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women looking at documentsWhether you’ve been in the Direct Sales business for many years or you are a MLM newbie, success can only occur if you choose the right opportunity for you. It’s really that simple; multi-level marketing or Direct Sales works, and it works extremely well for those who have found a good fit and a sound company.

If you are familiar with the direct sales industry and you’ve made the decision that this is the home business avenue that you want to pursue, you are probably well aware of the multitude of new companies that pop up every day claiming to be the next big, “ground floor” opportunity that you just can’t miss. And then, less than a year or two later they disappear into nothingness.

The cool thing about the Internet is that you can keep an eye on these new businesses and do your research.  Doing the required groundwork on a direct sales company isn’t a 5 minute thing; you need to be certain you will be building your business with the right company. The multi-level model has been around for years, and it does work, but only if the business is run in the correct way and only if you are provided the proper training to be successful.

Be careful in your research that you don’t just take the random advice of people who have been in the business but failed or gave up too soon. More than likely they will not be able to give you an objective view of the company because of their particular experience. You’ll always hear people yell “pyramid scheme.” If this were true, this business model would not still be around creating more multi-millionaires than any other business model today. Don’t let someone else’s failures keep you from being successful. This is a rapidly changing market-place and you have to be assured that the company you select won’t vanish unexpectedly; you have got to gauge the company, its training, its track record and its products, which should comprise of merchandise that people will always need. Think “Consumables” or something very unique to the industry.

Dozens of New Direct Sales Programs Come and Go

As I stated earlier, lots of new network marketing programs come into the world each month, so you have to choose carefully. Use the internet, and look for success stories not bashers. You always want to come from a positive perspective, remember negative people are the ones that never succeed in much of anything.  Now, I’m not saying to be gullible, just use common sense. When you have whittled your choice down to 1 or 2 companies, it’s a good idea to keep a close watch on the companies’ websites and also monitor what people are saying about it on blogs and forums.

Find out how these companies are advertising, are they using print advertisements, TV advertising, online Net advertising, or promoting through e-mail marketing? Clearly, the more the company spends on advertising the better it is for you. But be aware that many firms spend far too much of their initial budget on advertising, and as a result fail to stay in the game. Blog comments may also be misleading. You’ll always get people whining and griping on blogs, often because they can’t make any money and you should understand why. Always take a bit of time to pose questions on blogs, dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that their business is secondary to whining and griping on blogs!

If you are new to Direct Sales, keep an eye out for these pitfallsdirect sales

When you have made your choice, you’re going to need some help and that is another minefield to be aware of. There’s a ton of shady characters online trying to earn income from you, selling all of their “secrets” and “latest” techniques for earning money in the mlm industry. Be careful, though there are  good ones out there, you still have to do your homework to the ones that actually work and are worth your time and money.

If you’re not a risk taker like most people, find a company that has been successfully in the industry for no less than 5 years. Avoid brand-new direct sales companies, unless you really believe from your research that it can stand the test of time.   New companies often promise huge wealth but don’t deliver. The truth is, hundreds of mlm’s fail within their first three years. So that would imply that you would fail too; everything you’ve built goes right down the pooper.

Another thing you are going to need to take into consideration is HOW, exactly, you intent to market and plug your business. Do you have a marketing budget, time available to build a business, and the skills needed to build and promote an internet site?

How will you generate a steady stream of new leads and prospects? When you sign up to create a business through an MLM, whether it is as a party consultant in direct sales or a distributor in network marketing, it is YOUR business. You have the ability to make it as successful as any other business model. At the same time, the beauty of the this industry is that you are not alone, so if the company you’ve chosen doesn’t provide the proper support and training you need to be successful, then find another company.


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