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little black book of scriptsLittle Black Book of Scripts- Tells you exactly what to say

The Little Black Book of Scripts was one of my first investments produced by Mr. Todd Falcone, and let me tell you it was absolutely worth every penny! I’ll talk more about this little gem later, first let me tell you about one of my adopted mentors, Todd Falcone. For those of you who are looking into the network marketing or direct sales industry, you know it can be a challenge. Having a mentor is one of the most important strategies you need to incorporate if you really want to be successful. Todd Falcone has been in the Network Marketing industry for over 20 years. Way before the internet became a valuable tool for marketers, Todd was in the trenches learning and mastering the art of prospecting. Because of that early training and off line recruiting experience, he has become one of the Top multi level marketers, and prospecting experts in the field today.

Todd Falcone- MLSP

I was introduced to Todd Falcone through a series of weekly webinar training sessions within a training company that I am currently involved in called My Lead System Pro or MLSP. I can say that I was completely blown away by his knowledge and expertise in the art of recruiting and not to mention his dynamic delivery commanded my attention. I love the concept of  Network Marketing. Todd Falcone is one of the reasons why. Here is a highly respected entrepreneur, a 7 figure income earner in his business, who could retire now if he wanted to, but loves the industry enough that he is dedicated to teaching other newbie’s and “guru’s” alike how to become and maintain success in the multi level marketing arena. Paying it forward, giving back to the industry that made him, that’s what network marketing is all about and I’m proud to be apart of it!

Todd Falcone- Little black book of scrips

So right after his training I quickly bought his book, Little Black Book of Scripts. The book explains the importance of little black book of scriptsknowing what to say and exactly how to say it when you are prospecting or qualifying people who you would like to be apart of your team. There are a lot of companies out there that don’t really get into the particulars of how to find leads other than your friends and family, let alone explain what exactly to say. They don’t give a complete blueprint of how to approach, qualify, and close the prospect. Little Black Book of Scripts goes into specific detail of all of this, and it provides you with a script of exactly what to say to boot!…. Nice!… This was something I really needed when I was starting out and is the best tool in the world to give to a new member of your team. Also, he provides a companion CD with the book so that you can hear how the scripts should sound like. The ultimate goal is for the new marketer to memorize the scripts so well that it sounds natural and eventually is no longer needed because it becomes apart of your own flow. I was so excited about his book that I researched to find out if he offered an affiliate program… he did. At that time I was only working with one other affiliate, but my very first return came from The Little Black Book of Scripts. Why? Because the book wasn’t hype. It provides usable value to the one who implements it. Sweet! Oh how I love this business!

If you have no idea what to say to a prospect or how to say it, let Todd tell you exactly what to say and how to say it!

You’ve gotta little black book of scripts out, believe me when I say, you will be so glad you did.