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women in corp300Studies by The Small Business Administration show that the number of women owned businesses increased by nearly 90 percent in the past 10 years. Internet marketing is a major business component. What factors explain why so many women have decided to become entrepreneurs?

I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you.

Many women are motivated by their need to have more time with their families
and personal interests. Today’s business women do not consider the large corporate environment conducive to pursuing there dreams of innovation and creativity. As a matter of fact, many of these entrepreneurs are taking the skills that they acquired from their corporate jobs and applying them to their own businesses. Many stay at home moms who were once in corporate America are the biggest advocates of business ownership because they see that it is the ideal way to blend their family needs with the ability to launch their creative business ideas.

 Did you know….?

The average age of women entrepreneurs is 41 yrs old, 85% are of Caucasian descent while 15 percent come from a variety of minority communities. Only 32% have completed at least a four year degree, 23 have an MBA, 57% are married, and 36 % are single or divorced, while 50% have at least 1 child.So in todays economy and because of todays technology, women from all walks of life are creating their own business and their own happiness. There are no limitations compared to the corporate world except for the self imposed ones.

The vast majority of women entrepreneurs see the Internet as the most important tool in their business.

The framework of the New Economy

The corporate business model has been loosing its appeal for a huge section of the working population for many years now. With corporate layoffs and cuts, people are finding out that the old way of relying on being an employee is not to be trusted. Gone are the days of staying in a “secure” job for 20 some odd years and retiring comfortably in the tropics somewhere. People are looking for a solution, and women are taking leaps of faith to move away from this the old way of earning a living.

The world wide web is the framework of the new economy! It is providing away for people to take their financial security into their own hands. As part of this trend, women are leaving large corporations to create online businesses in droves.

The most Common Reasons for Women becoming Business owners.

Opportunity is the chief reason for business ownership. As well as:

1. the opportunity to take risks with new ideas and test personal limits
2. the opportunity to create personal wealth and time freedom
3. the ability to have a positive impact on the lives of others.
4. the  opportunity to realize a personal dream or vision. 

The new economy is ushering a whole new platform to creating greater personal wealth and time freedom through business ownership. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Online Marketing world, and women are stepping and taking a large piece of that abundant pie.