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network marketing strategiesOwning your own Network Marketing business can be fun, exciting and rewarding in so many ways. However, it also comes with a huge amount of responsibility, not only for yourself, but over those you bring into your organization.

Developing certain leadership skills is a must if you want to be successful in this business. The good news is you don’t have to be born a super awesome leadership wizard. With a little time and effort, these skills can be learned. Here are a few strategies that you can incorporate AND ones you should look for in an network marketing up line.

Network Marketing Strategies #1

Show your Network Marketing team that you care.

The worst thing you can do is sponsor someone and then leave them to sink or swim. Your duties do not stop at sign up. This is your new partner; their success is your success. Get to know who they are and take time to find out more about their life, their family and their hopes and concerns about the business.

Network Marketing Strategies #2

Check in with your Network Marketing team periodically.

This doesn’t have to be everyday or even every week. Once or twice a month is sufficient. This gives you the opportunity to find out if they have any questions or concerns or to provide some encouragement if needed.  Many times a new network marketing partner may feel uneasy about calling their up-line or sponsor. They don’t want to seem like they are being a nuisance. So even if they feel as if they need help or guidance, most often they won’t ask for it. By making yourself available, you give them permission to contact you.

Network Marketing Strategies #3

Attention Network Marketers: Conduct Meetings on a regular basis.

Keep your team up to date on new product releases, marketing events, Network Marketing strategies or any pertinent business related news by holding business meetings or my version of a business meeting called a Sizzle Session; a lot more fun =). There are various ways to hold meetings aside from your typical home meeting so that everyone can be involved. For instance, you could hold webinars (my favorite), or conference calls. Make sure to keep these meetings short, focused and action-oriented. Allow everyone the opportunity to chime in.

Network Marketing Strategies #4

Offer Motivational Material for your Network Marketing Team.

Tap into email marketing techniques to provide weekly motivational quotes or an inspiring story of the month. This helps keep people excited about their new network marketing business.

Network Marketing Strategies #5

Celebrate Your Network Marketers.

The Network Marketing business is about creating and developing relationships. The people you bring on are not only your partners but hopefully your friends. Show that by remembering to celebrate any significant event in their lives. It could be as little as acknowledging a birthday, overcoming an obstacle or giving their first business presentation.

Network Marketing Strategies #6

Training, Training, and more Training.

You can never have enough training. If you are involved in a quality network marketing company, they will offer training up the whazoo. Have a list of the most important training materials ready ahead of time for your new recruits to go through. This should entail everything they need to know to get their business up and running quickly and smoothly. Suggest specialized training and courses for various marketing techniques that they may show interest in as well.

Network Marketing Strategies #7

Help determine objectives.

You should already know what obstacles your new partners may have to overcome. Help them to determine what their objectives and goals are. Everyone works differently and desires different things. Find out what they are comfortable doing and evaluate what they need to do to breakthrough any barriers they may have for the things they are not confident with.

Effective leaders help to set clear targets for each individual network marketing partner. However, never pushy, they always allow the person to accomplish their targets at their own time and in their own way.

Remember, your goal is to find and create Network Marketing leaders.

By incorporating these techniques you are leading by example and in turn, helping to create successful network marketing leaders in their own right.


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