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When it comes to residual income and compensation plans, many make the argument that the Sisel International compensation plan is the best industry. In fact, Sisel blatantly uses that claim on their own website—”Arguably the Highest Paying in the Industry”—making you wonder, just how true is it?

Does Sisel International truly have the best compensation plan for those looking to earn residual income and live out the dream of every internet marketer? Or is this just another carefully worded statement, “arguably” being the key word to scrutinize? 

Just How Good is The Sisel International Compensation Plan? 

In order to get to the bottom of this, let’s take a closer look at Sisel International’s compensation plan step-by-step. This will help us figure out where the money is coming from and just how much money you can make when you sign up with Sisel. 

Sisel International Distributors| Fast Start Bonus 

First order of business is the Fast Start Bonus (FSB) that Sisel offers. This is truly one of the better bonuses out there, simply because your bonus depends on how quickly you come out of the gates. In other words, if you’re experienced and have a network already in place, you’re going to make a lot of money. If you are inexperienced, you might not make as much money, but because Sisel has a solid foundation in place for beginners, you will still see more benefits than you would with companies that don’t offer a FSB. 

The FSB works like this: place an order of 50 PV or more by your personally enrolled distributors and/or customers and you qualify for 4 bonus weeks. After your enrollments are set, you will receive payout following personal sponsorship. So if you sponsor a recruit that signs 200 PV, you get 30% and everyone on your upstream gets 5% for four weeks. That’s a lot of cash moving around! 

Sisel International’s Fast Start Retention Bonus 

What’s even more impressive about this unique compensation plan feature is that Sisel doesn’t stop there—they offer a Fast Start Retention Bonus (FSRB) on orders of 50 PV or more. That means qualifying orders (100 PV or more – 50 PV the first four weeks, 50 the second month) placed from the distributors you personally enroll will pay bonuses out to you for weeks 5 through 8. That’s an entire second month of bonuses, just for signing people up. Here are the FSRB percentages by PV order, paid out equal to or less than your PV generated in the first four weeks of enrollee orders: 

200+ PV – 15% FSRB

150-199.99 PV – 10% FSRB

100-149.99 PV – 5% FSRB 

Direct Distributor Commissions with Sisel International 


Of course, as with any great compensation plan, your Direct Distributor Commission (DDC) will make up the constant bulk of your earnings. These kick in after the first four weeks of FSB (meaning you get your DDCs along with your FSRBs, but not your FSBs). Any order of 50 PV or more qualifies you for a DDC. All of your downline distributors who place qualifying (50 PV or more) orders pay DDCs that go four levels deep. 

Of course, if you have four qualified legs in your downline, the payment goes 5 levels deep. 5 qualified legs pays the DDC 6 levels deep and if you are a 5-Star Master Distributor, you get a 2% Level 7 Payout on your DDCs. 

Here’s how each level of qualifying PV pays out: 


Platinum 200 PV

Gold 150 PV

Silver 100 PV

Bronze 50 PV

1st Placement Level





2nd Placement Level





3rd Placement Level





4th Placement Level





5th Placement Level





6th Placement Level





7th Placement Level



Master Cheque Match and Luxury Bonus from Sisel International 

There are also monthly payouts that come from Sisel, further backing their claim that this is arguably the best compensation plan in the industry. Here’s how they work: 

Master Cheque Match 

For qualified 1-Star Master Distributors and up who attain a monthly 200 PV, Master Cheque Match (MCM) pays you a set percentage of the DDC earned by all Masters below you according to personal enrollment. In order to qualify as an initial Master, you have to obtain 1,000 PV within the first four bonus weeks OR by obtaining 5,000 cumulative QDV.

This means that you need a monthly 200 PV sale, an activated AutoPurchase and to meet: 

1,000 QDV for Masters

7,500 QDV for 1-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1)

20,000 QDV for 2-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1 and 5% on Generation 2)

50,000 QDV for 3-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1 and 5% on Generations 2 – 4) 

It should also be noted that with MCM, if over half of your total Downline Volume (DV) is coming from one leg of your downline, no more than half of your total DV will be applied to your QDV from that leg.

Luxury Bonus 

Qualified 2-Star Masters and above who earn at least $2,000 in monthly commissions and bonuses will receive a monthly luxury bonus as follows: 

2-Star Masters – $300

3-Star Masters – $500

4-Star Masters – $600

5-Star Masters – $750 

All luxury bonuses must either go towards the purchase of a luxury car OR be taken at 50% value in cash. 

How Often Do You Get Paid with Sisel International? 

Okay, so the compensation plan for Sisel is pretty great, but when do you get paid? Show me the money! 

Both the FSB and FSRB are NOW PAID DAILY. 

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