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Network Marketing Plus The Internet Equals A Cash Cow Of Success

Network Marketing Plus The Internet Equals A Cash Cow Of Success

internet network marketingYou’re probably saying to yourself, “OK, I know what Network Marketing is but what is Internet Network Marketing?” Well, let me shine some light on the subject. It’s real simple, old school network marketing has always been an off line marketing business. Your main targets were friends and family or anyone who was within, what is called the 3 foot rule.

Meaning, you approach anyone about your opportunity within a 3 foot radius of you. With Internet Network Marketing, you are now connected to an online global market, no longer limited to just friends and family or the 3ft rule.

You may have heard a few stories about how some people have changed their lives by making a lot of money using the internet to promote their network marketing business, and this is true. If you are looking to trying your luck with this system, there are some things you may want to consider before jumping in. The path to success is generally quite challenging in any industry so  there are some basic principles that, if followed, can help you achieve significant progress and find your way to the top.

Internet Network Marketing Principles

Internet Network Marketing |Going public

Once you join a MLM organization, you can use the internet by way of a blog, articles, videos, etc. to attract new team members and customers. You should use every opportunity to talk about what you’re doing, sharing your results, your process and or achievements and how they’ve changed your life for the better, but more importantly, provide valuable information your followers can use- avoid being too spammy. Never be afraid to show your human side; be yourself because people follow people they can relate to. People who watch your videos or read your articles must learn to trust you and follow in your footsteps.

Internet Network Marketing |Communication

Leave your online and off-line communication channels open. What this means is, in order to gain trust you must make it a point to offer  prompt responses to all the questions your potential clients and co-workers may have. Offering solutions to any problems they may face is not only an effective internet network marketing strategy, but also a way to keep those people close. Make sure you have a place where people can reach you and have a conversation with you. If you have a blog, then be sure you have a comment section established. 

Internet Network Marketing |Proper training

The success of any network marketing business depends on the training system it is built upon. Before you can train others, you need to prepare yourself, to exceed your own limits, not only as far as sales in general are concerned, but in interpersonal skills, and customer service on top of marketing. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can focus on training others.

However, keep in mind that the learning process never ends. Reaching the top can be easy for some, but the difficult part is staying there. Once you build a competitive and reliable network from your online efforts, you must fight to keep it like that, and that means constant training and team building sessions, staying up to date with the new online and off line marketing trends and strategies and trying to improve your best performances at all times.


Internet Network Marketing |Web development and SEO

As I mentioned earlier, successful internet network marketing cannot be conceived without a really good website or blog, optimized for the public and for the search engines. You’ll want a clean design, with good graphics, but most important is having high quality, relevant and original content published regularly, to appeal not only to the search engines, but also to the numerous visitors the your SEO efforts will drive towards your website.

Internet Network Marketing |Use the social networks

All successful companies have Facebook and Tweeter profiles, and so should you. You should make as many friends as possible, write interesting posts, get them in the center of attention and show that what you have to offer is different from the other guys. Also, social networks can be a reliable source of email addresses that your business should be utilizing for your email marketing campaigns. 

To Sum It Up…

This stuff may appear to be elementary but, make no mistake, they are highly effective and essential. There’s not one successful internet network marketer that is not utilizing these few simple strategies.


Network marketing combined with Internet marketing techniques, are two powerful tools to help you reach a considerably larger market which will ultimately explode your Internet network marketing business for years to come.