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The Solo Ad Revealed

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to build your email list or drive traffic to your site, you’ve probably been told that marketing a solo ad is a great technique to use. Well, you haven’t been lied to, that’s for sure! Using a targeted Solo ad is an amazing email marketing technique that can provide that crucial first boost to a new business or push your quarterly quota over the top during a slow quarter.

Although it’s not a marketing method that I would recommend for some newbie entrepreneurs who are building a home business as a long term strategy, it is a great way to give your list building a boost as well as get leads for your business. That being said, there are some established businesses and marketers that have made an entire career using a solo ad as their primary email marketing strategy.

Solo Ad Marketing 101—What are Solo Ads?

For the completely uninitiated, solo ads are a way to essentially “rent” someone’s established email list for your own promotional purposes. They work like this: Marketer A has an enormous email list built up. Marketer B is in the same niche or a closely related niche as Marketer A but is just starting up and/or has no email list.

Marketer B approaches Marketer A about buying a solo ad. A price is agreed upon and Marketer A sends out Marketer B’s ad to his email list. Payment is received and both parties move on with their lives and business plans as normal.

That’s pretty much the way solo ads work, in a nutshell. Now the rest of the process is where some marketers get scared off—don’t be. Buying a solo ad is simple and if done properly, can net you some great results and serve as a huge boom to your business.

Solo Ads 101—How Do You Pay for Solo Ads?

There are a few different types of payment plans that are typically used with a solo ad. I recommend you stay away from cheap solo ads that over offer. However, depending on your preference and that of the solo ad providers, you do have a few options available to you:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC). This means you will pay the solo ad seller a predetermined amount (generally between .10 centssolo_ad_ppc and .50 cents depending on how targeted and extensive the seller’s list is) based solely on how many clicks you get to your site (or email signups, or whatever your CTA is trying to accomplish).

2. Pay Per Open (PPO). Just like above with the PPC, except that you pay per time your email ad is opened by a member of the ad seller’s list.

3. Pay Per Sale (PPS). Also called “pay per conversion,” this simply means that you will pay a predetermined amount based on how many actual conversions you receive as a direct result of the email list.

Expect to pay more for bigger lists that are highly targeted as they will likely drive in more targeted traffic, highly qualified leads and ultimately, more revenue (or conversions). You can also expect to have a guaranteed minimum from the owner of the list—they will generally keep on sending your email out until the minimum number is met. The minimum number will be tied into the method you are using to count success (i.e. PPC, PPO, PPS, PPV etc.).

Basic Steps of a Solo Ad

When you want to get started with your solo ad, there are a few basic steps that you must take before, during and after:

1. Create a Landing Page. Your solo ad will only be as effective as your landing page. This is where you are hoping the people on the list will visit after clicking through your email. The landing page is very clear and concise in that it tells the viewer exactly what it is you want them to do with as little friction as possible, prompts them to do it, and then allows them to complete the action (i.e. making a purchase, downloading an eBook, signing up for your email list, etc.).

2. Draft the Email. As with any good email outline, your email should have an urgent, compelling subject line, be brief and enticing in the body and as always, sell the CLICK as much as possible. Provide reason and incentive, typically embodied by the “get” as in, “What will they get if they click?”

3. Contact the List Owner. This can be a tricky part for the uninitiated, but it works well for me and it will give you a great place to start. Be sure that the list owner is in your niche or similar (similar is better, obviously, because if you are in direct competition, the list owner is not going to sell to you!). For example, if you sell custom dog bowls, taking out a solo ad with the neighborhood pet groomer during holiday season as a gift idea is an excellent idea.

If you’ve been interested in learning how to create your first solo ad campaign but don’t know where to start  CLICK HERE and discover how you can get up to 50 leads a day with your targeted solo ad.