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My Lead System Pro Review| What is MLSP And Is It Worth The Money?

My Lead System Pro Review| What is MLSP And Is It Worth The Money?

my lead system pro reviewMy Lead System Pro Review| My Shameless Plug

If you’re reading this My Lead System Pro Review you’ve probably heard a thing or two about it but, maybe you haven’t joined because you just aren’t sure if it can really benefit you and your business. Well, I’m hear to tell you that it really can. It has changed me and my business in a way that I never thought possible.

It has given me the much needed tools that it seemed only people with a lot of money and experience could have. I am forever grateful and as you can probably tell, this MLSP review is going to be slightly biased to say the least. Don’t let that scare you, read on to find out why this is one of the top lead generation systems in the online hemisphere as well a community that all of the popular kids are a part of.

My Lead System Pro Review—The Facts

Akin to an online university and community, My Lead System Pro (MLSP) teaches growing entrepreneurs like you and me, everything we need to know about online marketing, home business promotion, affiliate marketing, network marketing and much, much more.

The focus is to teach its members how to get more qualified leads to their website and businesses, thus making more money in the process. My Lead System Pro was started way back in 2008 as a resource for struggling network marketers. Its platform was built primarily on the revolutionary attraction marketing system—that is, the art of attracting customers to you rather than going out and chasing them—the program quickly became a shining example, (copied by many) of marketing education for not only network marketers but small business owners as well.

Members of My Lead System Pro get quality training from some of the top 6 and 7 figure internet marketers out there on a number of topics including:

  • Social media marketing across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to setup and manage a blog that makes money
  • How to optimize your website (SEO strategies)
  • The different types of marketing that are out there and which are best for you

What Is MLSP?—The Community

MLSP also provides extensive networking communities through which the members help each other make money. There’s a private Facebook group as well as community boards and meetings that have led to many real-life success stories through partnerships. Some of these success stories include online marketing heavy hitters like, David Wood, Rob Fore, Diane Hockman, Ray Higdon and many many more. See, unlike other copycat lead systems out there, MLSP has a proven track record for creating successful 6-7 figure business owners. 

my lead system pro

Me With Co founder of My Lead System Pro’s Brian Fanale

Essentially, this group of the elite marketing leaders are still teaching the next generation of marketers the right way to build a successful business online. MLSP offers a powerful money-making machine that is all inclusive for its members.

The focus on the community at My Lead System Pro is what really makes it stand out from any other similar “marketing university” online. This brings the teachings of MLSP outside of the scope of audio and video seminars or PDFs. While you still get all of those, you also get to ask questions and get feedback from some of the largest and most successful internet marketers in the world.

This sense of community connects networks within networks, providing members with unique money-making opportunities that are closed off to non-members. As such, it is a huge advantage for anyone inside of the MLSP community, especially if they are looking for ways to increase their revenue through advanced marketing techniques on top of their network marketing businesses.

Multiple income streams is the name of the game and one of the reasons I joined MLSP a long with being apart of its community, was that it made that possible for me as a newbie marketer. They really helped me to see a bigger picture when it came to building my business.

My Lead System Pro Review Of The Products

So here are some of the key features of MLSP that has kept them around for so long while their competitors drop out like flies!

•Crafting Your Own Business. How to brand YOU Inc. This concept was foreign to me as I thought I was supposed to come online and tell everyone about my MLM biz opp. Not the case! This the number one mistake most new marketers make and MLSP teaches you how to avoid that by showing how to lead with value and brand you as the leader and expert in your business.

•Live Weekly Lead Generation Training. Each week you’ll get a training course from the best internet marketers in the world, keeping you up to date on the latest tricks, tips and trends. From Facebook and YouTube marketing to blogging and SEO; from PPC Ads to Solo Ads—this keeps you plugged into the money machine and best of all, these live courses are recorded so that you the member, can offer it FREE to your prospects and customers as a tool to build your list!

Did I mention MLSP works hard to help YOU build YOUR list and not their own?

my lead system pro•Education and Training Library. Get instant access to one of the most valuable resources online, My Lead System Pro’s extensive training library. Hundreds of hours of training on sponsoring, marketing, lead-generation techniques, recruiting, team-building, list-building, leadership, etc. This was so valuable to me because trying to piece all of this online marketing stuff together from all these different sources was extremely confusing and overwhelming when I first started out. Being able to access reliable, up to date information, all in one spot was a godsend.

•100% Pure Profit Products. This is a ingenious marketing strategy when you really understand how network marketing works and in some cases doesn’t work. The concept is that most successful network marketers have more than just one profit stream. In other words, they have their eggs in more than one basket. My Lead System Pro made it super easy for its members to create their own marketing portfolio. You can join on as an affiliate, sharing the MLSP membership, marketing the lead-gen products that you are learning from, so you can actually earn as you learn—keeping 100% (40% for non-Mastery members) of the sale after transaction fee.

Click Here to find out about MLSP Mastery Membership:

•Customize Your Fan Pages and Website. Completely customize your fan page, capture pages, marketing sales funnel and more, instantly branding yourself as a marketing leader in the industry. This sets you up for the success that will come your way after joining up with My Lead System Pro. Instant attraction marketing and branding. And if that sounds too difficult for ya, they have out of the box, highly convertible sales funnels ready for you to use immediately.

•Instant Relationships and Values. You can utilize these turnkey website funnels and products for your own prospects, giving them instant value and you, instant sales. Build the relationships that lead to sales with MLSP instantly.

•Promotion by MLSP.  My Lead System Pro also promotes you and your brand to their own active database of home businesses, meaning you are instantly plugged into over 100,000 businesses ready to turn into your customers and clients.

•Autoresponder Email Integration. 100% free 500-Man autoresponder from MLSP lets you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, not only teaching you the right way to do it, but providing you with pre written email series that will help you build and monetize your list.

My Lead System Pro Review- Is It Worth It?

As far as I’m concerned, My Lead System Pro is a smart choice for any internet marketer, network marketer and small biz owner looking to be successful, and at the same time, surround themselves with like-minded, successful people in the industry.

The partnerships that can be made in this community are truly worth the price of admission! Oh yeah, what exactly is the My Lead System Pro cost? As low as 50 bucks a month! Not bad for a system that’s worth thousands of dollars.

Click Here right now to find out how you can join My Lead System Pro team.










MLSP| My Lead System Pro| Attraction Marketing Experts

MLSP| My Lead System Pro| Attraction Marketing Experts

mlsp what is mlspMLSP The Ultimate Attraction Marketing, Lead Generating, Sales Funneling System on the Net!

When I first decided to get into network marketing, I was aware of some of the issues that I would have to take on if I was going to be successful at this thing. One of the main hurdles for Network Marketers is lack of leads. Once you’ve hit up all of your friends and family (warm market), where do you go next? I really had no clue where I was going to start. The only thing I was sure of, was that network marketing was the road I felt led to follow, and I was gonna figure it out one way or another!

And then the was MLSP….

When I reflect on my journey so far, its easy to see how every nugget was laid out for me to find. It felt like there was a definite plan set in place for me to walk out, and all I had to do was follow the breadcrumbs. I cannot speak highly enough about MLSP aka. My Lead System Pro! Once I joined the community, I went from not knowing where to start to having all kinds of options available to me, all wrapped up with a bright red bow! …..There was so much information within MLSP’s back office that I thought I would explode trying to take it all in! The training alone is worth the price of admission!

So What’s MLSP all about?

In a nutshell, it consists of a fully customizable Marketing Funnel, and Educational Platform based on the Attraction Marketing principles.This All in One Marketing System was developed by two struggling network marketers who understood the problems that were associated with this industry. Its main purpose was to provide everything necessary for Network Markers to take advantage of the internet marketing arena in order to tap into an endless stream of leads for their business.

Another one of its functions is to operate as an alternative to directing potential prospects to one of the many drab company replicated websites that are provided when you get into a mlm. Sites like these usually get overlooked because they all look the same and are designed mainly to promote the company and not You, the distributor, as the expert. MLSP offers a step by step funneling system that directs your traffic, and helps you brand your own unique online presence.

What will You Get…

There are hundreds of hours of training videos and tutorials. Access to ready made, yet completely customizable landing pages, squeeze pages and autoresponders. You can participate in their various affiliate marketing opportunities designed to help you earn multiple streams of income, including the MLSP MASTERY products that offer 100% COMMISSIONS,  so that you are putting money in your pocket even if no one signs up for your primary business opportunity.

I think it is well known by now that 97% of people you present your business to will NOT join your team. Sad but true. MLSP helps to leverage those numbers in your favor, teaching you how to generate massive amounts of traffic, so that you can increase those odds, and still make money while you prospect.

Here are just some of the training you’ll find in the back office:

Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Networking, Blogging 101, SEO, FREE Weekly Webinars and much, much more!

A whole lotta tools for your tool kit! Check it out, they usually have a test drive offer you can take advantage of. If it’s not for you, just cancel it…no worries….but let me tell you, it’s a pain trying to piece all of this stuff together yourself! Believe me I tried!…=)

Test Drive it now for $10 bucks ==> CLICK HERE


P.S Did you know I left MLSP at one time?? Read Why I Came Back To MLSP

Advanced Internet Marketing – Can MLSP take you to the next Level?

Advanced Internet Marketing – Can MLSP take you to the next Level?

Advanced internet marketingOnce you have mastered the basics of marketing on the Internet and are seeing results, you need to move onto Advanced Internet Marketing. Even if you aren’t ready to actually implement Advanced Marketing Strategies, knowing about it in advance can help you prepare for it when the time feels right for you to jump in.

Many people learn the basics of Internet marketing and then stop. Not a good idea. They figure they are doing fine right where they are, so there is no real motivation to move forward. Why mess with a good thing, right?… Think again.

There are several reasons why you need to know as much about Internet Marketing as you possibly can. The number one reason is stagnation.  You may be doing very well in your online business right now, but you need to be constantly growing your marketing skills and adapting to the changing demands of your potential customers if you are going to stay ahead of the game. This is where Advanced Internet Marketing comes into the picture. Staying ahead of the game is the specialty of MLSP aka, My Lead System Pro. This company is not only the master in lead generation, but it offers an education platform that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

See, in the “brick and mortar” business model, the store across town is your competition. You may only have to worry about staying ahead of a few other businesses in your area. But online, stores all over the world are your competition. You potentially have to worry about hundreds of other businesses trying to steal away your customers. Since the world seems to be growing more impersonal, and customer loyalty is hard to come by now days, this can represent a big problem if you’re not keeping up with times in this industry.

The first thing you should do before focusing on Advanced Internet Marketing is to give yourself a refresher course on any strategies that you already use and is working for you now. Document and track what is effective so you know how to duplicate it. Toss anything that is just not showing any real benefit to your business.

The next step is to become a member of MLSP. If you want to be current, if you want to experience massive growth in your online company, MLSP is the way to get there! Why? Because within the system is the most up to date, cutting edge training materials and resources on the Internet today! Any time there are any rumors of new strategies that may be floating around on the net, MLSP is on it before anyone else. You’ll have access to the information way before the rest of the competition can even figure out what to do with it.

Forget about having to learn entire new methods through books, magazines or haphazard searches on the Internet, believe me when I say My Lead System Pro has you covered when it comes to advanced marketing techniques! I love it, I use it, and I’m so thankful for it!

mlsp banner


There are many options available within the system that you can utilize to expand your marketing efforts, but I’m only pointing out the training the system provides. There is so much more available to you including the ability to create multiple streams of income which offer 100% COMMISSIONS! You should be more than able to sift through all the techniques offered in order to find what you are not only comfortable using, but is also relevant to your particular niche.

You don’t have to go racing into new marketing right away if you are doing well at the moment. You can use the system to learn all you can about the methods you are going to implement next. But you do need to always be learning something and preparing for the next stage of your online business. This keeps progress and growth from catching you off guard.

If you’ve found through your tracking that your current Internet Marketing efforts are based around tried and true tactics that seem to be working well for you, yet you still seem to be only achieving mediocre results, then you must try something new. It may not be obvious right now, but you are doing yourself a big favor by learning about Advanced Internet Marketing.

Give My Lead System Pro a test drive for 10 bucks, if you don’t like it, chuck it….But I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

I can guarantee you will amazed at the possibilities of what you can accomplish once you get in there, I was.

If you want to see Advanced Internet Marketing explode your business or even if you are just getting started and want to find out which way to go, Click the link below


You will begin to formulate new ideas and plans for the future of your business. This sort of preparedness and forward thinking will keep you going strong in Advanced Internet Marketing for many years to come.

MLSP| Living The Dream- Are You?

MLSP| Living The Dream- Are You?

mlsp live the dream 4

I had the pleasure of attending Mlsp’s 4th annual Live The Dream event here in San Diego, CA ; my home town. It’s crazy how it all worked out for me when I think back. I started MLSP for the second time just 3 months ago (you can read about why I came back to MLSP here). Soon after I came back, I found an online MLSP mastermind group headed by April Marie Tucker, who was already making her ranks with the MLSP community.

I got lucky to say the least. Everything I didn’t have the first time I joined, I now had. To top it off, it was revealed that this years Live The Dream event would be held right here in San Diego!! You know that feeling you get when you feel like the stars are all aligned in your favor and the universe is saying “now is the time?” Well that’s how I felt. I won’t go into what MLSP is in this article, but you can read it here.

I think the weather was nearly perfect, the weekend of November 1st, 2013, not too hot, not too cold, but just right. I on the other hand, I was blessed with the arrival of a chest cold….yaay me! In fact, this little guy was just getting started. I was getting progressively sicker as the weekend of the Live the dream event went on. It had reach the point where whenever I tried to speak, I would start coughing incessantly!… It sucked so bad because I couldn’t really engage with people like I had planned, I couldn’t do the interviews and ask the questions like I wanted so much to do without infecting everyone around me with the plague or chocking on every other word! Seriously, it was insane!

However, with all of that, I still found myself very lucky. I had VIP access, I didn’t have to fly out of town, and the actual event was held not 20 minutes away from my home, so I didn’t have to stay sick in a hotel room. I figured the universe wanted me to shut up, listen and observe and that’s exactly what I did. I was blessed to be in the presence of the best of the best in the online marketing industry and let me tell you, these people who are truly living the dream were ready and willing to share their experiences and advice for anyone who desired to live that same dream.

So What’s Live The Dream?

What does it mean to live the dream? Only you can know that for yourself, but I can tell you what it means to me. Owning my life! Having my time be my own and not dictated by someone else. Waking up when I want to, not by some irritating alarm clock reminding me that I have a boss to answer to. Having the ability to create residual income; income that I create whether I get out of bed or not instead of relying on a paycheck that can be taken away at any moment.

Living anywhere in the world I desire to live and not have to look for a job because I get to make money from my laptop. Having the ability to give myself a raise when I want to, instead of settling for a meager 1-2% from my employer if I’m lucky. Not being afraid of getting laid off or replaced because I am my own boss!!

This is true FREEDOM to me; this is what it means to live the dream.

me with Brian Fanale 2 me with diane hochman 2

There are only a handful of people that are truly living the dream, not because there isn’t room for all to live this lifestyle, but because only a few will actually put in the work to make it happen. I was able to meet some of these amazing visionaries this weekend. Diane Hochman and Brian Fanale (co-founder of MLSP), made the biggest impact on me. Brian hosted the event and you could truly see that this man has a heart of gold. He really wants everyone to live the dream and through MLSP he is making that possible for anyone who is ready to stop playing small and start living the life they were meant to live.

Diane is a spit fire of energy! I was only able to take a photo with her, but I was able to watch her in action. She is amazing! There was no one she wouldn’t talk to, no one she wouldn’t share her message with. Time was not an issue with her, if you needed her attention you had it 100 percent for as long as you needed her. I was very impressed. She has been crowned the queen of Attraction Marketing and I can see why, she has a natural magnetic energy about her that was hard to ignore.

All in all, in spite of my cold, I really felt that I witnessed the heart of the MLSP the community this weekend and it just solidified why it is the best lead generating-affiliate marketing-training system in the industry!

Are You Living Your Dream Or Are You Content With The Status Quo?

Do you have a PLAN B if something were to happen to the structure of your life as it stands right now? Is fear, procrastination, unbelief or pure laziness keeping you from your dream? What will your bank account look like 5-10 years from now? Is your family financially secure?

If you want more for you and your family then you need to do something different than you are doing right now. The best thing about MLSP is that you can go into it completely green, knowing absolutely nothing and come out of it an expert Online Marketer, offline business owner or Network Marketer. There is no other community out there like this that can give the average working individual a way to create residual income and true freedom in there lives and that’s no lie!

I challenge you to push yourself like never before. Take a good look into MLSP and see if it won’t change your life.

I’ll be there for MLSP LIVE THE DREAM 5 hosted from Texas in 2014, where will you be?

MONSTER AFFILIATE- MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO Announces The Launch Of The Most Profitable Offer Ever Created For Home Business Owners!

MONSTER AFFILIATE- MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO Announces The Launch Of The Most Profitable Offer Ever Created For Home Business Owners!

MLSP-Mastery-homepageI have been a member of My Lead System Pro since 2010. I left for a brief period, you can read my story about Why I Came Back to MLSP, but basically I realized after a while of banging around the internet marketing world, that I needed and wanted to come back and use the best system that I have ever been apart of. And boy did I get a surprised when I returned.

Things just got that much better!

Ever since MLSP came onto the internet marketing scene back in 2008 they have been on the cutting edge of lead generation, and marketing training. MLSP was also the first to have the customizable sales funnel, which allows marketers to brand themselves as the authority and expert in their industry. If you understand personal branding you know that it sets the professional marketer apart from the amateur marketer. Furthermore, the MLSP system is based on Attraction Marketing, and this model teaches marketers to always lead with value packed information to their prospects and potential customers.

What truly sets them apart above all others is the proven and effective education platform that delivers free training not only for the ones who joins MLSP, but their prospects as well. Believe me when I tell you they will find this feature amazingly beneficial because it will ultimately help them in growing their own business. Therefore, you become valuable in the eyes of your prospects, which builds trust and a willingness to want to follow and do business with you.

MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO Takes It To The Next Level In Marketing

Attention all you MLM’ers, Online Marketers and Home Biz Owners! Just imagine hiring a group of the finest marketers to SELL for YOU, every single week… Selling YOUR products that you DIDN’T even have to create, marketing YOUR systems, YOUR OFFERS, AND YOU GET PAID 100%!! These master marketers are BUILDING YOUR LIST! And YOU KEEP ALL OFTHE PROFITS!

I’m telling you, Mastery Profit Center is a game changer in the industry! Not only do you get the most insane up-to-date training, the most supportive community, and the most powerful tools including capture page creators, auto responders, video hosting, an article network, the BEST (and updated constantly) products in your niche, but YOU get to offer them to your list you and keep 100% of the profits. This is something I really want you to hear because, if you’ve spent anytime on the net trying to market and build your list, you know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be. MLSP does THE SELLING and lead generation for you and YOU GET PAID!

So will this work with my current business model? Good question! =)

MLSP Mastery Profit Center is for you if:

  • You are interested in using online marketing to generate massive leads for your business. You understand that it takes training from people who have been where you want to be, and you are prepared to learn and implement what ever it takes.
  • You understand that combining online with off-line strategies is the quickest and most effective way to build your list and grow your business, whether that be in Network Marketing or a traditional biz model. 
  • You see that the most successful marketers achieved online success because they are using proven strategies that work; they have there OWN products, services, programs and trainings (profit centers), that they can offer their prospects and they get to keep 100% of the profits! You want that too, but who has the time or the money to create all that?

If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire… then follow the success trails left by the top earners in the industry. If you’re done spinning your wheels doing lengthy opportunity meetings and coffee runs, then get on board now with the MLSP Mastery community. In fact, you can test drive it for 10 bucks right now.

Click Here Now To Test Drive MLSP Mastery

Why I Came Back To MLSP

Why I Came Back To MLSP

lovemlspMy father exposed me to Network Marketing at a very young age. He got into it after he retired from a very successful career in the navy for 20 some odd years of service. My dad wasn’t a big talker, building classic cars from scratch was more his forte. But after he discovered mlm, he committed himself to giving the “business” a try. I learned a lot in those days, traveling with my dad to different MLM meetings and out of town conferences.

I also witnessed some of the difficulties that came along with getting a network marketing business started. Regardless, being exposed to that lifestyle really put the desire in me to some day own my own business, but the last thing I wanted to do was hit up my friends and family to join my awesome biz op.

I didn’t actually get into the business until I was a lot older. I chose my fathers company, he did pretty well in it, by the way. He had already passed over some years ago, so I had to find someone else to sponsor me in. My first mistake number one- don’t let just anyone sponsor you!. Do your homework to make sure this person is capable of training others and working the business themselves. I chose someone who had no idea what she was doing and subsequently provided zero help for me… It was a struggle and I didn’t have a very responsive warm market, if you know what I mean.

So, after spinning my wheels for a while, I decided to look to the internet for help. And I haven’t looked back since. I discovered Online Marketing and the Attraction Marketing strategy it used to attract leads. I was so excited! It made so much since to me so I started trying to learn as much as I could about it. Man, there was so much information on the net that I was spinning my wheels then too, trying to put all this stuff together, it was crazy! One night I was searching on the net, and I stumbled on a lady’s site that offered a free online boot camp on attraction marketing.

I signed up immediately, and it was really good. This boot camp introduced me to MLSP or My Lead System Pro which at that time offered a trial for a dollar. I jumped in on that too. Now I can’t really say that this was mistake number two because I really thought the lady who I signed up with would be able to offer more help. NOT! She was M.IA too. I’m thinking to myself… “I’m seeing a pattern here; maybe I’m just suppose to learn this stuff on my own”.

Actually, I’m glad I did because it forced me learn and rely on my own(and MLSP) efforts. Now, I’m able to do just about anything online.

Anyway, So after the trial was over I was hooked! There was soooo much training that was offered and phenomenal plug-in systems that I was in heaven! Looking back, I wouldn’t even know how to build a website or anything other online marketing strategy if it wasn’t for MLSP.

running away350So why did I leave MLSP?

It was really basic and something that so many other newbies trying to find success online experience. I didn’t really have a clear vision of what I wanted to with my business. Even though I had all these tools that I could use at my fingertips, I had no idea what to really do with it. And the crazy thing is I actually made a little money while I was there! But I couldn’t duplicate it because there was so much I didn’t get. When you don’t have a vision, you don’t have a plan and if you don’t have a plan, you can’t make goals to execute that plan!  It doesn’t matter how many how many marketing tools you have in your arsenal.I also lacked the confidence needed to put myself out there.

So I …..Ran From MLSP like the wind!

I decided to work on myself; my mind set, and try to do this online stuff on my own. During that time I had a few websites, but no real productive funnels and don’t ask me about creating my own campaigns and auto responder messages, man that sucked, I do it anyway for my own products, but eesh!. Talk about OVERWHELM AND FRUSTRATION! But I kept pushing through, and while I was trying to do it on my own the lights started to come on and I really began to understand online marketing and lead generation and attraction marketing and everything else, in a greater way. In fact, I started to teach it to other female entrepreneurs.

I began to develop a clearer vision of the kind of business I wanted to create, I had a plan and I had goals. And one day, while I was putting together an auto responder message, I thought to myself, “Crap, what am I doing!?” I started remembering that awesome Turn key System that MLSP had and all of the capture pages (with better auto responders than I could ever write) and training videos I could offer people and the ability to generate leads AND keep those leads for myself, unlike some affiliate systems out there…..

And back I went!

Here’s the part that I love because I love how the Universe works when you’re going in the right direction.

Timing is everything.

If you’ve been hanging around the net for any period of time you’ve probably heard the “100 percent commission” buzz. The creators of that company learned everything the know from MLSP, by the way, and they were some of the top earners in the system. Anyway, I wasn’t really feeling it when I first heard about it. I mean, yeah %100 commissions is a dream, but something about that business just didn’t resonate with me, ya know?

So I go back to MLSP after over a year of being away and what do you think they have in there system now? YES!! Affiliate products that offer 100 percent pure profits!! And the best thing about that is, NOW I know what to do with it!! Lol!

Don’t get me wrong, It’s still important to create your own products and systems, and I do. As time consuming as that all is, I know I have MLSP mastery to  make my work a whole lot easier and more profitable.

That’s my story. =)

Have you heard of MLSP? If you haven’t you’re reeeeally brand new to the industry. Don’t spend years struggling to find leads for your business and market on your own! There’s a better can test drive it for 10 bucks. ==>MLSPmastery