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Close up of angry shouting entrepreneur against a white background

You’re probably familiar with the story of the struggling distributor that is frustrated with the complete lack of success in her network marketing business. And if you are in the MLM business, you probably know a few of your colleagues who perfectly fit this description.

Most of them have started MLM thinking it is a piece of cake, only to discover they have to struggle in order to survive in this competitive world. They fervently envied the success of other network marketers who seemed to have incredible luck.

But is it only luck that differentiates those who succeed from those who do not?

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes made by those who fail is to think that luck, flair or talent is all you need to make it to the top.

The reality is, successful network marketers are the ones who constantly improve themselves, working continuously, with the purpose of becoming the best, and making a name for themselves

branding themselves as the expert in their field.

The rapid world of network marketing is no place for those who cannot keep up with the latest techniques and marketing tactics.

The network marketer of today knows that they are more than just a product pusher; they know that chasing friends and family is a dead-end street. They take hold of the opportunity that the MLM business model has to offer, continue to learn new marketing strategies and turns their business into an empire.

Besides having a great capacity to self-improve, successful network marketers are positive, optimistic and capable of learning from mistakes.

They don’t dwell on their failures like frustrated distributors do. They see failures as opportunities to grow. When facing a problem, they do their best to find a solution and never look for excuses to avoid the situation.

They confront it with all the weapons they have.

Quitting is never an option for the Network Marketer.

People who succeed in MLM must have the mindset of a real business owner – they should not see themselves as simple distributors for a company. You can’t imagine how much of an impact the way you see yourself has on what you actually can become.

Successful network marketers know how to set realistic goals and work to attain them. Because they are visionaries, they can envision success and do their best to come closer to it.

And finally, those who succeed in the dynamic and competitive world of network marketing have high work ethics and know that success comes through effort, hard work and correctness, and never through sheer luck;

so, do you have what it takes to be a successful network marketer or are you satisfied with just being a distributor? It’s all up to you.

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