly you come out of the gates. In other words, if you’re experienced and have a network already in place, you’re going to make a lot of money. If you are inexperienced, you might not make as much money, but because Sisel has a solid foundation in place for beginners, you will still see more benefits than you would with companies that don’t offer a FSB. 

The FSB works like this: place an order of 50 PV or more by your personally enrolled distributors and/or customers and you qualify for 4 bonus weeks. After your enrollments are set, you will receive payout following personal sponsorship. So if you sponsor a recruit that signs 200 PV, you get 30% and everyone on your upstream gets 5% for four weeks. That’s a lot of cash moving around! 

Sisel International’s Fast Start Retention Bonus 

What’s even more impressive about this unique compensation plan feature is that Sisel doesn’t stop there—they offer a Fast Start Retention Bonus (FSRB) on orders of 50 PV or more. That means qualifying orders (100 PV or more – 50 PV the first four weeks, 50 the second month) placed from the distributors you personally enroll will pay bonuses out to you for weeks 5 through 8. That’s an entire second month of bonuses, just for signing people up. Here are the FSRB percentages by PV order, paid out equal to or less than your PV generated in the first four weeks of enrollee orders: 

200+ PV – 15% FSRB

150-199.99 PV – 10% FSRB

100-149.99 PV – 5% FSRB 

Direct Distributor Commissions with Sisel International 


Of course, as with any great compensation plan, your Direct Distributor Commission (DDC) will make up the constant bulk of your earnings. These kick in after the first four weeks of FSB (meaning you get your DDCs along with your FSRBs, but not your FSBs). Any order of 50 PV or more qualifies you for a DDC. All of your downline distributors who place qualifying (50 PV or more) orders pay DDCs that go four levels deep. 

Of course, if you have four qualified legs in your downline, the payment goes 5 levels deep. 5 qualified legs pays the DDC 6 levels deep and if you are a 5-Star Master Distributor, you get a 2% Level 7 Payout on your DDCs. 

Here’s how each level of qualifying PV pays out: 


Platinum 200 PV

Gold 150 PV

Silver 100 PV

Bronze 50 PV

1st Placement Level





2nd Placement Level





3rd Placement Level





4th Placement Level





5th Placement Level





6th Placement Level





7th Placement Level



Master Cheque Match and Luxury Bonus from Sisel International 

There are also monthly payouts that come from Sisel, further backing their claim that this is arguably the best compensation plan in the industry. Here’s how they work: 

Master Cheque Match 

For qualified 1-Star Master Distributors and up who attain a monthly 200 PV, Master Cheque Match (MCM) pays you a set percentage of the DDC earned by all Masters below you according to personal enrollment. In order to qualify as an initial Master, you have to obtain 1,000 PV within the first four bonus weeks OR by obtaining 5,000 cumulative QDV.

This means that you need a monthly 200 PV sale, an activated AutoPurchase and to meet: 

1,000 QDV for Masters

7,500 QDV for 1-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1)

20,000 QDV for 2-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1 and 5% on Generation 2)

50,000 QDV for 3-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1 and 5% on Generations 2 – 4) 

It should also be noted that with MCM, if over half of your total Downline Volume (DV) is coming from one leg of your downline, no more than half of your total DV will be applied to your QDV from that leg.

Luxury Bonus 

Qualified 2-Star Masters and above who earn at least $2,000 in monthly commissions and bonuses will receive a monthly luxury bonus as follows: 

2-Star Masters – $300

3-Star Masters – $500

4-Star Masters – $600

5-Star Masters – $750 

All luxury bonuses must either go towards the purchase of a luxury car OR be taken at 50% value in cash. 

How Often Do You Get Paid with Sisel International? 

Okay, so the compensation plan for Sisel is pretty great, but when do you get paid? Show me the money! 

Both the FSB and FSRB are NOW PAID DAILY. 

If product based companies are not what you are looking for… CLICK HERE for an alternative.



Sisel International’s Sisel Kaffe Introduces Their New Weight Loss Coffee

Sisel International’s Sisel Kaffe Introduces Their New Weight Loss Coffee

sisel kaffeSisel International’s Sisel Kaffe Introduces Their New Weight Loss Coffee!

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of Sisel Kaffe by now (if you haven’t, you should!) so it’s no surprise that the science department over at Sisel International found a way to infuse their rich coffee with weight loss supplements that actually work.

Sisel is already well-known for their Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee beans (the award-winning, highest-rated coffee bean in the world), but now they have added four healthy supplements and four weight loss ingredients and seven thermogenic fat burners. The result is the world’s most effective weight loss coffee ever created, the Sisel Kaffe Fat-Burning Thermogenic Weight Loss Support Coffee.

And while that name is quite a mouthful to say, the only mouthful you’ll taste after drinking this delicious coffee is the rich, smooth taste of Sisel Kaffe, made from the best coffee beans in the world. Let’s take a closer look at why this is going to be the biggest thing in coffee since Starbucks drew a mermaid on their cups!  

How Does Sisel Kaffe Weight Loss Coffee Burn Calories?

The science behind the weight loss aspect of this cup of Joe is simple. By taking four essential ingredients to weight loss and adding it to the coffee blend, a proprietary synergistic core is created in the drink, supporting weight loss by blocking carbs from turning into fat and suppressing the appetite.

The big focal ingredient here is Garcinia Cambogia, something you’ve probably heard touted at the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss.” Garcinia Cambogia is simply the extract of tamarind, which naturally works to suppress your appetite and help you feel full even when you’re not. Plus, it also increases your metabolism and energy levels while it blocks fat from forming at the cellular level. So not only will you be eating less fat, you’ll have more energy to burn it off, your body will be burning it off naturally and fat will be prevented from forming at the cellular level. 

But there are three more ingredients, all of which are powerful weight loss supplements on their own, but when combined in Sisel Kaffe weight loss coffee?

Amazing results occur: 

Chlorogenic Acid. 

Also known as Green Coffee Bean Extract, this is the stimulus in coffee beans that releases the fat built up in your body and speed up the rate at which your body burns that released fat. How come it’s not in regular coffee? Because the roasting process burns it off—Sisel Kaffe is made through infrared cooking techniques, preserving the fat-burning properties of Chlorogenic Acid.  

Raspberry Ketones. 

Another amazing weight loss supplement, this is what gives raspberry their smell. But ketones have another function when ingested: they break down body fats, speed up the metabolism and helps your body use glucose more naturally and efficiently.  

Sinetrol Mediterranean Extracts. 

Part of the popular Mediterranean Diet known as Sinetrol, these extracts further boost the metabolism to break fat down faster while simultaneously increasing the thermogenic processes that burn fat. 

As you can see, by combining a powerful blend of the most effective weight loss supplements and ingredients in the world, Sisel International has produced yet another ground-breaking product. It’s no wonder they have such success with their MLM sales compensation packages which have turned coffee lovers everywhere into highly paid network marketers.

Fat Burning Thermogenic Effects of Sisel Kaffe 

sisel weight loss coffee

Of course, Sisel International didn’t stop there with their new weight loss coffee—they also added a number of ingredients which have been shown to assist the process of burning fat in the body. These ingredients provide the proper dosages to affect maximum weight loss while remaining 100% safe. 

Pterostilbene Caffeine. 

A complex molecule that provides you with 8 hours of a sustainable energy source that you can tap into. This energy boost is not only noticeable; it is also not accompanied by a “rush” or a “crash,” so you aren’t affected in any way but positive. 

Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet Extracts. 

A natural boost to the body’s thermogenic fat burning procedures is needed to jump start your natural weight loss. Studies with the extracts from the Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet that are in Sisel Kaffe have been shown to result in a five to six pound weight loss each month with just the tiniest bit of caloric reduction. 


Once again, another ingredient that boosts the thermogenic fat burning capabilities of your form, turning your body into a natural fat-burning furnace. Also helps the cellular fat uptake process. 

Green Tea EGCG. 

This highly sought after extract helps your body to get rid of calories the natural way, by burning them off thanks to a sped up metabolism. Your body will burn fat faster than ever before as shown by research that shows a positive correlation between keeping weight off longer and drinking green tea. Now you can get the benefits of green tea right in your morning cup of coffee. 

Chromium Picolinate. 

Highly touted for diabetics, this ingredient helps with insulin receptors, conditioning them to work more efficiently and effectively. This helps you burn more fat while creating higher levels of energy in your body. Overall, this produces a healthier effect. 

Extract of Yerba Mate.

This powerful energy booster also has a number of other beneficial effects such as the boosting of energy and cardiovascular health. 


The powerful Sinetrol teams up with Guarana to further kick your metabolism into the highest gears possible. This synergistic interaction is highly effective—it will not only have you looking great, but feeling great as well. 

These ingredients can be taken on their own in supplement form, or you can get them all in the best blend of coffee in the world, Sisel Kaffe. For many coffee lovers, the choice is clear—why get inferior coffee that does nothing for your weight when you can drink coffee made from the best beans in the world while losing weight simply by drinking your coffee! 

Does Sisel Kaffe Really Help You Lose Weight? sisel kaffe

So, the only question left is, does Sisel Kaffe really work? Can you really lose weight simply by drinking coffee—and—not just any coffee, but the coffee brewed from the best beans in the world. The answer? Absolutely. Thanks to the amazing weight loss supplements, elements and ingredients put into every blend of Sisel Kaffe, you can lose weight and burn fat simply by drinking coffee. The thermogenic compounds contained in every cup of this amazing weight loss coffee will have you looking and feeling great in no time at all.

Imagine having less appetite, eating less food, having fat blocked from forming, having the fat you’ve stored break up and have more energy to burn that fat away—now, imagine that the fat burned away on its own as well! You don’t have to do anything to lose weight with Sisel Kaffe except drink the coffee—the ingredients do the rest.

If Product Based Companies Are Not What You Are Looking For… CLICK HERE For An Alternative.


Send Out Cards Review | Bringing in the Money by Sending Out the Cards

Send Out Cards Review | Bringing in the Money by Sending Out the Cards

send out cardsLooking to find out more about the MLM company, Send Out Cards? You’re not alone. I’ve noticed quite a few inquires about the company which made me a bit curious myself so I did some investigating. The following are some of the key points you can use to help you make an education decision on whether or not Send Out Cards is right for you or if it is a complete waste of your time. Also, make sure to read my article on the 4 most utilized compensations plans for MLM companies if your not already familiar with them.

Send Out Cards- History

In 2004, Kody Bateman started Send Out Cards, a MLM home-based business opportunity based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The company was started on a tragic note, as Kody left Utah for a marketing job in NYC, he missed a chance to say goodbye to his brother, who was tragically killed in an auto accident before Bateman had the chance to see him again.  Promising to never miss another “prompting” to say goodbye, happy birthday or even just hello, Bateman started Send Out Cards. 

What Does Send Out Cards Do? 

They send out cards, of course.  The aptly named company offers thousands of greeting cards for every situation imaginable, allowing you to pick and choose between them and then have them sent out to your family, friends, business colleagues, etc.  The professionally designed cards are completely customizable, allowing you to add your personal stamp.  It only takes one click of the mouse to get started (they even offer a free trial), and you can drag the design templates around, add a personal message and then have the company ship it off for you—all without ever leaving your house. 

Why does Send Out Cards Sell? 

People really seemed to latch onto the idea, especially with the time and convenience factors.  The Postal Service is a dying cash cow, with the personal handwritten letter giving way to email.  It was only a matter of time before the greeting card industry fell at the hands of the Internet.  Send Out Cards is that replacement.

On a much larger scale, businesses use Send Out Cards to send invites to conferences and thank you letters to investors.  Real estate agents are a huge market for Send Out Cards, as are auto sales representatives and financial service reps.  Wedding planners can mass send invitations, rather than having to take the time to write out, lick envelopes and stamps and then physically mail the cards at the post office.  Send Out Card eliminates all the hassle, allowing you to “mass message” your cards in a matter of minutes.

How Does Send Out Cards Work? 

In order to get signed up with Send Out Cards, you’ll pay anywhere between $9.80 for pay- as- you- go services all the way up to $395 for the Marketing Distributor’s Package where you earn commissions and bonuses as a MLM representative.  By choosing this distribution package, you’re setting yourself up for the possibility to make a lot of money through their unilevel MLM compensation plan. 

send out cards

With Send Out Cards Marketing Distributor’s Package,you get: 

  • Digital Distributor Kit
  • Digital Certified Training Kit
  • Certified Training Program Eligibility
  • Basic Training Course
  • Online Business Office
  • Retail and Business Website
  • Gratitude Challenge Website
  • 100 Bonus Points (points used to buy cards and send them)
  • Unlimited Picture Storage

This system will allow you to make money in a number of ways, all depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it.

How Do I Make Money with Send Out Cards? 

Send Out Cards is a unilevel compensation plan for MLM meaning that everyone you bring into the fold is directly on your frontline.  This makes it simple for you to not only sell the program, but to recruit other representatives, thus increasing your commissions and residual income.  There are two major ways to earn your weekly bonuses and residual commissions from Send Out Cards, but many ways to go about those two.  Here are some of the many avenues you can make money by joining up with Send Out Cards as a multi-level marketer: 

  1. Retail Commissions from Sales.  Based on your monthly sales to customers, this commission check will increase with your monthly sales volume.
  2. Customer Acquisition Bonus.  Also called the CAB, this is a daily pay that is based on your ability to sign up new customers to the program.
  3. Leadership Bonus.  This is a weekly pay that is given only to the distributors that are advancing up in the ranks while demonstrating they have a keen sense of how to grow their business.  The more ranks you advance, the higher these leadership bonuses get.  Good markers of success for these bonuses are helping people sell more products, selling more products yourself, recruiting more prospects and training customers and distributors.
  4. Downline Commissions.  Send Out Cards’ unilevel compensation plan pays down on 7 levels of your downline based on sales volume.  This gives you a deep reach into the commission of your recruits, earning you higher income with higher organizational sales volume.
  5. Leadership Volume Commission.  This monthly payment is based on the sales volume of your entire downline.  When your sales are up, it reflects on you as a leaders and as such, your pay should reflect on that as well.  This leadership bonus can pay to unlimited levels, all depending on your organizational coding.
  6. Certified Trainer Bonus.  This is a weekly payment that is based on your training of others in the system of Send Out Cards, including the opportunities they provide for MLM’ers.  This also includes training others to be competent to train other people as well. 

send out cardsThe Bottom Line on Send Out Cards 

When it’s all said and done, Send Out Cards is a pretty great company but an even better MLM compensation opportunity for savvy marketers.  With the postal service becoming more and more obsolete, services such as this one afford a glimpse into the future of communications.  As you may know, there’s always tons of money in communications thanks to our innate need as human beings to be in constant contact with one another.

For anyone getting in on MLM, this is a great place to start because the unilevel compensation plan is so simple.  It’s the perfect type of plan for those who want to supplement their income part-time, or use this as one phase of a multi-level marketing portfolio or residual income plan.

Having said all of that, the real bottom line is this; regardless of what MLM opportunity you are attracted to you must develop your ability to find leads for your business apart from your family and friends. Not always an easy task, but certainly not impossible. For more information on how to Generate Leads on auto pilot for your new Send Out Cards business, CLICK HERE right now.

***Editors Note: When I wrote this article I was not affiliated with Sendoutcards because I was already in another company. Since then, I was reintroduced by a friend to the company and was able to test drive the product. I fell in love with it and immediately signed up. I had been looking for something unique and that I could be passionate about for a long time and I found it with Send Out Cards. 

Test it yourself HERE, I’m confident you will see all the ways this will boost your sales and your relationships!

World Ventures Review |  Your Ticket To The Good Life?

World Ventures Review | Your Ticket To The Good Life?

world ventures reviewFinding the right MLM team to join up with can be a difficult task, but if you’re a lover of travel, your choice may have gotten a whole lot easier.  World Ventures is a travel club that offers some pretty good deals to its members.  Members join for a one-time fee and a monthly maintenance fee (which is negligible considering the savings on the vacation packages).  Members get to choose from vacations packages anywhere from white water rafting to staying in exotic locations at the most elite hotels.

That in and of itself is reason for anyone to join, but World Ventures also acts as a marketing network or MLM, affording its members six unique ways to earn revenue.  Plus, this is a network marketing company like no other since instead of meeting up with your downs line at conventions, you’ll likely wind up taking vacations with them, making some unique contacts and friendships—both in the real and business world.

About World Ventures

In December of 2005, World Ventures was founded by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue in Plano, Texas.  Over the past eight years, the company has proved itself a solid contender in the 8 trillion dollar a year travel industry, bringing some well-needed discounted vacations to an economically embattled population.  For those looking for MLM opportunities, this is a good sign, especially given the fact that the company has expanded out into a corporate headquarters that staffs over 170 people.

Plus, with travel spending expected to continue to increase as the web plays a more and more significant role in booking vacation discounts, World Ventures is poised in the right place at the right time.  Those who decide to become a member and thus, an associate, can share in some of that success IF they know what they’re doing.

What Does it Cost to Join World Ventures?

In order to become a member of World Ventures and access the vacation and trip discounts, you’ll be required to pay $199 upon joining and then another $24.95 each month.  This does two things: it grants you access to some really good deals and online offers World Ventures provides for its members, and it turns you into your own travel agent.  Essentially, it’s a quick way to become your own travel booking agent, gaining access to online travel tutorials, a retail travel website and even the travel agent exam.

There are also plenty of opportunities for advancement with higher level industry training in travel booking for the exclusive vacation packages known as “Dream Trips.”

How to Make Money with World Ventures MLM Network

Perhaps the most exciting part about World Ventures is the business opportunity they offer their members.  For most that join up with World Ventures, the deal is twofold—not only are you getting some great vacation packages, but you’re also given the opportunity to be a successful network marketer.  Using a binary compensation plan, you’ll become a “Leisure Travel Consultant”, receiving your very own website.  When someone finds you on the web and books a vacation package through your website, you get paid a commission.

You can also simply sign up your friends and family, but the opportunity here is far too great to just stop there.  The Internet is buzzing with people searching for travel discounts and deals.  Harnessing even just a fraction of that traffic and driving it into your site with smart inbound marketing strategies can translate into some big bucks.  Of course, to be successful with this, you have to know at least a little bit about internet marketing (especially MLM strategies).

Six Ways to Make Money with World Ventures

In actuality, there are six ways that you can turn a profit with World Ventures: 

  1. Direct Commissions.  These occur when you personally make a sale, be it a Dream Trip membership sale, a Leisure Travel Consultant sale or any combination of the two.  Typical commissions average about $20 each sale.
  2. Personal Sales Bonuses.  With six sales, you receive a personal sales bonus of $250 cash and $100 in training dollars which is simply money that can be applied towards any company training program you wish to attend.  This happens with every 6 sales you make, so for every $120 you make, you also make $250 cash and $100 training credit.
  3. Weekly Team Building Bonus (Cycles).  Binary compensation plans rely on your left and right team matching up.  When they do, you receive a $100 bonus for that cycle.  You can cycle between 20-30 times each day, leading to some big earnings.  Plus, during the first two months, the cycle bonus is $200.
  4. Residual Income.  At every sixth cycle, you earn between $20 and $40 in residual income, meaning the more you cycle, the more you earn in bonuses, commissions and residuals.
  5. Travel Dollars.  At every sixth cycle, you also earn $100 Travel Dollars which can be used to book travel through Rovia for you or anyone in your immediate family.
  6. Lifestyle Bonuses.  As you gain rank advancements, you also get what are called “Lifestyle Bonuses” to reward you with the lifestyle befitting a salesman of your caliber.  For example, as Regional Marketing Director, you get a $1,000 per month Dream Car Bonus which can go towards a monthly payment to whichever car you desire.  As International Marketing Director, that bonus jumps to $1,500 plus you get a $3,000 per month Dream House Bonus, which should be self-explanatory.


Is World Ventures Right for You?world ventures

 As you can see, there are many benefits that come with partnering up with World Ventures.  Not only do you have tons of incentives to sell to your prospects, you can also make money through the MLM opportunity while going on vacations at highly discounted prices.  If you love to travel and make money, then World Ventures could be your ticket to the good life.

As with any MLM company however, your success is dependent upon your ability to generate targeted leads, I mean after all, without prospects to present your opportunity to or clients to book vacations for, what do you have? If you are in any way familiar with network marketing, then you know that this is the caveat of the industry.

A whopping 97 percent of network marketers fail in this industry not because the companies are bogus but because they do not know how to attract leads for their business. If you could learn to crack the code of lead generation that doesn’t involve standing in front of malls or chasing your friends and family, you could experience true success that I know for a fact this industry offers.

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