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my lead system pro reviewMy Lead System Pro Review| My Shameless Plug

If you’re reading this My Lead System Pro Review you’ve probably heard a thing or two about it but, maybe you haven’t joined because you just aren’t sure if it can really benefit you and your business. Well, I’m hear to tell you that it really can. It has changed me and my business in a way that I never thought possible.

It has given me the much needed tools that it seemed only people with a lot of money and experience could have. I am forever grateful and as you can probably tell, this MLSP review is going to be slightly biased to say the least. Don’t let that scare you, read on to find out why this is one of the top lead generation systems in the online hemisphere as well a community that all of the popular kids are a part of.

My Lead System Pro Review—The Facts

Akin to an online university and community, My Lead System Pro (MLSP) teaches growing entrepreneurs like you and me, everything we need to know about online marketing, home business promotion, affiliate marketing, network marketing and much, much more.

The focus is to teach its members how to get more qualified leads to their website and businesses, thus making more money in the process. My Lead System Pro was started way back in 2008 as a resource for struggling network marketers. Its platform was built primarily on the revolutionary attraction marketing system—that is, the art of attracting customers to you rather than going out and chasing them—the program quickly became a shining example, (copied by many) of marketing education for not only network marketers but small business owners as well.

Members of My Lead System Pro get quality training from some of the top 6 and 7 figure internet marketers out there on a number of topics including:

  • Social media marketing across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to setup and manage a blog that makes money
  • How to optimize your website (SEO strategies)
  • The different types of marketing that are out there and which are best for you

What Is MLSP?—The Community

MLSP also provides extensive networking communities through which the members help each other make money. There’s a private Facebook group as well as community boards and meetings that have led to many real-life success stories through partnerships. Some of these success stories include online marketing heavy hitters like, David Wood, Rob Fore, Diane Hockman, Ray Higdon and many many more. See, unlike other copycat lead systems out there, MLSP has a proven track record for creating successful 6-7 figure business owners. 

my lead system pro

Me With Co founder of My Lead System Pro’s Brian Fanale

Essentially, this group of the elite marketing leaders are still teaching the next generation of marketers the right way to build a successful business online. MLSP offers a powerful money-making machine that is all inclusive for its members.

The focus on the community at My Lead System Pro is what really makes it stand out from any other similar “marketing university” online. This brings the teachings of MLSP outside of the scope of audio and video seminars or PDFs. While you still get all of those, you also get to ask questions and get feedback from some of the largest and most successful internet marketers in the world.

This sense of community connects networks within networks, providing members with unique money-making opportunities that are closed off to non-members. As such, it is a huge advantage for anyone inside of the MLSP community, especially if they are looking for ways to increase their revenue through advanced marketing techniques on top of their network marketing businesses.

Multiple income streams is the name of the game and one of the reasons I joined MLSP a long with being apart of its community, was that it made that possible for me as a newbie marketer. They really helped me to see a bigger picture when it came to building my business.

My Lead System Pro Review Of The Products

So here are some of the key features of MLSP that has kept them around for so long while their competitors drop out like flies!

•Crafting Your Own Business. How to brand YOU Inc. This concept was foreign to me as I thought I was supposed to come online and tell everyone about my MLM biz opp. Not the case! This the number one mistake most new marketers make and MLSP teaches you how to avoid that by showing how to lead with value and brand you as the leader and expert in your business.

•Live Weekly Lead Generation Training. Each week you’ll get a training course from the best internet marketers in the world, keeping you up to date on the latest tricks, tips and trends. From Facebook and YouTube marketing to blogging and SEO; from PPC Ads to Solo Ads—this keeps you plugged into the money machine and best of all, these live courses are recorded so that you the member, can offer it FREE to your prospects and customers as a tool to build your list!

Did I mention MLSP works hard to help YOU build YOUR list and not their own?

my lead system pro•Education and Training Library. Get instant access to one of the most valuable resources online, My Lead System Pro’s extensive training library. Hundreds of hours of training on sponsoring, marketing, lead-generation techniques, recruiting, team-building, list-building, leadership, etc. This was so valuable to me because trying to piece all of this online marketing stuff together from all these different sources was extremely confusing and overwhelming when I first started out. Being able to access reliable, up to date information, all in one spot was a godsend.

•100% Pure Profit Products. This is a ingenious marketing strategy when you really understand how network marketing works and in some cases doesn’t work. The concept is that most successful network marketers have more than just one profit stream. In other words, they have their eggs in more than one basket. My Lead System Pro made it super easy for its members to create their own marketing portfolio. You can join on as an affiliate, sharing the MLSP membership, marketing the lead-gen products that you are learning from, so you can actually earn as you learn—keeping 100% (40% for non-Mastery members) of the sale after transaction fee.

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•Customize Your Fan Pages and Website. Completely customize your fan page, capture pages, marketing sales funnel and more, instantly branding yourself as a marketing leader in the industry. This sets you up for the success that will come your way after joining up with My Lead System Pro. Instant attraction marketing and branding. And if that sounds too difficult for ya, they have out of the box, highly convertible sales funnels ready for you to use immediately.

•Instant Relationships and Values. You can utilize these turnkey website funnels and products for your own prospects, giving them instant value and you, instant sales. Build the relationships that lead to sales with MLSP instantly.

•Promotion by MLSP.  My Lead System Pro also promotes you and your brand to their own active database of home businesses, meaning you are instantly plugged into over 100,000 businesses ready to turn into your customers and clients.

•Autoresponder Email Integration. 100% free 500-Man autoresponder from MLSP lets you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, not only teaching you the right way to do it, but providing you with pre written email series that will help you build and monetize your list.

My Lead System Pro Review- Is It Worth It?

As far as I’m concerned, My Lead System Pro is a smart choice for any internet marketer, network marketer and small biz owner looking to be successful, and at the same time, surround themselves with like-minded, successful people in the industry.

The partnerships that can be made in this community are truly worth the price of admission! Oh yeah, what exactly is the My Lead System Pro cost? As low as 50 bucks a month! Not bad for a system that’s worth thousands of dollars.

Click Here right now to find out how you can join My Lead System Pro team.