network marketingEveryone Getting On The Network Marketing Bandwagon.

More and more I’m seeing people around me jumping into the Network Marketing / Direct Sales industry hoping to create some additional and or residual income in order to spend more time with kids, have more time freedom, job freedom, etc….

And that’s all good because Network Marketing can really provide those things and so much more.

Sadly, 3-6 mos. later theses same entrepreneur enthusiast begin to drop off like flies in their businesses.


Because they felt It was too time consuming, too hard or just too expensive to keep up..

Had they taken the time to learn the industry that they so eagerly jumped into, and educate themselves on what it REALLY takes to generate even and extra $300 a month, they may have been more prepared to overcome these issues and found some success.

Fact: The main reason people fail in network marketing is because they quit too soon.

Once these people throw in the towel, some of them like to claim that it’s the businesses model that doesn’t work or that the business is a pyramid scheme….. ( I won’t get started on that one)

Not true…The real truth is ……You’re not going to get something for nothing in this world. Riches don’t come easy.

You see, it takes a lot more than throwing a few opportunity meeting or product parties or selling a few lipsticks or candles to make this business go. It takes a willingness and dedication to see this to the goal:

FREEDOM! (whatever that means to you)

Had they taken the time to learn the industry they would have been able to push through some of the temporary sacrifices that inevitably comes along with starting a business of your own.

Fact: Network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme!network marketing

I don’t care what the person told you when you signed up, you will have to make sacrifices if you want to create residual income so you can spend time more with your kids. These things don’t happen without work and dedication.

This industry is no different than any other. The number one goal in all companies is profit through VOLUME. The more products you can get out into the marketplace the more money you make, pure and simple.

The way MLM accomplishes this is by allow individuals to create a business by building  a network of like minded people who are willing to not only use the products themselves, but share it with their own network of people and then wash and repeat. The bigger the network of active participants the more money everyone in the network makes.

That’s it…no big mystery.

Is it hard work?

Heck yeah! Is it worth it?

Oh my gosh, yes!!

Fact: Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other business opportunity.

What you need to know before you join a MLM company?network marketing


Understand that you will have to sacrifice time in order to get your precious time back. You have to give yourself at least 2 to 5 years in orders to really get your business off the ground. You have to be willing to give up a certain amount of time each week to build your dream. The question you need to be asking is how much time are you will to give to the success of your business? And, Can you be consistent in your efforts?


Yes, just like any other business out there today, you will need money to make money. If you’re looking for a free ride then play the lottery. But hey, even that cost money, right? The 1 percent-ers of this world didn’t get wealthy without investing in themselves and their business, and if you’re not willing to take risks and invest in your dreams with your money, then go get a second job. Although, that’s not really free either, is it? You’re paying time away from your family and losing out on the life you’ve always wanted.


You have be willing to learn about your industry. There are skills that you will bring to the table and there are skills that you are going to have to learn. If you say, “I’m not techy or I can’t sale”, that’s your own fault. The majority of people aren’t. The ones that are earning 6-7 figures per MONTH took the time to learn.

Fact: Network Marketing is a relationship business 


The MLM industry is built upon people networking together. People using the products, sharing the products and teaching other people do do the same. You’re ability to connect with people and build a team of leaders is essential to your success. As a mlm business owner, it is your responsibility to help other people reach their goals.

You you must be aware of before you sign up is that 95 % of the people you share your business with will NOT join you. This is just the truth, but there are ways to deal with this fact where you can still return a profit. Are you prepared to handle rejection?

So what is the solution?

This business is a numbers game; you need to share your business opportunity with as many people as possible. After you go through your friends and family, will you be willing to approach strangers? That’s something you have to ask yourself. Are you willing to overcome fears of approaching people you don’t know? It’s all up to you.

So, I’m I trying to discourage the brand new MLM marketer?


I truly believe in the power of this industry! It changes lives! It provides the average individual the ability to obtain the kind of wealth that 99% of people will only ever dream about.

I just want you to be informed. Once you know what you’re dealing with, once you understand that this is a real business that takes real work, then when you decide to join a MLM company and you are STILL willing to go all out to make it work….

Then I can say with a certainty that you WILL succeed in this industry.

network marketingListen, there is a way to be successful in this industry. The road has already been paved for anyone who is willing to follow it.

Is it less work?

Of course not!!

Do you still have to sacrifice your time and money?


But, if you follow it, be trainable and be consistent in your efforts, you wont regret following the footsteps of leaders that will get you to your goal in a shorter amount of time.


If your going to jump on the network marketing bandwagon, do it the right way! CLICK HERE to find out how the top earners do it.