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dubli imageDubLi Review

With quite a few Top-10 Empower Network leaders making the jump from EN to DubLi Cashback, the networks have been going insane. Factor in a killer July ’14 spike that hasn’t yet even begun to peak and it’s easy to see why the DubLi Cashback program is trending big time.

Forget the fact that Matt Trainer, Tony Rush and John Lavenia brought their Team Wukar legend over to DubLi—the numbers alone are enough to make it crystal clear—DubLi Cashback is a winner.

Here’s why. 

What is the DubLi Network? 

The DubLi Cashback system is part of a global marketing company called the DubLi Network. Their focus is on helping members of the network make money by either becoming entrepreneurs or by saving them money and earning DubLi cashback on purchases—or both. 

The overall concept isn’t foreign to anyone familiar with the Empower Network—you build up a global distributor organization and sell different membership packages to This website has some of the most popular travel, entertainment and shopping deals in the world. 

This is a Direct Selling and Relationship Marketing business model, meaning the company focuses on bring in the best services and products while members generate the traffic. This allows DubLi to pay commissions out from your online transactions instead of putting that money back into marketing and advertising spend (e.g. traffic referral, lead generation, etc.). 

DubLi Cashback Incentives in a Nutshell 

The way that DubLi Cashback works is simple: every time someone makes a purchase on online from one of DubLi’s preferred merchants, you could be making money. With DubLi Cashback, you do earn a chunk of that change. This leads to an unlimited passive income stream simply because the DubLi Cashback network offers products and services that people are buying every day already.  

DubLi has shopping mall with over 4,000 merchants like, Apple, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and many many more!

But the real genius of this company and the thing that makes this set up unique is that unlike other cashback online malls, you don’t- I repeat- DON’T have to shop directly from the Dubli portal! 

Cool right! I know!! 

All you have to do when you sign up as a customer is download their Google Chrome tool bar and that thing will let you know if you can get cashback from your favorite store!! 

You can go directly to your favorite site and if that toolbar is activated, you can get cashback!

If you are on google shopping for different shoe stores, for example, that toolbar will let you know if and how much money you can get back! 

That right there is worth the price of admission….which is Free, by the way! 

As your own personal customer list grows, they will refer others thanks to the huge cash bonuses they are receiving (which you receive a piece of as well) and this leads to exponential customer base growth. In other words, you make money on everyone you bring in and everyone they bring in. In fact, you can even bring in large groups and companies through the DubLi co-branded Partner Program and kick your earning into overdrive. 

How Does DubLi Cashback Work? 

Here’s how you get DubLi Cashback profits from start to finish: 

  1. Sign up as with DubLi as a consumer and install the toolbar on your internet browser.
  2. As stated before, this toolbar will remind you of your access to huge discounts from the biggest brands and stores out there such as Macy’s, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc.
  3. The DubLi Cashback discount is applied to each purchase you make through the DubLi toolbar or directly from their mall.
  4. Spread the word about this shopping cash back network so that others use it.
  5. For every person you refer who shops with Dubli, you get 25% of what DubLi makes, not your customer’s profit, (this is very important to know). It never stops, as long as they buy, you earn. 

There are 3 Customer Membership options of the DubLi Cashback Network:  

I love this because unlike other MLM companies, DubLi is customer focused as opposed to distributor focused. 

What I mean by that is, you’ll find that in most network marketing companies the distributor IS the customer. With DubLi, they have a majority customer base that has no connection with the business opportunity at all. 

So the membership options…… 

The free version, which gets you between 1% and 3% cash back and no ability to refer with an incentive.

The Premium version which is get an extra 4% on top of the free version.

Then there is the VIP membership, which brings in between 7% and 25% cash back value.

That’s a ton of cash back into your pockets even if you’re just making purchases yourself. 

Understand that you can only refer people as a customer at the VIP level which is a cost of $99 a YEAR (that’s about the price I pay for my Costco membership!), and get compensated. 

With every person you refer the DubLi cash back network; you get an additional $25 per person. 

Five customers in your network pays for the cost of your VIP membership! 

Is DubLi Cashback a Scam?dubli cashback

Sound too good to be true? 

Well, it’s 100% legit. Take a look at some of the higher-ups in the company who wouldn’t risk their fortune and reputation on internet toolbar scams: 

  • Founded by Micheal Hanson, one-time LEGO designer who has made fortunes in telecommunications, finance and chain restaurants (in addition to his rise to the top of the network marketing industry). DubLi has been around since 2003.
  • In addition to the Team Wukar members we mentioned some of whom came over from EN (Top-10), there are also a few Microsoft Corporation veterans on the Board of Directors at DubLi.
  • DubLi is part of MediaNet Group Technologies, which is publicly traded (and pulls in millions each month as they sit atop their e-commerce empire) 

DubLi Business Opportunities for Earning 

As with most MLMs, there are residual earning opportunities with DubLi Network. To make the most money and benefit from DubLi’s cashback compensation plan, you will have to become a Business Associate with DubLi  so you can earn: 

  • Money on each referral PLUS
  • Residual income when your team gets referrals PLUS
  • Commissions from your customers who purchase through the portal PLUS
  • Profits from selling the DubLi Partners Program to businesses.

Huge money making opportunity here! 

To learn more about this rapidly growing money making opportunity and how you can be a part of it, CLICK HERE right now and find out how DubLi Cashback can put money in your pocket simply for being online.