Todd Falcone|The Man, The Myth

Todd Falcone|The Man, The Myth


Todd Falcone|The Who’s Who of Network Marketing| Who Is ?

If you haven’t heard of Todd Falcone and you are involved in online marketing and direct selling, you aren’t traveling in the right circles. With over 25 years of experience in direct sales and network marketing, Todd Falcone has carved out a spot for himself as one of the world’s leading internet marketing trainers, speakers and teachers. You might have seen him in webinars (this is how I discovered him), at live training events or during conference calls and not even realize it, but after today, you wil.

What Does Todd Falcone Do?

Todd Falcone acts as a top-level consultant for the most elite network marketing company owners all over the world. He has spoken or taught in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and many other countries all over the globe. His talent for closing the universal language barrier with actionable techniques and marketing methods is unparalleled, making him one of the worlds most sought after direct sales and network marketing professionals.

From company and personal coaching to the training of the top-level distributors all over the world, Todd Falcone has left his personal stamp on many of the top internet and network marketing operations in business today. Rooting his success in the fundamentals of network marketing, Todd Falcone is also the president of Reach4Success, LLC. He is a regular speaker, trainer and contributor for the MLSP community.

Todd Falcone—A Man of Many Talents

When he is not speaking, teaching, consulting or coaching, Todd Falcone is an author, penning an extraordinary amount of training programs and articles including:

• How to Win in the Game of Prospecting
The Little Black Book of Scripts
• Cracking the Code to Success in Network Marketing
Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals

If you want to hear Todd speak, every week he hosts the international hit show called “MLM Power Hour,” as he has been doing for the past ten years. MLM Power Hour airs live every Monday night at 5pm PST. This show brings his candid, style to the masses, delivering an hour of the most powerful training tips and tricks, packed with a unique level of humor that his peers are missing.

This unique blend of humor and knowledge—along with his direct delivery style—is what keeps hundreds of thousands of people tuned in every Monday, including myself, all over the world. Todd Falcone is successful at teaching the one thing that many find so hard to learn—how to be successful in business. This talent has made him one of the biggest rock stars in training and development for network marketing.

What Does Todd Falcone Talk About?

Whether he is at a speaking engagement, on the air with MLM Power Hour or hosting a webinar for a global audience, Falcone is always teaching to a very specific audience: independent network marketers and direct sales professionals. His wisdom lays the cornerstone for success upon which they can build their business, knowing that the rock-solid Falcone wisdom has helped thousands of people all over the world reach for the sky and succeed.

The range of topics within this niche is vast, especially once Todd Falcone reaches into his enormous bag of knowledge. From the fundamentals of building your home business with network marketing to offline strategies, leadership development, accountability and advanced techniques, Falcone gives you the knowledge to use the tools of network marketing success like a true champion. His marketing products are unparalleled, which is why I am one of his affiliates. Quality, quality, quality!

Todd Falcone is available to speak at local events, conference calls, regional and national corporate conventions, domestic andtodd falcone abroad, international distributor events, webinars, live trainings and much, much more. He draws from his own personal knowledge and experience, during his time building some of the largest network marketing companies in the world. All in all, he has developed organizations that number well into the tens of thousands across his twenty-five year career as a distributor over five different companies.

He truly does speak and teach about what he knows, one of a handful of trainers who are currently on the circuit that has had success in the field, not just someone who regurgitates training seminars they attended. It is these strategies and fundamentals of his own success that Todd Falcone imparts to his listeners, showing them the ropes that he helped create during the course of his innovative career.

As for his personal life, Todd Falcone is married to his wife, Carla, with whom he has two beautiful children, Joey and Gianni. When he’s not shaping the future professional network marketers and independent entrepreneurs of the world, Falcone enjoys surfing, skiing, golfing, fishing and being in the outdoors.

As you can see, I’m a fan of the man and his products. I own almost all of them. I so blesses to have been exposed to him early on in my career through My Lead System Pro!

If you’re looking for a way to take your network marketing business to the next level one of the very first training products I purchased from Todd was “Little Black Book of Scripts”, and it’s the first thing I give to my team of network marketers because it gives some amazing approaches that a newbie marketer can use who may have no idea what to say to promote their business to others.

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The Network Marketing Tools Scam And How You Can Profit From It.

The Network Marketing Tools Scam And How You Can Profit From It.

The Network Marketing  Tools Scam Of The 1980’s 

network marketingBack in the early 80’s when network marketing was really coming into its own, there was this big controversy over what they called the network marketing tools  scandal. Basically, successful distributors were creating these huge down lines and began monopolizing on that by selling books, cd’s, tapes, memberships etc., to people on their existing teams as well as new people that signed up.

At one point, I think that some of these rouge mega- teams within their perspective MLM companies (a lot of this was happening without the knowledge of their MLM companies) started “requiring” people to purchase these tools for the development of their businesses.

This of course, made the people at the top of these mega-teams an enormous about of money but the fallout of this was that people in their down line were not able to duplicate their up lines success because they didn’t have access to these network marketing “tools” and they were spending quite a bit of money trying to keep up with the monthly fees associated with having these tools on top of their regular monthly auto shop.

As a result, network marketing companies were surrounded by a level of mistrust as people began to believe that you couldn’t make money in the actual MLM Company unless you could sell these tools, which back then, your average distributor had absolutely no way of creating these kinds of multiple streams of income type products. Consequently, lawsuits were filed as it was argued that the network marketing tool business was considered illegal and unethical because the majority of these high-level distributors were actually making the majority of their money from the sales of these tools and not the products themselves.

The MLM industry today has since been regulated and distributors cannot require people to buy these business building tools. Now the problem was not in the fact that the MLM platform didn’t actually work to make people in the industry wealthy, because these people did build enormous organizations and they continue to make residual income ‘til this day.

So the system works.

The problem wasn’t even that they were selling other streams of income like books, CD’S etc., to their teams. The real problem was in the fact that they were requiring people to purchase them!

Network Marketing Tools Today…

Now days, with the creation of the world wide web, and “instant access” technology, your average network marketer has access to a slue of products and services that can be offered to their customers and can be used to build multiple streams of income. We also understand that the top producers in the MLM industry are that much more successful because of, not only their MLM company and products, but because they can offer other resources to their market and profit from them.

What was shunned in the past is now the norm for today’s network marketer who wants to be financially successful- minus the forced prerequisite factor of course! =)

#1 Mistake of New Network Marketers.

The newbie network marketers fail to take advantage of marketing their own “tools” apart from their MLM business.


  • One reason is that they didn’t even know they could….
  • They don’t know how to find the right product tools..
  • They have no idea how to market it.

See, the hard fact is that 97% of the people you expose your MLM business to will say NO to your business. What you must have in place is a way to create income even if your prospect says “no thanks”.

This is where your  network marketing tools comes in.

If you can create a way to provide something of value to the prospect that is not interested in your opportunity, i.e. e-books, CD’s, free training etc., you would not only still be able to make money, but if you do it right, that prospect will be more likely to join you when the timing is right for them because now you have given them something of value that they can benefit from.

They now KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you… 

The 4 Profit Centers Of The Top Online Network Marketers:

The 4 profit centers (tools) you need to have in place to have a truly profitable business.

The purpose of having “profit centers” is to increase cash flow to your business. These are revenue streams that every top earner in the industry have in place in their MLM/home businesses right now, and you should too, due to the fact that it can be a lot easier to sell a product to someone than a business opportunity, and even easier to sell a biz op to an existing customer.

The following are 4 pure profit (you keep 100% of the profit) centers that you should havenetwork marketing in place. 

Product Revenue

  • Products that provide value to your niche. o   All top earners sell their own stuff o   Affiliate products

Continuity Revenue

  • Pays you ongoing or residual income even if someone drops out
  • Membership sites
  • It’s easier to sell a continuity product than your biz opp.
  • Ongoing coaching programs  Monthly webinars

High Ticket Revenue 

  • Believe it or not, high ticket items ($1,000 and up) sell very well o   It’s easier to sell high ticket items to a current customer than a new one

Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity And Products 

  • Lastly, your business opportunity that you can offer in order to build residual income and generational wealth. No top earner just focuses on their biz opp…They have valuable network marketing tools and products that they market that puts them in a leadership position which by default, attracts more people to them, that in turn results in more sign ups to their business opportunity. Seriously, this is the formula for success!

They had the right idea back in the early 80’s, they just took to the extreme and didn’t teach others how they could do the same. 

Network Marketing Toos-The Big Problem

Unfortunately, obtaining products and services like these is not an easy task, especially for the new MLM’re. Not only do you have to own the products but you must be able to position them in away that will attract your target market, as well as find the time to implement all of this. So where does someone just starting out in their Direct Sales business find products and services that will provide 100% profits like these, that are easy to set up, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


The answer is easier than you think!

CLICK HERE to find out how you can have access to the most sought after network marketing tools out there called the 4 profit centers and stop leaving money on the table.

Are You Sure You Want A Network Marketing Business?

Are You Sure You Want A Network Marketing Business?

network marketingEveryone Getting On The Network Marketing Bandwagon.

More and more I’m seeing people around me jumping into the Network Marketing / Direct Sales industry hoping to create some additional and or residual income in order to spend more time with kids, have more time freedom, job freedom, etc….

And that’s all good because Network Marketing can really provide those things and so much more.

Sadly, 3-6 mos. later theses same entrepreneur enthusiast begin to drop off like flies in their businesses.


Because they felt It was too time consuming, too hard or just too expensive to keep up..

Had they taken the time to learn the industry that they so eagerly jumped into, and educate themselves on what it REALLY takes to generate even and extra $300 a month, they may have been more prepared to overcome these issues and found some success.

Fact: The main reason people fail in network marketing is because they quit too soon.

Once these people throw in the towel, some of them like to claim that it’s the businesses model that doesn’t work or that the business is a pyramid scheme….. ( I won’t get started on that one)

Not true…The real truth is ……You’re not going to get something for nothing in this world. Riches don’t come easy.

You see, it takes a lot more than throwing a few opportunity meeting or product parties or selling a few lipsticks or candles to make this business go. It takes a willingness and dedication to see this to the goal:

FREEDOM! (whatever that means to you)

Had they taken the time to learn the industry they would have been able to push through some of the temporary sacrifices that inevitably comes along with starting a business of your own.

Fact: Network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme!network marketing

I don’t care what the person told you when you signed up, you will have to make sacrifices if you want to create residual income so you can spend time more with your kids. These things don’t happen without work and dedication.

This industry is no different than any other. The number one goal in all companies is profit through VOLUME. The more products you can get out into the marketplace the more money you make, pure and simple.

The way MLM accomplishes this is by allow individuals to create a business by building  a network of like minded people who are willing to not only use the products themselves, but share it with their own network of people and then wash and repeat. The bigger the network of active participants the more money everyone in the network makes.

That’s it…no big mystery.

Is it hard work?

Heck yeah! Is it worth it?

Oh my gosh, yes!!

Fact: Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other business opportunity.

What you need to know before you join a MLM company?network marketing


Understand that you will have to sacrifice time in order to get your precious time back. You have to give yourself at least 2 to 5 years in orders to really get your business off the ground. You have to be willing to give up a certain amount of time each week to build your dream. The question you need to be asking is how much time are you will to give to the success of your business? And, Can you be consistent in your efforts?


Yes, just like any other business out there today, you will need money to make money. If you’re looking for a free ride then play the lottery. But hey, even that cost money, right? The 1 percent-ers of this world didn’t get wealthy without investing in themselves and their business, and if you’re not willing to take risks and invest in your dreams with your money, then go get a second job. Although, that’s not really free either, is it? You’re paying time away from your family and losing out on the life you’ve always wanted.


You have be willing to learn about your industry. There are skills that you will bring to the table and there are skills that you are going to have to learn. If you say, “I’m not techy or I can’t sale”, that’s your own fault. The majority of people aren’t. The ones that are earning 6-7 figures per MONTH took the time to learn.

Fact: Network Marketing is a relationship business 


The MLM industry is built upon people networking together. People using the products, sharing the products and teaching other people do do the same. You’re ability to connect with people and build a team of leaders is essential to your success. As a mlm business owner, it is your responsibility to help other people reach their goals.

You you must be aware of before you sign up is that 95 % of the people you share your business with will NOT join you. This is just the truth, but there are ways to deal with this fact where you can still return a profit. Are you prepared to handle rejection?

So what is the solution?

This business is a numbers game; you need to share your business opportunity with as many people as possible. After you go through your friends and family, will you be willing to approach strangers? That’s something you have to ask yourself. Are you willing to overcome fears of approaching people you don’t know? It’s all up to you.

So, I’m I trying to discourage the brand new MLM marketer?


I truly believe in the power of this industry! It changes lives! It provides the average individual the ability to obtain the kind of wealth that 99% of people will only ever dream about.

I just want you to be informed. Once you know what you’re dealing with, once you understand that this is a real business that takes real work, then when you decide to join a MLM company and you are STILL willing to go all out to make it work….

Then I can say with a certainty that you WILL succeed in this industry.

network marketingListen, there is a way to be successful in this industry. The road has already been paved for anyone who is willing to follow it.

Is it less work?

Of course not!!

Do you still have to sacrifice your time and money?


But, if you follow it, be trainable and be consistent in your efforts, you wont regret following the footsteps of leaders that will get you to your goal in a shorter amount of time.


If your going to jump on the network marketing bandwagon, do it the right way! CLICK HERE to find out how the top earners do it.

The Who’s Who Of Network Marketing: Who Is Eric Worre?

The Who’s Who Of Network Marketing: Who Is Eric Worre?

EricWorreWho Is Eric Worre?

Ask anyone in the know for the top name in Network Marketing and the only way you’re going to get an answer that isn’t Eric Worre is if you ask Eric Worre himself.  For more than a quarter of a century, Eric Worre has positioned himself in the right place at the right time, leading to his current status as the most knowledgeable and professional Network Marketing experts in the world. 

Of course, you’ve heard things like this before.  You’ve heard that someone is “the best” and the term is used so loosely in blogs and articles that it has taken on the form of a meaningless buzzword.  But what if I were to tell you that Eric Worre’s sales organization reaches over 60 countries around the world, has over half a million distributors and pulls in more than $15 million dollars in earnings—would you start to agree that he is the real “Guru” of Network Marketing?  So does everyone else. 

Eric Worre’s Rough Beginning 

Of course, most good success stories start with a struggle or a dream and Eric Worre was no different.  Entering college with a professional football dream on his mind, a career ending injury put those dreams on permanent pause.  This led Eric Worre to eventually drop out of college and work a wide array of jobs that led nowhere fast.  

Becoming dismayed with the work force and his opportunities, Worre took a position at his dad’s real estate firm where he failed even harder.  In fact, his first year as an agent saw him tens of thousands of dollars in the red!  To say that the beginning of his work career was a failure is an understatement.

Learning Life Lessons from Failure 

As it has a tendency to do, failure taught Eric Worre some vital business lessons about opportunities and working hard to grasp them when they came knocking.  His work ethic wasn’t slowed, but rather enhanced by his struggles early on and after being invited to the National Safety Associates marketing presentation by his dad and business partner, Eric finally found his niche. 

This is where he first heard about Network Marketing and seeing the opportunity that others missed, he quickly set to work.  His experiences, life lessons and work ethic gave him a winning trifecta that saw Eric make $7,500 during his first month in Network Marketing.  This number continued to increase over the coming months. 

Eric Worre learned about losing money so much during his early days that instead of blowing it on the typical things a first-time earner normally does, he took just about every penny he earned and reinvested it into his business.  This meant that he lived on a very small budget, $5 per hour to be exact.  But that didn’t matter.  Worre knew that the sacrifice he was making now would soon turn into something much larger and lucrative. 

Eric Worre’s Success eric worre

He knew that self-discipline and control would lead to a much more rewarding future where money would never be a problem again if he’d just buckle down now and keep his nose to the grindstone.  Within a few years, Worre’s vision came to fruition as he began to pull in six figures each year.  

As other people and businesses started to take notice of Eric Worre, Worre started to take notice of them.  He did his math and mapped out his business strategy, packaging it in a way that could be sold.  When the time was right, Eric Worre sold his business strategy for millions of dollars and could have just retired to some island and lived happily ever after. 

But, Eric Worre still wanted more and not only that, he still had more to give to the Network Marketing and business world.  He worked in different companies for a while to gain experience and when the time was right, Eric Worre founded a television network called TPN (The Peoples Network) that was centered around personal development.

So What Is Eric Worre Doing Now? 

Nowadays, Eric Worre takes his talents to the motivational speaker circuit while developing Network Marketing Pro, his Network Marketing professional advice company.  Attending an Eric Worre workshop is seen as a “must” for anyone looking to gain success in the world of Network Marketing.  With over 250,000 trained by Eric Worre, the results are in: Eric Worre is the best Network Marketing expert in the game today.

As far as Eric’s latest network marketing venture (he left Agel Enterprises)….CLICK HERE to see what Eric Worre calls “The Most Pleasurable and Profitable MLM Company to Date”. 

Is Everyone Really Built For Success In Network Marketing?

Is Everyone Really Built For Success In Network Marketing?

network marketingCorporate America Vs Network Marketing

In my opinion everyone should invest in a network marketing business because it’s one of only industries where you can earn residual income. With that being said, network marketing is unlike any other industry and some people who get into don’t understand how it works.

If you are working in corporate America you can pretty much garner a check while doing the bare minimum of work as long as you stay under the radar. If you are given more responsibility, whether you want it or not, you have to rise to the occasion no matter how uncomfortable that new responsibility is, otherwise you don’t get paid.

The caveat in MLM is that people quit as soon as it gets too hot or when they meet with the slightest resistance within or outside of themselves. You see, there’s no substantial risk in quitting an MLM business like there is with a 9 to 5. The cost is relatively low with an entry fee of anywhere from fifty bucks to a thousand dollars, which is chump changes in comparison to your traditional business model which can run you hundreds of thousands of dollars to start it up and keep it running.

However the truth of the matter is, in order to be successful you are going to have to do things that are out of your comfort zone. Since you’re not getting a regular paycheck like an employee, it is the norm to see many people give up on their dreams of owning a business and run the other way. They therefore fail before they even get started.

This is the main reason for the 97% failure rate.

They are not willing to grow into their success.

Switching gears…network marketing

If you’re looking to try your luck in this industry you have to let go of all preconceived ideas and be willing to learn and grow into your success.

So what does it take to be successful in the network marketing industry?

What sect or group of people would make the best network marketers and the least likely to run off at the slightest opposition.

In This article I’m going to explore the most target groups by network marketing prospectors and see how they measure up.

There are some groups of people who naturally excel in this business without experiencing as much of that “growth period” I’ve been talking about, but it is rare. They seem to have certain skill sets that coincide with the MLM business model which makes it easy for them to make that transition from employee to business owner. 

The Sales man


The sales man is really good at persuasion. He/she has the ability to create belief within them selves for any product they are promoting at any given moment. They are natural geniuses when it comes to being able to transfer the energy of that belief to whomever they will. This is essential in getting people to see your vision and ultimately buy in to what you’re selling. My husband is really good at this; he was born with this talent. I on the other hand, had to learn and grow into this skill and I’m still working on that.


The problem that some sales people come up against in the network marketing industry is that they can come off as pushy or too “salesy”, (think used car salesman) and this approach cannot survive in the network marketing world. Network marketing is a social phenomenon. You’re working to build relationships and trust and then share what it is that you have that may solve their problem or satisfy their particular need.

Most sales people, depending on the industry of course, are about getting in and getting out. Getting that sale and moving on to the next one.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many successful ex- salesmen who have very successful MLM businesses, but I believe that many of them will agree that they had to learn how to be more patient while changing their approach.

Another aspect of network marketing is team building. You’re goal is to build on organization by teaching and training other people on how to build their businesses. Most sales people are a one man show, so this is something they are going to have to learn and take the time to cultivate. In this industry, you cannot be successful unless your team is successful.

The Stay At Home Mom


The stay at home mom is seen as someone who usually has more time to work a business from home. Many times they have a big network of people in their circle of influence, which means more people to share their opportunity with. For example, they have access to other stay at home moms, the PTA, and sporting events that their kids are involved with, which gives them a wide access to people who my also be looking to spend their time creating some extra income while still being involved in the lives of their children.

Many women in this group can sometimes feel undervalued and want to do more to help provide for their kids financially without having to work for someone else.

This brings us to one of the top reasons stay at home moms can do well in a MLM business.

Their WHY!

Stay at home moms have a very strong WHY….

What is that WHY?


Giving their kids the best life possible and being able to stay home and raise them, is the strongest motivation of the stay at home mom, which will keep them from giving up.


The thing that seems to hinder some stay at home moms is fear and self doubt, especially if raising their families has taken up the majority of their work history. Why is this more prevalent? Usually because of their lack of experience in the business world which has caused some to feel unqualified to start and run their own business.

The beauty of network marketing is that it is a totally different animal when compared to the brick and mortar version. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. In this industry you have a very big support team whose sole purpose is to help you be successful. All you need to do is say yes to the plan!

The process of building your business, if you don’t give up, will cleanse you of that fear and doubt because you know if you don’t face what scares you, you will never overcome it. The MLM industry is known for its personal development platform. In fact, it’s the life blood of the community because it promotes the understanding that “Mind is The Builder” and it must be nourished and uplifted if one is to see success.



Now, you would think the CEO of a company coming from corporate America would be the perfect candidate for network marketing, and if done properly, they can be.

The CEO would already be endowed with excellent leadership skills or they could never have reached that level. They understand business in a big way and know how to manage a team. But see, that’s where the lines get blurred.


When you hold a high seat in corporate America you are in charge of a slue of employees. You must lead them and make sure they do their job and help to create revenue for the company. If they fall short it looks bad on you.

The difference between owning an MLM business is that it is based on people joining with the hopes of working for them selves one day. They are there because they want to be and not because they have to be. The CEO, manager or supervisor have EMPLOYEES that NEED to be on the job if they want to get a paycheck to support there families.

Leading them won’t be that difficult because if they fall out of line, they can always be replaced. Now this can be a double edge sword. People are in an MLM on a volunteer basis, only their own will to succeed is keeping them in the business. That means it would be much easier for people to drop out if they feel they can’t do it.

If the CEO can learn to lead and guide instead of manage, motivate instead of mandate, he can take those skills and abilities and build a million dollar business.

The Realtornetwork marketing


The Realtor may feel the most at home as a network marketer and experience the least amount of resistance.


Realtors have very similar responsibilities, skills and characteristics that the network marketer must have. Getting referrals is the bread and butter of their business. Realtors have to talk to people constantly and they can’t be afraid to pitch their services. Being commission based, similar to the MLM’er, they must always be in the hunt for that next sale. If they don’t create relationships with other agents, brokers and loan officers, they will easily loose business to the competition.

They must believe in their ability to get their prospects into the home of their dreams. The most successful realtors are persuasive, persistent, are good cold callers and are not afraid of rejection and they must achieve all of this with minimal to no supervision.


One of the challenges realtors experience is their inability to leverage the internet when it comes to marketing their business. Most are boots on the ground marketers which is an excellent skill to have, but with the advent of the internet, their customers are looking more and more online to find a home and that’s were they need to be. This is also the problem with some network marketers but, they seem to be able to make the move to online marketing at a faster rate.

Another issue that realtors face is in the fact that they don’t get paid until they sell a house. Which, unlike the network marketer, this adds up to the inability to create residual income. Still, using those talents and skills that make them a great realtor can also excel them in the network marketing industry. Diversifying their portfolio by investing in an MLM business would be something I would highly recommend.

Network marketing is a rewarding, exciting and unique industry with the opportunity to make the newbie marketer millions.

However, not many people are prepared for what’s needed to succeed in the industry. These skills must be learned and cultivated. As long as you are willing to stay the course and move through any perceived limitations, ANYONE can be successful in the network marketing industry.

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What’s The Difference Between Direct Sales And Network Marketing?

What’s The Difference Between Direct Sales And Network Marketing?

difference between direct sales and network marketing

My purpose and commitment is to really help you understand and appreciate the MLM industry. One of the things you need to know when shopping for a business opportunity that is built on the multi-level marketing format, is not only how these businesses work but which one will compliment your skill set, personality and area of expertise.

The Difference Between Direct Sales and Network Marketing

Direct Sales and Network Marketing are both based on the multilevel marketing business model. MLM or Multilevel simply refers to the business structure in which the compensation plan is mapped out. The Direct selling and Network marketing vehicle is the actual distribution system or the way the products are dispersed.

With Direct Selling, the emphasis is usually on direct, person-to person product distribution, which typically involves the independent sales representatives earning a commission from the products that they sell directly to the customers.

The usual way of getting their products out to the masses or finding customers is by hosting product parties, trunk sales, booths and etc., by way of their circle of influence. Advancing in rank is dependent upon the volume of products sold.

In some companies you can recruit other people to hosts parties in which they would be offered a discount on the products for hosting that party and also earn free products if they sell a certain amount of merchandise.

This is important to know if you happen to be a really good sales person or if on the other hand, you hate the thought of selling in this way, when choosing a mlm company.

Some examples of Direct Selling companies are:

Avon, Natura, Vorwerk, Herbalife and Mary Kay 

Now with Network Marketing, the emphasis is on team building. Building a team of partners who are in agreement to use the company products in their household as well as share products with others outside of their network.

You are basically the customer as well as the business owner and you are able to sponsor, support and train others who want to build a business of their own. So the importance here is on building an organization of like minded individuals who use and move product within and outside their network.

In network marketing, you also have the flexibility to host product parties or have a booth, etc., in order to promote your products if you so choose. You are the business owner, not just a sales representative so you have the power to run your business as you see fit.

This model is a great if you love networking, team building and training others.

Some examples of Network Marketing companies are:

Sisel International, Vemma, Amway and Visulas.

Some direct sales companies also incorporate the network marketing team building model as well depending on the compensation structure, so make sure to do your research.

Understand that the purpose of both models is product distribution, but, it’s the way the distribution happens and the way you, the marketer, gets compensated, that makes the difference.

  • On a side note, steer clear of companies that don’t have a product OR they have a limited product line that offers little to no value to the public.

In the end, the difference between direct sales and network marketing is fairly minimal. Both serve as an opportunity for the ordinary individual to build their own business, delivering quality products to the masses in a less expensive and more personal way.

By eliminating the middle men; expensive advertisers and merchandisers, the network marketer and direct seller can create residual/ passive income from home with less time, less money and less hassle than the traditional business model.

So Tell Me….

Have you ever owned a network marketing or direct sales business?

What did you like or dislike about it?

Did you find it too challenging? If so, tell me why.

I would love to hear from you!


 To Your Success!