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send out cardsLooking to find out more about the MLM company, Send Out Cards? You’re not alone. I’ve noticed quite a few inquires about the company which made me a bit curious myself so I did some investigating. The following are some of the key points you can use to help you make an education decision on whether or not Send Out Cards is right for you or if it is a complete waste of your time. Also, make sure to read my article on the 4 most utilized compensations plans for MLM companies if your not already familiar with them.

Send Out Cards- History

In 2004, Kody Bateman started Send Out Cards, a MLM home-based business opportunity based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The company was started on a tragic note, as Kody left Utah for a marketing job in NYC, he missed a chance to say goodbye to his brother, who was tragically killed in an auto accident before Bateman had the chance to see him again.  Promising to never miss another “prompting” to say goodbye, happy birthday or even just hello, Bateman started Send Out Cards. 

What Does Send Out Cards Do? 

They send out cards, of course.  The aptly named company offers thousands of greeting cards for every situation imaginable, allowing you to pick and choose between them and then have them sent out to your family, friends, business colleagues, etc.  The professionally designed cards are completely customizable, allowing you to add your personal stamp.  It only takes one click of the mouse to get started (they even offer a free trial), and you can drag the design templates around, add a personal message and then have the company ship it off for you—all without ever leaving your house. 

Why does Send Out Cards Sell? 

People really seemed to latch onto the idea, especially with the time and convenience factors.  The Postal Service is a dying cash cow, with the personal handwritten letter giving way to email.  It was only a matter of time before the greeting card industry fell at the hands of the Internet.  Send Out Cards is that replacement.

On a much larger scale, businesses use Send Out Cards to send invites to conferences and thank you letters to investors.  Real estate agents are a huge market for Send Out Cards, as are auto sales representatives and financial service reps.  Wedding planners can mass send invitations, rather than having to take the time to write out, lick envelopes and stamps and then physically mail the cards at the post office.  Send Out Card eliminates all the hassle, allowing you to “mass message” your cards in a matter of minutes.

How Does Send Out Cards Work? 

In order to get signed up with Send Out Cards, you’ll pay anywhere between $9.80 for pay- as- you- go services all the way up to $395 for the Marketing Distributor’s Package where you earn commissions and bonuses as a MLM representative.  By choosing this distribution package, you’re setting yourself up for the possibility to make a lot of money through their unilevel MLM compensation plan. 

send out cards

With Send Out Cards Marketing Distributor’s Package,you get: 

  • Digital Distributor Kit
  • Digital Certified Training Kit
  • Certified Training Program Eligibility
  • Basic Training Course
  • Online Business Office
  • Retail and Business Website
  • Gratitude Challenge Website
  • 100 Bonus Points (points used to buy cards and send them)
  • Unlimited Picture Storage

This system will allow you to make money in a number of ways, all depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it.

How Do I Make Money with Send Out Cards? 

Send Out Cards is a unilevel compensation plan for MLM meaning that everyone you bring into the fold is directly on your frontline.  This makes it simple for you to not only sell the program, but to recruit other representatives, thus increasing your commissions and residual income.  There are two major ways to earn your weekly bonuses and residual commissions from Send Out Cards, but many ways to go about those two.  Here are some of the many avenues you can make money by joining up with Send Out Cards as a multi-level marketer: 

  1. Retail Commissions from Sales.  Based on your monthly sales to customers, this commission check will increase with your monthly sales volume.
  2. Customer Acquisition Bonus.  Also called the CAB, this is a daily pay that is based on your ability to sign up new customers to the program.
  3. Leadership Bonus.  This is a weekly pay that is given only to the distributors that are advancing up in the ranks while demonstrating they have a keen sense of how to grow their business.  The more ranks you advance, the higher these leadership bonuses get.  Good markers of success for these bonuses are helping people sell more products, selling more products yourself, recruiting more prospects and training customers and distributors.
  4. Downline Commissions.  Send Out Cards’ unilevel compensation plan pays down on 7 levels of your downline based on sales volume.  This gives you a deep reach into the commission of your recruits, earning you higher income with higher organizational sales volume.
  5. Leadership Volume Commission.  This monthly payment is based on the sales volume of your entire downline.  When your sales are up, it reflects on you as a leaders and as such, your pay should reflect on that as well.  This leadership bonus can pay to unlimited levels, all depending on your organizational coding.
  6. Certified Trainer Bonus.  This is a weekly payment that is based on your training of others in the system of Send Out Cards, including the opportunities they provide for MLM’ers.  This also includes training others to be competent to train other people as well. 

send out cardsThe Bottom Line on Send Out Cards 

When it’s all said and done, Send Out Cards is a pretty great company but an even better MLM compensation opportunity for savvy marketers.  With the postal service becoming more and more obsolete, services such as this one afford a glimpse into the future of communications.  As you may know, there’s always tons of money in communications thanks to our innate need as human beings to be in constant contact with one another.

For anyone getting in on MLM, this is a great place to start because the unilevel compensation plan is so simple.  It’s the perfect type of plan for those who want to supplement their income part-time, or use this as one phase of a multi-level marketing portfolio or residual income plan.

Having said all of that, the real bottom line is this; regardless of what MLM opportunity you are attracted to you must develop your ability to find leads for your business apart from your family and friends. Not always an easy task, but certainly not impossible. For more information on how to Generate Leads on auto pilot for your new Send Out Cards business, CLICK HERE right now.

***Editors Note: When I wrote this article I was not affiliated with Sendoutcards because I was already in another company. Since then, I was reintroduced by a friend to the company and was able to test drive the product. I fell in love with it and immediately signed up. I had been looking for something unique and that I could be passionate about for a long time and I found it with Send Out Cards. 

Test it yourself HERE, I’m confident you will see all the ways this will boost your sales and your relationships!