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Todd Falcone’s Divas Of Network Marketing

When beginning any business venture, it is important to understand that there truly is a learning curve involved.  This fact is even more evident when it comes to Network Marketing. Unlike the traditional business model, YOU are the product first and foremost. You have to brand yourself as the leader that people can trust.


In Network Marketing, where the emphasis is on team building for the business, it is particularly difficult to successfully brand yourself since the industry is overwhelmingly dominated by men. In contrast, there are more women than men killing the Direct Sales industry. In a later article I will explain in detail the difference between the two. For now, when you think of direct sales, think more along the lines of Avon, and Mary Kay or party based companies. While  network  marketing companies, like Advocare and Melaleuca, are focused mainly around the business model.  Both, however,  fall under the multi-level marking structure.

That being said there have been a few women who have broken that male dominated mold and have been able to enter the coveted million dollar club. They have paved the way for the multitude of rising, successful  women of network marketing, and they are sharing how they have made it to the top, quit their 9 to 5, and are giving the men a run for their money. This is a very inspiring series no matter what industry you’re in. It shows how it IS possible to have success no matter where you’re starting in you endeavors.


In the “Dynamic Divas of Network Marketing” business_group

Todd Falcone, one of my mentors, interviews 8 successful women who have overcome the common obstacles and struggles that come with this profession, to ultimately become some of the top earners in our industry.

In this 8-CD compilation, you get to hear these women share their insights, tips, and experiences for mastering success in a male dominated industry. This is one of the tools that I come back to time and time again. If you have a long commute to work, listen to one of these CD’s and be inspired while driving. It is encouraging and extremely motivating, and it reminds me that in all new ventures there is always a process.

Embrace the process! Remember, you are developing your story as you walk out your experience…..

The variety of women on these CD’s come from all walks of life. From the house wife to a CEO of a major corporation, and explain why they chose Network Marketing, what it took to get them to the top of their companies, and the things they had to change within themselves to achieve their success.

When you realize that the majority of the top earners in the Network marketing industry are men, you also get a sense from these women, of the importance for women to rise to the occasion, be empowered, and to become a Dynamic Diva in their own right!


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