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article marketing strategyArticle Marketing Vs Blogging

When I first started looking for a Easy Article Marketing Strategy to attract more leads, I was immediately attracted to blogging. I don’t really know why, I mean I didn’t consider myself the best writer in the world, but it just seemed the easiest way to get started without having to “put myself out there” like I would have had I started with video. The idea of putting together my own blog was exciting because I could make it my own and say anything I wanted to say, as long as I utilized  some simple guidelines for maximum effect, of course.

Now some would say that there was a difference between writing for a blog and writing for article directories; that’s kinda true. The end goal of blogging and using an article marketing strategy is the same- you want to attract an audience. In order to do that in either case, you need to make sure that you are using targeted keywords and phrases within and throughout your content because it is the only way to ensure readers as well as Google will be able to find you. In the case of utilizing an article marketing strategy, you need to a bit further.

There are some blogs out there that don’t utilize keywords at all. That’s because not all blogs are the same. Some blogs are just online journals for people who are not necessary looking to generate leads but just want to voice their passions and interests.

Since this article will focus on generating traffic using article directories, understand that directories pretty much EXPECT your content to be keyword dense, and have a specific look and feel. That is the fundamental difference between blogging and article marketing. That being said, I always craft my blog post in the same fashion as articles for directories, just makes things easier.

Okay, But I Suck At Writing!

No worries. If you don’t feel you are good at writing or don’t know how to get started, try spending some time studying some of the top writers in article directories. You can also check out my blog post on how to craft the perfect article. Reading  through their content, you’ll begin to get a good idea of the formula they are using to put it all together and how they are able to lead the reader towards the author bio box at the bottom page, which is another important aspect of your article marketing strategy that get’s results.

Article Marketing Strategy For Directories- The Break Down

Let’s get started on understanding what your article should look like. First off, you want to make sure you have ample white space around your article due to the fact that people lose interest really quickly when they see a bunch of text they have to sift through. You don’t want your reader to be confronted with something that looks like a dictionary, so break up your content with short paragraphs that will make your article appear to be easier and quicker to read. Also, one big no-no for some article directories is adding affiliate links within the body of the article; your article might be rejected.

Article Directories are getting really particular about this so make sure you read over their rules of conduct and basically keep your links contained within the Author Box.

Article Marketing Strategy For Directories-  Super Juicy Headlines

Most people are “skimmers” when reading content. They are basically looking for specific phrases and words that may be of interest to their particular need. In order to help your reader have a better experience, not only should you craft a juicy title to rear them in, but you want to create a few catchy sub headings that help to peak their interest and keeps them reading. Headings are essential in your articles content – Let them be short and eye-catching.

Article Marketing Strategy For Directories- The Article Structure

OK, so let’s talk a bit about how to structure your article. Make sure you have your keyword sprinkled throughout your article. Look to distribute about one keyword per 100 words. If you overdue it, the article directory will penalize you for “keyword stuffing”. Just make sure that when you’re using your keywords that they make since. The most important places to add them are in the title, the beginning of your article, throughout the body, and again in the final sentence.

Remember, keywords are the only way readers can find you so make sure you are doing your research for the best keywords as well as long tail keywords for you niche.

The majority of people are on the internet looking for answers to problems they may be looking to solve, so you need to make sure you are providing value by providing an informative and helpful article that solves that problem.

Article Marketing Strategy For Directories- The Author Boxezine-articles-mug

The Author Box is where the magic happens.  When the reader gets down to the end of your article you should be leading them to your author box that contains your CTA or call to action.  This area is where the directories allow you to add any links to your blog, capture page or product offer. As we learned earlier in this article, you cannot add links to the body of your content, at least that’s the general rule. Your ultimate goal is to entice your reader to click your links to become a lead or purchase one of your products.

Most directories have a dashboard where you can find statistical information on the number of readers and the number of click’s you are getting from your articles. Keep an eye on your stats to see which articles are getting the most readers, that way you can craft more articles like those.

I love using article directories because I can write an article one day and the next day see that I’ve gotten 30 or more views with a bunch of clicks to my links! It’s awesome! Btw, the article directory I get the most traffic from is www.

Using this particular Article Marketing Strategy is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your sites so you can really grow your business, just be careful and know the rules before posting in directories.