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ONLINE MARKETING DIGITAL PICTaking advantage of people’s tendency to spend more and more time online, quite a few entrepreneurs have decided to try their luck in online marketing. These forward thinkers understand that whether it’s a service or a product that people are after, making choices and buying online is so much sweeter and easier than going to your local shopping center, dealing with traffic, plowing through crowd and waiting in long lines at the cash register.

As an online marketer, you don’t have to invest the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the traditional “brick and mortar” business model requires. No pulling your hair out trying to rent a space, renovate  it, decorating and furnishing it, or even the worries of finding a product to fill it up with. Nope, in the realm of online marketing, with a couple of hundred dollars and a few smart choices, you can have your business up and running in a matter of days. But don’t let me make you believe that owning an online business isn’t hard work, it is, but it will never be as difficult as the alternative. Here are a few basic steps to get your  online business rolling.

The Basics of Online Marketing – Setting up the Website

The key to success in any business, online or off is presentation. When you decide to do everything online, the offices and showrooms are replaced by the website. Every single detail about it has to meet perfection, from the domain name to the colors, fonts, pictures and videos, but, especially to the content.

So, you need to start with a domain name for your website that is representative of who you are and what your business is all about. Create one that speaks of your products and is easy to remember. Then, you must follow it up with a suggestive design and an unforgettable logo.

The Basics of Online Marketing- Multi Media

Videos are a must in online marketing, in fact, off line businesses are seeing the benefits of utilizing video marketing as well. This is because studies show that people find it a lot easier to watch videos than to read endless stories. When posting videos, you have the chance to reach your audience through both visual and audio channels. Then, you can add pictures of the products you wish to promote or testimonials to confirm the quality of the services you offer.

Back them up with some original and relevant descriptions and chances are your visitors will turn into customers. However, in order for that to happen, you also have to make sure that all the elements of your site are well organized, in order to make your website easy to navigate and appealing to visitors.

The Basics of Online Marketing – Search Engine Optimization

The problem with moving your business online is that if the search engines don’t see your website and like it, no one else will have access to it either. You therefore need an aggressive search engine optimization campaign, otherwise known as SEO. Regardless of if you choose to do everything yourself or leave it to someone with more experience in the field, the campaign has to focus on high quality, original and relevant content and on creating back links to your website.

Getting your website on the first pages of the search engines may take weeks, even months, but once you succeed, you will have a constant stream of visitors that can turn into paying customers allowing you to have a continuous supply of money flowing to your bank account.

Just don’t forget that, once you get those visitors on your site, you need to be encouraging them to buy and to keep them coming back for more. How is that accomplished? By providing bonuses, freebies, discounts and email an marketing campaigns that keeps them interested. However, be mindful of your email marketing techniques, nobody likes to be spammed! Ensure that you have these basics in place and you will be on your way to online marketing success!

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