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socialAdr reviewSocialAdr Review —A Head to Head Comparison

Any good online marketer, entrepreneur or webmaster knows that back links are a vital part of your website’s online presence.  Without a good number of quality back-links, you’ll never make it to the top of a highly competitive market which means your organic search traffic will lag, which means your sales won’t be as high as you hoped.  In other words, back links are an important piece of the online success puzzle. It took me awhile to come to terms with this fact, but back links are vital to getting your content seen.

In this SocialAdr review, I will share with you the two main tools that I have been testing in my back linking strategy: SocialAdr and Social Monkee. Also, at the end, I’ll reveal a new technology that is on the market that can make your back linking 100 times more effective in getting you more traffic in a shorter period of time.

SocialAdr Review| Social Bookmarking Tools as a Backlink Strategy

In order to successfully build your backlinks in a highly competitive industry (or if you’re targeting highly competitive keywords), you have to get smart about your strategy.  That means using the best back-link building tools available to you. 

Some of these tools that you might have heard of are called social bookmarking tools, which are designed to bookmark your posts on hundreds and thousands of sites.  Then, when people engage with your posts (i.e. sharing, bookmarking, etc.) on Digg, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking sites, you get a ton of backlinks.

Two of the most popular social bookmarking tools for link-building that I’ve been testing are Social- ADR and Social Monkee.  While similar in name and function, the two tools are very different. Let’s take a look at both to see which is better for your purposes:

SocialAdr Review| Is It Worth It?

Signing up for Social ADR is free, but you will have to add some login details in order to utilize this social bookmarking tool.  Once you are in, then you have access to 24 social bookmarking sites (expect to spend a bit of time here with the login details).  Other users can then bookmark your URL giving you instant backlinks.  After the lengthy signup period, it only takes about a minute to do the rest of the work—then, simply leave it up to the way the tool is designed to work.

Of course, as with anything that takes time to set up, you can pay a nominal fee and have SocialAdr set everything up for you, so if you’re super-busy, you might want to go that route.  Otherwise, SocialAdr is a completely free tool.  There are, however, paying options that make it easier for you to get bookmarks.

This is because in order for your bookmark to be shared by others, you have to have enough credits in your SocialAdr account.  You can get free credits by sharing other people’s bookmarks (which is why this works, since other people are sharing your book marks to get theirs shared as well), or you can directly purchase the credits if you don’t want to participate with any of that hassle.

There is also an option for a paid plan where you get unlimited benefits and shares.  If you are choosing the free option, you can only share five bookmarks each day in order to prevent back-link spamming (this is a good thing and protects you since back-link spamming gets you Google penalties).

Unfortunately, this means you can only earn five credits per day, so your link can only be bookmarked five times per day max (unless you have a store of credits, buy them or sign up for a paid account).

After your URL is shared around 25 times, it is transferred to the archives for permanent linking. Whether you choose to get here free or by paying is up to you, but if you are running an enormous website or company, you might want to consider the paid option unless you can get some tech-savvy intern to take over the SocialAdr account.

All in all, I found that this SocialAdr is easy to use but can be time consuming and expensive if you’re doing the paid version. The free version is fine if you have the time, but to be truthful, you’re just not going to get the same results compared to the paid packages the offer.

socialadr review

Socialadr Review| How Does Social Monkee Compare

So, rather than tell you what’s the same about Social Monkee vs Socialadr, here’s what’s different. Not only is Social Monkee a newer tool, it also doesn’t make you add all of your login details at each of the social bookmarking sites as they use mainly Web 2.0 sites for back-links.  This means it takes less set up time on your end while getting the same job accomplished.

Also, in regards to price, like SocialAdr, you also have a free version and paid version. The upshot of the paid version with Social Monkee is that you can chose to pay yearly as opposed to monthly. Much easier on the pockets, in my opinion.

Furthermore, some people prefer Social Monkee because the results you get in your backlinks are more specific for what you are doing.  In other words, with Social Monkee, you get exactly what you pay for—X amount of dollars will gain you X amount of backlinks as soon as you click your mouse.  These types of instantaneous and guaranteed results go a long way with website owners that are trying to get fast, real results which are measurable.

Unfortunately, this does come with one big drawback in that the speed and guarantee of Social Monkee means you are getting lower quality backlinks that you would with Social ADR.  This means they won’t be as powerful a boost to your website’s rankings because they are coming from lower PageRank websites.

Socialadr Review| Which Should You Choose?

So, the choice is up to you: slower, quality backlinks with SocialAdr or faster, lower-quality backlinks with Social Monkee. 

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I’ve been testing it out and it’s proving to give my SocialAdr Review a run for its money.