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mlm lead generation

Without a good MLM lead generation plan, you’re not very likely to get far in network marketing. If hanging around malls passing out fliers or talking to the strangers 3 feet away from you at the gas station is the only way you’ve been taught to find leads….you might just give up before you ever get started.  


So the question is; how do you do it, how do you find people who are interested in your business opportunity and what qualifies as a good plan? The answers are varied and widely depend on personal preferences. There are basically two ways of getting leads: get them yourself, or find and use a lead generation systems that can get you targeted leads on a consistent basis.

MLM Lead Generation Systems

Let’s start with the latter category.You’ll findmany companies specializing in lead generation and they are normally online based, meaning they incorporate online marketing strategies in marketing format. The obvious advantage to using this type of platform is that it can saves you an enormous amount of time and frustration that often comes with trying to build your down line.

On the other hand, some MLM lead generation companies have the habit of sending you leads that have nothing to do with your target market or even worse, advise you to buy their leads which is never a good idea. If you’re going to use a MLM lead generation marketing system for your business you need to make sure they offer the following services:

  • Online marketing tools that are plug in play, i.e., easy to use and understand
  • Training and support
  • Offer online and offline strategies
  • An Attraction Marketing platform for targeted leads
  • Affiliate products so you can increase your income stream while you’re prospecting.
  • An irresistible offer you can present to your prospects even if they say no to your biz op.

The majority of MLM lead generation companies teach new distributors to go out and find leads completely offline. This do-it-yourself method has been working for over 50 years and is still an effective technique that everyone should learn.  However, many people find it difficult and uncomfortable to pitch to their family and friends let alone a stranger in a mall or at the gas station.

So, if I’m more of an introvert, should I forget network marketing all together? If I’m afraid to approach people and sell, does that mean I have to give up on my dreams of owning my own business? I say, of course not! Anyone can be successful in network marketing! There are countless 6-7 figure a month earners out there who are just as introverted. They pushed passed their personality and found a way to make it work. The important thing is to have as many marketing strategies available to you so that you can find the one that’s right for you. MLM lead generation companies that take advantage of online marketing strategies offer the best platform for success.

I personally was not the most talkative person in the world under certain situations and had a lot of trouble approaching my warm market. This is why I chose an MLM lead generation platform that taught me how to attract leads to me instead of me chasing them. Now I still had to talk to people, but it’s much easier when you know that person has been qualified and is already interested in some type of MLM opportunity.

Right now, there are quite a few good MLM lead generation systems out there on the net, each having their own dedicated fan base. Before you decide which one to join – if you want to, that is – you should thoroughly research them and their history, use the check list above as your guideline.  If you are eager to start and, at the same time, want to learn how to generate your own leads, I have some free training that will help you in your online and offline marketing efforts.


MLM lead generation can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. The beauty of having a TURNKEY system available is that it can do the hard work for you; the marketing strategies,the capture pages, the auto responders, and the affiliate sales funnels.

Everything you need for mlm lead generation so you can explode your business by building a successful down line.