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sisel vs organo goldSisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold Review

In the battle for top-dog in the amazing healthy coffee sales niche, that you can also turn a profit from, there are really only two names in the industry: Sisel Kaffe and Organo Gold.  While coffee tasting is always a point of personal preference (e.g. some like it strong, some like it flavored, some with milk, some with cream), there can be no personal preference when it comes to cold, hard data.  Which will make you more money?  Sisel Kaffe or Organo Gold?  Which is easier to sell?  Sisel Kaffe or Organo Gold?  Overall, which is the best product for you?

Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold—Product

So right off the bat, it bears mentioning that both Sisel Kaffe and Organo Gold have found backers in the medical industry, with many doctors and healthcare experts choosing sides.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of choosing which doctor is better simply by listening to them speak, so suffice it to say that both have their healthy proponents.

Where we really start to see the differences arise is in the ingredients and blend of Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe.  Namely, Organo Gold banks heavily on Ganoderma lucidum, an ingredient that has been reported to have bioactive properties.  Ganoderma is a wild mushroom which grows on wood and is said to benefit the immune system.  It is also know to help the liver detoxify itself. 

Some other health benefits of Ganoderma:

  • Anti-cancerous properties 
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-fungal effects

Of course some detractors from Organo Gold have reported that the actual amount of Ganoderma in the Organo Gold blend is minute at best, and is being touted as just really expensive coffee. Is this true? I don’t know for sure but it should be noted.
Does Sisel Kaffe Coffee Have Ganoderma Lucidum?sisel kaffe vs organo gold

Unfortunately, having Ganoderma in their coffee at whatever levels, is where the good things start to stop with Organo Gold.  While it is widely accepted that Ganoderma has strong health benefits, the amount put into Organo Gold is troublesome to many.  And while Sisel Kaffe does have Ganoderma as an ingredient, there have been more favorable reports of the blend, seeing as Sisel Kaffe uses “just enough” Ganoderma to keep the good effects while preventing the bad.

And the bad news for Organo Gold doesn’t stop there.  While Ganoderma is Organo Gold’s main selling point, Sisel Kaffe takes the health coffee game quite a few steps further. 

Consider the following:

  • Sisel Kaffe uses Ganoderma, but at greater levels than Organo Gold
  • Sisel Kaffe uses coffee beans grown in Boquete, Panama, the award-winning, highest-rated coffee bean in the world. 
  • Sisel owns the Panamanian Boquete Gesha farm they harvest from, so there are no possibilities of contamination 
  • All Sisel Kaffe coffee beans are cooked via infrared techniques, not flame roasting, thus eliminating the burning of the bean that causes carcinogens (which in turn, cause cancer)
  • All of the infrared-cooked coffee beans are then microground and available in K-cups, instant sachets, and ground coffee bags
  • The immune and digestive system boosting ingredient Chaga is also added to Sisel Kaffe
  • Gotu Kola is added to Sisel Kaffe to support respiratory health as is Bacopa, which supports memory skills
  • There are zero toxic chemicals in Sisel Kaffe

Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe Winner—Product

When it comes down to which coffee is better for you and easier to sell, the winner is Sisel Kaffe, hands down.  If you are looking to buy a healthy coffee strictly for its health benefits, Sisel is the way to go. If you are looking to make money selling coffee via the compensation plans offered by Organo Gold and Sisel Kaffe, Sisel Kaffe will be an easier sell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more money.  For that, we have to put the two compensation plans from Organo Gold and Sisel Kaffe together in a head-to-head match.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

sisel vs organo goldIf you choose to make money selling Organo Gold via their MLM compensation plan and business strategy, here’s what you need to know:

  • You will be paid daily and weekly profits from retail product sales
  • There are Fast Track Bonuses available, all paid via weekly promotional packages
  • There is a Unilevel Bonus that is paid out monthly, but it has compression, which goes down 9 levels
  • There is a Unilevel Matching Bonus that goes 3 levels deep and is also paid out monthly
  • A Generational Leadership Bonus is paid out on a monthly basis which is a nice sum, provided you qualify (it’s hard for beginners to qualify for this)
  • A Global Pool is earned monthly, but only paid quarterly—if there is a top sales leg or team in your network, they typically snatch up your funds
  • In order to get any bonus you need at least $300 CV and at least $54 per month AutoShip

So while on the surface this looks pretty standard, you have to understand that Organo Gold pays on a Dual Team Payout system, which is just code word for binary.  Binary plans have serious drawbacks because you only get paid on promotional builder packs or first time orders—that’s it.  If you get stuck on a weaker leg, you are pretty much done for, especially if the distributor hits the Dual Team payout cap since that resets all of your unused volume to zero (a sly trick to eliminate Global Pool payouts, etc.).

Sisel Kaffe Compensation Plan

The Sisel International Compensation Plan covers their Kaffe products as well, meaning that you get access to arguably the best compensation plan in the industry:

  • Sisel Kaffee is a Unilevel Plan, not a binary plan.  Whereas Organo Gold only offers its bonuses at Unilevel (binary plans lose you at least 51% of your profit if you’re on the weaker leg)
  • Distributors can be placed anywhere in your organization and you retain full compression which means zero money lost
  • You get a true 45% Fast Start Bonus on all orders the first four weeks, not just on the first order—every order!  Plus, the sponsor’s sponsor gets 5%
  • There is also a Fast Start Bonus that goes into the second month at 100 PV
  • After the first four weeks, you start earning your Distributor payouts for six levels at 5%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%. 
  • Further, Sisel will pay an additional 5% on level 7 and then to infinity, depending on your rank.

Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe Winner—Compensation Plan

The clear runaway winner here is Sisel Kaffe.  Really, all you have to know is that Organo Gold is a binary plan while Sisel Kaffe is a uni-level.  Anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of MLM knows that uni-level is better than binary and that they should stay away from binary plans at all costs if they want to make steady residual income.


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