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Top Online Lead Generation Strategies for 2015

Top Online Lead Generation Strategies for 2015

online lead generationOnline Lead Generation For 2015

Despite the fact that no two businesses are alike and the fact that there are really no cookie-cutter marketing solutions that can be applied worldwide, when it comes to online lead generation strategies, a few work out across the boards. 

These are the timeless, top online lead generation strategies that will never become obsolete or played out and will work for virtually any business, idea, person, message or whatever, as long as there’s an online presence.

What I mean by an online presence is having some place for the lead to end up in, be it a landing page, website—whatever.  It doesn’t have to be popular yet, that’s what the lead generation strategies are for!

The Best Online Lead Generation Strategies Moving Forward

So with that said, here are the best lead generation strategies for not only this year, but next year as well.  How can I predict that far into the future?  Because these are the best strategies for generating leads year in and year out:

1. Search Engine Optimization.  SEO, the old standby for a reason.  Optimizing your site for search engines will boost your standings in the SERPs, thereby giving you more organic hits.  The higher up on the SERPs you are, the more leads you will generate simply because you look like the authority in the industry—why else would you be up there?  If you have to, hire someone to do the offpage SEO for you, getting into the backend of the site and fixing up your h1, h2, etc. tags, adding alt text to your media, making sure the meta data is correct, fixing errors, naming the pages more effectively, etc.

2. Website Optimization.  While some don’t see a difference in SEO and website optimization, there really is one.  SEO is optimizing for a search engine—optimizing your website for a person is an often ignored factor in lead generation.  What you want to focus on here is user-friendliness.  How easy is the site to use?  Is it an enjoyable experience?  Does the viewer get the exact information they want from your site or is it confusing, misinformed, generic or redundant?  For both SEO and website optimization, a killer blog will really improve your lead generation, but don’t overlook a redesign of your website if it’s cluttered, hard to use or just friggin’ ugly.

3. Social Media.  Social media has been dying for years now according to the so called experts—don’t listen to them.  Social media is as viable a source for lead generation as ever—you just have to know where to look and what to do.  For this, knowing your demographic well is the only way to be on the right social media platforms at the right times.  You aren’t going to capture the teen demographic on Facebook anymore, but you might on InstaGram.  Also, you aren’t going to use Pinterest to target CEOs and upper management, you’re going to hit up LinkedIn.  Know where your audience is social and then go share some media!

4. Email Marketing Campaigns.  Email marketing is not dead, despite the publicized doom that accompanied the Gmail compartmentalization of the Inbox.  On the contrary, click-thru rates have actually gone up because now users are opening the mail they want to open, in turn making the emails get in front of a more qualified lead audience than ever before.  The only thing left for you to do is build your list and learn how to craft the perfect lead capture email.

5. PPC Ads.  Finally, there are PPC ads.  I put this up here hesitantly since I’m not a huge fan of paying to play (organic all the way!), but there’s no denying that PPC ads work.  While there is no long-term benefit for PPC ads (unless you have bottomless pockets), there is certainly a short-term gain in both lead generation and conversion rates.  This is great for startups and new launches, as well as the business that needs a boost to meet quota right before the quarter ends.  Just remember that your ads have to be effective to work, meaning they must be catchy, targeted, in the right place at the right time and most of all, lead to an effective landing page that is consistent with the ad.  When PPC ads are firing on all cylinders, they are a great way to generate some real quality leads—just make sure you keep them so you don’t have to pay for them again!

What About Targeted Lead Generation Strategies?online lead generation

Of course, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are just the universal lead generation strategies that are out there. 

Yes, they perform well, but for certain industries, other online generation techniques provide a more targeted response from qualified leads.

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The Solo Ad Secret—What You Need to Know about Solo Ad Marketing

The Solo Ad Secret—What You Need to Know about Solo Ad Marketing

solo ad

The Solo Ad Revealed

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to build your email list or drive traffic to your site, you’ve probably been told that marketing a solo ad is a great technique to use. Well, you haven’t been lied to, that’s for sure! Using a targeted Solo ad is an amazing email marketing technique that can provide that crucial first boost to a new business or push your quarterly quota over the top during a slow quarter.

Although it’s not a marketing method that I would recommend for some newbie entrepreneurs who are building a home business as a long term strategy, it is a great way to give your list building a boost as well as get leads for your business. That being said, there are some established businesses and marketers that have made an entire career using a solo ad as their primary email marketing strategy.

Solo Ad Marketing 101—What are Solo Ads?

For the completely uninitiated, solo ads are a way to essentially “rent” someone’s established email list for your own promotional purposes. They work like this: Marketer A has an enormous email list built up. Marketer B is in the same niche or a closely related niche as Marketer A but is just starting up and/or has no email list.

Marketer B approaches Marketer A about buying a solo ad. A price is agreed upon and Marketer A sends out Marketer B’s ad to his email list. Payment is received and both parties move on with their lives and business plans as normal.

That’s pretty much the way solo ads work, in a nutshell. Now the rest of the process is where some marketers get scared off—don’t be. Buying a solo ad is simple and if done properly, can net you some great results and serve as a huge boom to your business.

Solo Ads 101—How Do You Pay for Solo Ads?

There are a few different types of payment plans that are typically used with a solo ad. I recommend you stay away from cheap solo ads that over offer. However, depending on your preference and that of the solo ad providers, you do have a few options available to you:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC). This means you will pay the solo ad seller a predetermined amount (generally between .10 centssolo_ad_ppc and .50 cents depending on how targeted and extensive the seller’s list is) based solely on how many clicks you get to your site (or email signups, or whatever your CTA is trying to accomplish).

2. Pay Per Open (PPO). Just like above with the PPC, except that you pay per time your email ad is opened by a member of the ad seller’s list.

3. Pay Per Sale (PPS). Also called “pay per conversion,” this simply means that you will pay a predetermined amount based on how many actual conversions you receive as a direct result of the email list.

Expect to pay more for bigger lists that are highly targeted as they will likely drive in more targeted traffic, highly qualified leads and ultimately, more revenue (or conversions). You can also expect to have a guaranteed minimum from the owner of the list—they will generally keep on sending your email out until the minimum number is met. The minimum number will be tied into the method you are using to count success (i.e. PPC, PPO, PPS, PPV etc.).

Basic Steps of a Solo Ad

When you want to get started with your solo ad, there are a few basic steps that you must take before, during and after:

1. Create a Landing Page. Your solo ad will only be as effective as your landing page. This is where you are hoping the people on the list will visit after clicking through your email. The landing page is very clear and concise in that it tells the viewer exactly what it is you want them to do with as little friction as possible, prompts them to do it, and then allows them to complete the action (i.e. making a purchase, downloading an eBook, signing up for your email list, etc.).

2. Draft the Email. As with any good email outline, your email should have an urgent, compelling subject line, be brief and enticing in the body and as always, sell the CLICK as much as possible. Provide reason and incentive, typically embodied by the “get” as in, “What will they get if they click?”

3. Contact the List Owner. This can be a tricky part for the uninitiated, but it works well for me and it will give you a great place to start. Be sure that the list owner is in your niche or similar (similar is better, obviously, because if you are in direct competition, the list owner is not going to sell to you!). For example, if you sell custom dog bowls, taking out a solo ad with the neighborhood pet groomer during holiday season as a gift idea is an excellent idea.

If you’ve been interested in learning how to create your first solo ad campaign but don’t know where to start  CLICK HERE and discover how you can get up to 50 leads a day with your targeted solo ad.







Todd Falcone|The Man, The Myth

Todd Falcone|The Man, The Myth


Todd Falcone|The Who’s Who of Network Marketing| Who Is ?

If you haven’t heard of Todd Falcone and you are involved in online marketing and direct selling, you aren’t traveling in the right circles. With over 25 years of experience in direct sales and network marketing, Todd Falcone has carved out a spot for himself as one of the world’s leading internet marketing trainers, speakers and teachers. You might have seen him in webinars (this is how I discovered him), at live training events or during conference calls and not even realize it, but after today, you wil.

What Does Todd Falcone Do?

Todd Falcone acts as a top-level consultant for the most elite network marketing company owners all over the world. He has spoken or taught in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and many other countries all over the globe. His talent for closing the universal language barrier with actionable techniques and marketing methods is unparalleled, making him one of the worlds most sought after direct sales and network marketing professionals.

From company and personal coaching to the training of the top-level distributors all over the world, Todd Falcone has left his personal stamp on many of the top internet and network marketing operations in business today. Rooting his success in the fundamentals of network marketing, Todd Falcone is also the president of Reach4Success, LLC. He is a regular speaker, trainer and contributor for the MLSP community.

Todd Falcone—A Man of Many Talents

When he is not speaking, teaching, consulting or coaching, Todd Falcone is an author, penning an extraordinary amount of training programs and articles including:

• How to Win in the Game of Prospecting
The Little Black Book of Scripts
• Cracking the Code to Success in Network Marketing
Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals

If you want to hear Todd speak, every week he hosts the international hit show called “MLM Power Hour,” as he has been doing for the past ten years. MLM Power Hour airs live every Monday night at 5pm PST. This show brings his candid, style to the masses, delivering an hour of the most powerful training tips and tricks, packed with a unique level of humor that his peers are missing.

This unique blend of humor and knowledge—along with his direct delivery style—is what keeps hundreds of thousands of people tuned in every Monday, including myself, all over the world. Todd Falcone is successful at teaching the one thing that many find so hard to learn—how to be successful in business. This talent has made him one of the biggest rock stars in training and development for network marketing.

What Does Todd Falcone Talk About?

Whether he is at a speaking engagement, on the air with MLM Power Hour or hosting a webinar for a global audience, Falcone is always teaching to a very specific audience: independent network marketers and direct sales professionals. His wisdom lays the cornerstone for success upon which they can build their business, knowing that the rock-solid Falcone wisdom has helped thousands of people all over the world reach for the sky and succeed.

The range of topics within this niche is vast, especially once Todd Falcone reaches into his enormous bag of knowledge. From the fundamentals of building your home business with network marketing to offline strategies, leadership development, accountability and advanced techniques, Falcone gives you the knowledge to use the tools of network marketing success like a true champion. His marketing products are unparalleled, which is why I am one of his affiliates. Quality, quality, quality!

Todd Falcone is available to speak at local events, conference calls, regional and national corporate conventions, domestic andtodd falcone abroad, international distributor events, webinars, live trainings and much, much more. He draws from his own personal knowledge and experience, during his time building some of the largest network marketing companies in the world. All in all, he has developed organizations that number well into the tens of thousands across his twenty-five year career as a distributor over five different companies.

He truly does speak and teach about what he knows, one of a handful of trainers who are currently on the circuit that has had success in the field, not just someone who regurgitates training seminars they attended. It is these strategies and fundamentals of his own success that Todd Falcone imparts to his listeners, showing them the ropes that he helped create during the course of his innovative career.

As for his personal life, Todd Falcone is married to his wife, Carla, with whom he has two beautiful children, Joey and Gianni. When he’s not shaping the future professional network marketers and independent entrepreneurs of the world, Falcone enjoys surfing, skiing, golfing, fishing and being in the outdoors.

As you can see, I’m a fan of the man and his products. I own almost all of them. I so blesses to have been exposed to him early on in my career through My Lead System Pro!

If you’re looking for a way to take your network marketing business to the next level one of the very first training products I purchased from Todd was “Little Black Book of Scripts”, and it’s the first thing I give to my team of network marketers because it gives some amazing approaches that a newbie marketer can use who may have no idea what to say to promote their business to others.

Click Here to get your copy of Todd FalconeLittle Black Book Of Scripts.”










My Lead System Pro Review| What is MLSP And Is It Worth The Money?

My Lead System Pro Review| What is MLSP And Is It Worth The Money?

my lead system pro reviewMy Lead System Pro Review| My Shameless Plug

If you’re reading this My Lead System Pro Review you’ve probably heard a thing or two about it but, maybe you haven’t joined because you just aren’t sure if it can really benefit you and your business. Well, I’m hear to tell you that it really can. It has changed me and my business in a way that I never thought possible.

It has given me the much needed tools that it seemed only people with a lot of money and experience could have. I am forever grateful and as you can probably tell, this MLSP review is going to be slightly biased to say the least. Don’t let that scare you, read on to find out why this is one of the top lead generation systems in the online hemisphere as well a community that all of the popular kids are a part of.

My Lead System Pro Review—The Facts

Akin to an online university and community, My Lead System Pro (MLSP) teaches growing entrepreneurs like you and me, everything we need to know about online marketing, home business promotion, affiliate marketing, network marketing and much, much more.

The focus is to teach its members how to get more qualified leads to their website and businesses, thus making more money in the process. My Lead System Pro was started way back in 2008 as a resource for struggling network marketers. Its platform was built primarily on the revolutionary attraction marketing system—that is, the art of attracting customers to you rather than going out and chasing them—the program quickly became a shining example, (copied by many) of marketing education for not only network marketers but small business owners as well.

Members of My Lead System Pro get quality training from some of the top 6 and 7 figure internet marketers out there on a number of topics including:

  • Social media marketing across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to setup and manage a blog that makes money
  • How to optimize your website (SEO strategies)
  • The different types of marketing that are out there and which are best for you

What Is MLSP?—The Community

MLSP also provides extensive networking communities through which the members help each other make money. There’s a private Facebook group as well as community boards and meetings that have led to many real-life success stories through partnerships. Some of these success stories include online marketing heavy hitters like, David Wood, Rob Fore, Diane Hockman, Ray Higdon and many many more. See, unlike other copycat lead systems out there, MLSP has a proven track record for creating successful 6-7 figure business owners. 

my lead system pro

Me With Co founder of My Lead System Pro’s Brian Fanale

Essentially, this group of the elite marketing leaders are still teaching the next generation of marketers the right way to build a successful business online. MLSP offers a powerful money-making machine that is all inclusive for its members.

The focus on the community at My Lead System Pro is what really makes it stand out from any other similar “marketing university” online. This brings the teachings of MLSP outside of the scope of audio and video seminars or PDFs. While you still get all of those, you also get to ask questions and get feedback from some of the largest and most successful internet marketers in the world.

This sense of community connects networks within networks, providing members with unique money-making opportunities that are closed off to non-members. As such, it is a huge advantage for anyone inside of the MLSP community, especially if they are looking for ways to increase their revenue through advanced marketing techniques on top of their network marketing businesses.

Multiple income streams is the name of the game and one of the reasons I joined MLSP a long with being apart of its community, was that it made that possible for me as a newbie marketer. They really helped me to see a bigger picture when it came to building my business.

My Lead System Pro Review Of The Products

So here are some of the key features of MLSP that has kept them around for so long while their competitors drop out like flies!

•Crafting Your Own Business. How to brand YOU Inc. This concept was foreign to me as I thought I was supposed to come online and tell everyone about my MLM biz opp. Not the case! This the number one mistake most new marketers make and MLSP teaches you how to avoid that by showing how to lead with value and brand you as the leader and expert in your business.

•Live Weekly Lead Generation Training. Each week you’ll get a training course from the best internet marketers in the world, keeping you up to date on the latest tricks, tips and trends. From Facebook and YouTube marketing to blogging and SEO; from PPC Ads to Solo Ads—this keeps you plugged into the money machine and best of all, these live courses are recorded so that you the member, can offer it FREE to your prospects and customers as a tool to build your list!

Did I mention MLSP works hard to help YOU build YOUR list and not their own?

my lead system pro•Education and Training Library. Get instant access to one of the most valuable resources online, My Lead System Pro’s extensive training library. Hundreds of hours of training on sponsoring, marketing, lead-generation techniques, recruiting, team-building, list-building, leadership, etc. This was so valuable to me because trying to piece all of this online marketing stuff together from all these different sources was extremely confusing and overwhelming when I first started out. Being able to access reliable, up to date information, all in one spot was a godsend.

•100% Pure Profit Products. This is a ingenious marketing strategy when you really understand how network marketing works and in some cases doesn’t work. The concept is that most successful network marketers have more than just one profit stream. In other words, they have their eggs in more than one basket. My Lead System Pro made it super easy for its members to create their own marketing portfolio. You can join on as an affiliate, sharing the MLSP membership, marketing the lead-gen products that you are learning from, so you can actually earn as you learn—keeping 100% (40% for non-Mastery members) of the sale after transaction fee.

Click Here to find out about MLSP Mastery Membership:

•Customize Your Fan Pages and Website. Completely customize your fan page, capture pages, marketing sales funnel and more, instantly branding yourself as a marketing leader in the industry. This sets you up for the success that will come your way after joining up with My Lead System Pro. Instant attraction marketing and branding. And if that sounds too difficult for ya, they have out of the box, highly convertible sales funnels ready for you to use immediately.

•Instant Relationships and Values. You can utilize these turnkey website funnels and products for your own prospects, giving them instant value and you, instant sales. Build the relationships that lead to sales with MLSP instantly.

•Promotion by MLSP.  My Lead System Pro also promotes you and your brand to their own active database of home businesses, meaning you are instantly plugged into over 100,000 businesses ready to turn into your customers and clients.

•Autoresponder Email Integration. 100% free 500-Man autoresponder from MLSP lets you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, not only teaching you the right way to do it, but providing you with pre written email series that will help you build and monetize your list.

My Lead System Pro Review- Is It Worth It?

As far as I’m concerned, My Lead System Pro is a smart choice for any internet marketer, network marketer and small biz owner looking to be successful, and at the same time, surround themselves with like-minded, successful people in the industry.

The partnerships that can be made in this community are truly worth the price of admission! Oh yeah, what exactly is the My Lead System Pro cost? As low as 50 bucks a month! Not bad for a system that’s worth thousands of dollars.

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Website Backlinks—What You Need to Know for SEO in 2015

Website Backlinks—What You Need to Know for SEO in 2015

website backlinksWebsite Backlinks| Analysis

With all of the updates and constantly changing algorithms from Google, Bing and Yahoo!, it can be difficult to keep up with the best SEO practices.  Website backlinks in particular have created a lot of confusion in the online community, with harsh penalties being doled out to websites that aren’t keeping up with the rules. 

Unfortunately, these rules can be difficult to decipher, so here’s a plain-language look at what website backlinks are, what you need to know about them and the best way to build quality backlinks moving forward.

What are Backlinks?

The short and simple definition of a backlink is any link that a person can click on that will take them from somewhere else on the internet, straight to your site.  For example, if someone likes your company and recommends you on their blog with a link back to your site, that’s a backlink.  Similarly, if you post links to your website in other areas of the web, they too are backlinks. A backlink can simply be your website or it can be embedded in the text as an anchor link.  Whatever the case may be, the ultimate litmus test for a backlink is “does it lead to your website?”  If so, it’s a backlink.  Unfortunately, that’s the only simple part of the equation—understanding what a website backlink is. 

From here, it gets a little tricky (but I’ll try to simplify it for you!).

Website Backlinks|Why are SEO Backlinks Important?

Website backlinks are important because search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! all use algorithms to rank websites on the result pages.  That is to say, certain things you do matter more to a search engine when it comes time to suggest you to a person making a query.  Seo backlinks carry a lot of “weight” in these algorithms meaning that they directly influence your ranking on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when a person is looking for you or someone/thing like you/your business. As you know, the higher you rank on the SERPs for relevant searches, the more qualified leads and traffic you have coming into your site, so it stands to reason that if backlinks help you rank higher, you want as many website backlinks as possible, right? 

Well, not so fast, this is what tripped me up! Seo backlinks are all about quality over quantity. That’s because you only rank higher in a search engine’s mind if you have website backlinksquality backlinks.  That is to say, the more popular and highly rated a website is that posts a backlink to your site, the more positively it is going to affect your ranking.  On the other hand, if you have poor or low quality backlinks, they can negatively affect your ranking.

You can think of it like this: if two groups of people are talking about you to someone who is inquiring about your services and one of the groups is well-respected while the other is a known pack of liars, Google only wants to hear from the well-respected group.  To do this, search engines “weight” backlinks coming from websites by the site’s PageRank. 

The higher the PageRank of the site that is creating the backlink, the better your site will look in the eyes of Google.  The search engine will think, “Well, if so and so thinks highly of them to recommend them, they must be a high-quality site.  We’ll recommend them as well!”  But if you are getting tons of website backlinks from sites with a low PageRank, Google will say, “Hey, these guys get no respect from the good pages.  We’re not going to respect them either.”

What’s the Best Way to Build Quality Website Backlinks?

So, what’s the best way to ensure that your website backlinks are all coming from quality sites?  It used to be that you could do things like guest blog or ask for backlinks, but now, the best SEO practice is to focus on your own website and let the backlinks come naturally—tend to your own garden first, as the saying goes.  By creating a quality site with insightful, helpful and original blogs, you will organically generate website backlinks. 

These are also called “no ask website backlinks,” but whatever you want to call them (inbound links, inlinks, etc.), just know that quality begets quality.  When your product or service is good and the material you are putting out there is good, the links flow naturally.  Focus on answering the burning questions your customers have, not just ” how can I get backlinks for my website”.  Provide insight into the industry and become an authority in your niche.  Put your opinion out there or provide your own take on situations and hot topics.  When you do this, people will not only want to share your content, they will want to link to it because they want to be linked to you. 

For a more in-depth look how to get quality website backlinks and to get access to a successful  link building strategy that I’m using right now, CLICK HERE   

 website backlinks end








The Network Marketing Tools Scam And How You Can Profit From It.

The Network Marketing Tools Scam And How You Can Profit From It.

The Network Marketing  Tools Scam Of The 1980’s 

network marketingBack in the early 80’s when network marketing was really coming into its own, there was this big controversy over what they called the network marketing tools  scandal. Basically, successful distributors were creating these huge down lines and began monopolizing on that by selling books, cd’s, tapes, memberships etc., to people on their existing teams as well as new people that signed up.

At one point, I think that some of these rouge mega- teams within their perspective MLM companies (a lot of this was happening without the knowledge of their MLM companies) started “requiring” people to purchase these tools for the development of their businesses.

This of course, made the people at the top of these mega-teams an enormous about of money but the fallout of this was that people in their down line were not able to duplicate their up lines success because they didn’t have access to these network marketing “tools” and they were spending quite a bit of money trying to keep up with the monthly fees associated with having these tools on top of their regular monthly auto shop.

As a result, network marketing companies were surrounded by a level of mistrust as people began to believe that you couldn’t make money in the actual MLM Company unless you could sell these tools, which back then, your average distributor had absolutely no way of creating these kinds of multiple streams of income type products. Consequently, lawsuits were filed as it was argued that the network marketing tool business was considered illegal and unethical because the majority of these high-level distributors were actually making the majority of their money from the sales of these tools and not the products themselves.

The MLM industry today has since been regulated and distributors cannot require people to buy these business building tools. Now the problem was not in the fact that the MLM platform didn’t actually work to make people in the industry wealthy, because these people did build enormous organizations and they continue to make residual income ‘til this day.

So the system works.

The problem wasn’t even that they were selling other streams of income like books, CD’S etc., to their teams. The real problem was in the fact that they were requiring people to purchase them!

Network Marketing Tools Today…

Now days, with the creation of the world wide web, and “instant access” technology, your average network marketer has access to a slue of products and services that can be offered to their customers and can be used to build multiple streams of income. We also understand that the top producers in the MLM industry are that much more successful because of, not only their MLM company and products, but because they can offer other resources to their market and profit from them.

What was shunned in the past is now the norm for today’s network marketer who wants to be financially successful- minus the forced prerequisite factor of course! =)

#1 Mistake of New Network Marketers.

The newbie network marketers fail to take advantage of marketing their own “tools” apart from their MLM business.


  • One reason is that they didn’t even know they could….
  • They don’t know how to find the right product tools..
  • They have no idea how to market it.

See, the hard fact is that 97% of the people you expose your MLM business to will say NO to your business. What you must have in place is a way to create income even if your prospect says “no thanks”.

This is where your  network marketing tools comes in.

If you can create a way to provide something of value to the prospect that is not interested in your opportunity, i.e. e-books, CD’s, free training etc., you would not only still be able to make money, but if you do it right, that prospect will be more likely to join you when the timing is right for them because now you have given them something of value that they can benefit from.

They now KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you… 

The 4 Profit Centers Of The Top Online Network Marketers:

The 4 profit centers (tools) you need to have in place to have a truly profitable business.

The purpose of having “profit centers” is to increase cash flow to your business. These are revenue streams that every top earner in the industry have in place in their MLM/home businesses right now, and you should too, due to the fact that it can be a lot easier to sell a product to someone than a business opportunity, and even easier to sell a biz op to an existing customer.

The following are 4 pure profit (you keep 100% of the profit) centers that you should havenetwork marketing in place. 

Product Revenue

  • Products that provide value to your niche. o   All top earners sell their own stuff o   Affiliate products

Continuity Revenue

  • Pays you ongoing or residual income even if someone drops out
  • Membership sites
  • It’s easier to sell a continuity product than your biz opp.
  • Ongoing coaching programs  Monthly webinars

High Ticket Revenue 

  • Believe it or not, high ticket items ($1,000 and up) sell very well o   It’s easier to sell high ticket items to a current customer than a new one

Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity And Products 

  • Lastly, your business opportunity that you can offer in order to build residual income and generational wealth. No top earner just focuses on their biz opp…They have valuable network marketing tools and products that they market that puts them in a leadership position which by default, attracts more people to them, that in turn results in more sign ups to their business opportunity. Seriously, this is the formula for success!

They had the right idea back in the early 80’s, they just took to the extreme and didn’t teach others how they could do the same. 

Network Marketing Toos-The Big Problem

Unfortunately, obtaining products and services like these is not an easy task, especially for the new MLM’re. Not only do you have to own the products but you must be able to position them in away that will attract your target market, as well as find the time to implement all of this. So where does someone just starting out in their Direct Sales business find products and services that will provide 100% profits like these, that are easy to set up, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


The answer is easier than you think!

CLICK HERE to find out how you can have access to the most sought after network marketing tools out there called the 4 profit centers and stop leaving money on the table.

Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold- Who’s on Top?

Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold- Who’s on Top?

sisel vs organo goldSisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold Review

In the battle for top-dog in the amazing healthy coffee sales niche, that you can also turn a profit from, there are really only two names in the industry: Sisel Kaffe and Organo Gold.  While coffee tasting is always a point of personal preference (e.g. some like it strong, some like it flavored, some with milk, some with cream), there can be no personal preference when it comes to cold, hard data.  Which will make you more money?  Sisel Kaffe or Organo Gold?  Which is easier to sell?  Sisel Kaffe or Organo Gold?  Overall, which is the best product for you?

Sisel Kaffe vs. Organo Gold—Product

So right off the bat, it bears mentioning that both Sisel Kaffe and Organo Gold have found backers in the medical industry, with many doctors and healthcare experts choosing sides.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of choosing which doctor is better simply by listening to them speak, so suffice it to say that both have their healthy proponents.

Where we really start to see the differences arise is in the ingredients and blend of Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe.  Namely, Organo Gold banks heavily on Ganoderma lucidum, an ingredient that has been reported to have bioactive properties.  Ganoderma is a wild mushroom which grows on wood and is said to benefit the immune system.  It is also know to help the liver detoxify itself. 

Some other health benefits of Ganoderma:

  • Anti-cancerous properties 
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-fungal effects

Of course some detractors from Organo Gold have reported that the actual amount of Ganoderma in the Organo Gold blend is minute at best, and is being touted as just really expensive coffee. Is this true? I don’t know for sure but it should be noted.
Does Sisel Kaffe Coffee Have Ganoderma Lucidum?sisel kaffe vs organo gold

Unfortunately, having Ganoderma in their coffee at whatever levels, is where the good things start to stop with Organo Gold.  While it is widely accepted that Ganoderma has strong health benefits, the amount put into Organo Gold is troublesome to many.  And while Sisel Kaffe does have Ganoderma as an ingredient, there have been more favorable reports of the blend, seeing as Sisel Kaffe uses “just enough” Ganoderma to keep the good effects while preventing the bad.

And the bad news for Organo Gold doesn’t stop there.  While Ganoderma is Organo Gold’s main selling point, Sisel Kaffe takes the health coffee game quite a few steps further. 

Consider the following:

  • Sisel Kaffe uses Ganoderma, but at greater levels than Organo Gold
  • Sisel Kaffe uses coffee beans grown in Boquete, Panama, the award-winning, highest-rated coffee bean in the world. 
  • Sisel owns the Panamanian Boquete Gesha farm they harvest from, so there are no possibilities of contamination 
  • All Sisel Kaffe coffee beans are cooked via infrared techniques, not flame roasting, thus eliminating the burning of the bean that causes carcinogens (which in turn, cause cancer)
  • All of the infrared-cooked coffee beans are then microground and available in K-cups, instant sachets, and ground coffee bags
  • The immune and digestive system boosting ingredient Chaga is also added to Sisel Kaffe
  • Gotu Kola is added to Sisel Kaffe to support respiratory health as is Bacopa, which supports memory skills
  • There are zero toxic chemicals in Sisel Kaffe

Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe Winner—Product

When it comes down to which coffee is better for you and easier to sell, the winner is Sisel Kaffe, hands down.  If you are looking to buy a healthy coffee strictly for its health benefits, Sisel is the way to go. If you are looking to make money selling coffee via the compensation plans offered by Organo Gold and Sisel Kaffe, Sisel Kaffe will be an easier sell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more money.  For that, we have to put the two compensation plans from Organo Gold and Sisel Kaffe together in a head-to-head match.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

sisel vs organo goldIf you choose to make money selling Organo Gold via their MLM compensation plan and business strategy, here’s what you need to know:

  • You will be paid daily and weekly profits from retail product sales
  • There are Fast Track Bonuses available, all paid via weekly promotional packages
  • There is a Unilevel Bonus that is paid out monthly, but it has compression, which goes down 9 levels
  • There is a Unilevel Matching Bonus that goes 3 levels deep and is also paid out monthly
  • A Generational Leadership Bonus is paid out on a monthly basis which is a nice sum, provided you qualify (it’s hard for beginners to qualify for this)
  • A Global Pool is earned monthly, but only paid quarterly—if there is a top sales leg or team in your network, they typically snatch up your funds
  • In order to get any bonus you need at least $300 CV and at least $54 per month AutoShip

So while on the surface this looks pretty standard, you have to understand that Organo Gold pays on a Dual Team Payout system, which is just code word for binary.  Binary plans have serious drawbacks because you only get paid on promotional builder packs or first time orders—that’s it.  If you get stuck on a weaker leg, you are pretty much done for, especially if the distributor hits the Dual Team payout cap since that resets all of your unused volume to zero (a sly trick to eliminate Global Pool payouts, etc.).

Sisel Kaffe Compensation Plan

The Sisel International Compensation Plan covers their Kaffe products as well, meaning that you get access to arguably the best compensation plan in the industry:

  • Sisel Kaffee is a Unilevel Plan, not a binary plan.  Whereas Organo Gold only offers its bonuses at Unilevel (binary plans lose you at least 51% of your profit if you’re on the weaker leg)
  • Distributors can be placed anywhere in your organization and you retain full compression which means zero money lost
  • You get a true 45% Fast Start Bonus on all orders the first four weeks, not just on the first order—every order!  Plus, the sponsor’s sponsor gets 5%
  • There is also a Fast Start Bonus that goes into the second month at 100 PV
  • After the first four weeks, you start earning your Distributor payouts for six levels at 5%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%. 
  • Further, Sisel will pay an additional 5% on level 7 and then to infinity, depending on your rank.

Organo Gold vs. Sisel Kaffe Winner—Compensation Plan

The clear runaway winner here is Sisel Kaffe.  Really, all you have to know is that Organo Gold is a binary plan while Sisel Kaffe is a uni-level.  Anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of MLM knows that uni-level is better than binary and that they should stay away from binary plans at all costs if they want to make steady residual income.


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Sisel International Compensation Plan- Show Me The Money

Sisel International Compensation Plan- Show Me The Money

sisel international

Sisel International

When it comes to residual income and compensation plans, many make the argument that the Sisel International compensation plan is the best industry. In fact, Sisel blatantly uses that claim on their own website—”Arguably the Highest Paying in the Industry”—making you wonder, just how true is it?

Does Sisel International truly have the best compensation plan for those looking to earn residual income and live out the dream of every internet marketer? Or is this just another carefully worded statement, “arguably” being the key word to scrutinize? 

Just How Good is The Sisel International Compensation Plan? 

In order to get to the bottom of this, let’s take a closer look at Sisel International’s compensation plan step-by-step. This will help us figure out where the money is coming from and just how much money you can make when you sign up with Sisel. 

Sisel International Distributors| Fast Start Bonus 

First order of business is the Fast Start Bonus (FSB) that Sisel offers. This is truly one of the better bonuses out there, simply because your bonus depends on how quickly you come out of the gates. In other words, if you’re experienced and have a network already in place, you’re going to make a lot of money. If you are inexperienced, you might not make as much money, but because Sisel has a solid foundation in place for beginners, you will still see more benefits than you would with companies that don’t offer a FSB. 

The FSB works like this: place an order of 50 PV or more by your personally enrolled distributors and/or customers and you qualify for 4 bonus weeks. After your enrollments are set, you will receive payout following personal sponsorship. So if you sponsor a recruit that signs 200 PV, you get 30% and everyone on your upstream gets 5% for four weeks. That’s a lot of cash moving around! 

Sisel International’s Fast Start Retention Bonus 

What’s even more impressive about this unique compensation plan feature is that Sisel doesn’t stop there—they offer a Fast Start Retention Bonus (FSRB) on orders of 50 PV or more. That means qualifying orders (100 PV or more – 50 PV the first four weeks, 50 the second month) placed from the distributors you personally enroll will pay bonuses out to you for weeks 5 through 8. That’s an entire second month of bonuses, just for signing people up. Here are the FSRB percentages by PV order, paid out equal to or less than your PV generated in the first four weeks of enrollee orders: 

200+ PV – 15% FSRB

150-199.99 PV – 10% FSRB

100-149.99 PV – 5% FSRB 

Direct Distributor Commissions with Sisel International 


Of course, as with any great compensation plan, your Direct Distributor Commission (DDC) will make up the constant bulk of your earnings. These kick in after the first four weeks of FSB (meaning you get your DDCs along with your FSRBs, but not your FSBs). Any order of 50 PV or more qualifies you for a DDC. All of your downline distributors who place qualifying (50 PV or more) orders pay DDCs that go four levels deep. 

Of course, if you have four qualified legs in your downline, the payment goes 5 levels deep. 5 qualified legs pays the DDC 6 levels deep and if you are a 5-Star Master Distributor, you get a 2% Level 7 Payout on your DDCs. 

Here’s how each level of qualifying PV pays out: 


Platinum 200 PV

Gold 150 PV

Silver 100 PV

Bronze 50 PV

1st Placement Level





2nd Placement Level





3rd Placement Level





4th Placement Level





5th Placement Level





6th Placement Level





7th Placement Level



Master Cheque Match and Luxury Bonus from Sisel International 

There are also monthly payouts that come from Sisel, further backing their claim that this is arguably the best compensation plan in the industry. Here’s how they work: 

Master Cheque Match 

For qualified 1-Star Master Distributors and up who attain a monthly 200 PV, Master Cheque Match (MCM) pays you a set percentage of the DDC earned by all Masters below you according to personal enrollment. In order to qualify as an initial Master, you have to obtain 1,000 PV within the first four bonus weeks OR by obtaining 5,000 cumulative QDV.

This means that you need a monthly 200 PV sale, an activated AutoPurchase and to meet: 

1,000 QDV for Masters

7,500 QDV for 1-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1)

20,000 QDV for 2-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1 and 5% on Generation 2)

50,000 QDV for 3-Star Masters (Pays 10% on Generation 1 and 5% on Generations 2 – 4) 

It should also be noted that with MCM, if over half of your total Downline Volume (DV) is coming from one leg of your downline, no more than half of your total DV will be applied to your QDV from that leg.

Luxury Bonus 

Qualified 2-Star Masters and above who earn at least $2,000 in monthly commissions and bonuses will receive a monthly luxury bonus as follows: 

2-Star Masters – $300

3-Star Masters – $500

4-Star Masters – $600

5-Star Masters – $750 

All luxury bonuses must either go towards the purchase of a luxury car OR be taken at 50% value in cash. 

How Often Do You Get Paid with Sisel International? 

Okay, so the compensation plan for Sisel is pretty great, but when do you get paid? Show me the money! 

Both the FSB and FSRB are NOW PAID DAILY. 

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Sisel International’s Sisel Kaffe Introduces Their New Weight Loss Coffee

Sisel International’s Sisel Kaffe Introduces Their New Weight Loss Coffee

sisel kaffeSisel International’s Sisel Kaffe Introduces Their New Weight Loss Coffee!

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of Sisel Kaffe by now (if you haven’t, you should!) so it’s no surprise that the science department over at Sisel International found a way to infuse their rich coffee with weight loss supplements that actually work.

Sisel is already well-known for their Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee beans (the award-winning, highest-rated coffee bean in the world), but now they have added four healthy supplements and four weight loss ingredients and seven thermogenic fat burners. The result is the world’s most effective weight loss coffee ever created, the Sisel Kaffe Fat-Burning Thermogenic Weight Loss Support Coffee.

And while that name is quite a mouthful to say, the only mouthful you’ll taste after drinking this delicious coffee is the rich, smooth taste of Sisel Kaffe, made from the best coffee beans in the world. Let’s take a closer look at why this is going to be the biggest thing in coffee since Starbucks drew a mermaid on their cups!  

How Does Sisel Kaffe Weight Loss Coffee Burn Calories?

The science behind the weight loss aspect of this cup of Joe is simple. By taking four essential ingredients to weight loss and adding it to the coffee blend, a proprietary synergistic core is created in the drink, supporting weight loss by blocking carbs from turning into fat and suppressing the appetite.

The big focal ingredient here is Garcinia Cambogia, something you’ve probably heard touted at the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss.” Garcinia Cambogia is simply the extract of tamarind, which naturally works to suppress your appetite and help you feel full even when you’re not. Plus, it also increases your metabolism and energy levels while it blocks fat from forming at the cellular level. So not only will you be eating less fat, you’ll have more energy to burn it off, your body will be burning it off naturally and fat will be prevented from forming at the cellular level. 

But there are three more ingredients, all of which are powerful weight loss supplements on their own, but when combined in Sisel Kaffe weight loss coffee?

Amazing results occur: 

Chlorogenic Acid. 

Also known as Green Coffee Bean Extract, this is the stimulus in coffee beans that releases the fat built up in your body and speed up the rate at which your body burns that released fat. How come it’s not in regular coffee? Because the roasting process burns it off—Sisel Kaffe is made through infrared cooking techniques, preserving the fat-burning properties of Chlorogenic Acid.  

Raspberry Ketones. 

Another amazing weight loss supplement, this is what gives raspberry their smell. But ketones have another function when ingested: they break down body fats, speed up the metabolism and helps your body use glucose more naturally and efficiently.  

Sinetrol Mediterranean Extracts. 

Part of the popular Mediterranean Diet known as Sinetrol, these extracts further boost the metabolism to break fat down faster while simultaneously increasing the thermogenic processes that burn fat. 

As you can see, by combining a powerful blend of the most effective weight loss supplements and ingredients in the world, Sisel International has produced yet another ground-breaking product. It’s no wonder they have such success with their MLM sales compensation packages which have turned coffee lovers everywhere into highly paid network marketers.

Fat Burning Thermogenic Effects of Sisel Kaffe 

sisel weight loss coffee

Of course, Sisel International didn’t stop there with their new weight loss coffee—they also added a number of ingredients which have been shown to assist the process of burning fat in the body. These ingredients provide the proper dosages to affect maximum weight loss while remaining 100% safe. 

Pterostilbene Caffeine. 

A complex molecule that provides you with 8 hours of a sustainable energy source that you can tap into. This energy boost is not only noticeable; it is also not accompanied by a “rush” or a “crash,” so you aren’t affected in any way but positive. 

Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet Extracts. 

A natural boost to the body’s thermogenic fat burning procedures is needed to jump start your natural weight loss. Studies with the extracts from the Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet that are in Sisel Kaffe have been shown to result in a five to six pound weight loss each month with just the tiniest bit of caloric reduction. 


Once again, another ingredient that boosts the thermogenic fat burning capabilities of your form, turning your body into a natural fat-burning furnace. Also helps the cellular fat uptake process. 

Green Tea EGCG. 

This highly sought after extract helps your body to get rid of calories the natural way, by burning them off thanks to a sped up metabolism. Your body will burn fat faster than ever before as shown by research that shows a positive correlation between keeping weight off longer and drinking green tea. Now you can get the benefits of green tea right in your morning cup of coffee. 

Chromium Picolinate. 

Highly touted for diabetics, this ingredient helps with insulin receptors, conditioning them to work more efficiently and effectively. This helps you burn more fat while creating higher levels of energy in your body. Overall, this produces a healthier effect. 

Extract of Yerba Mate.

This powerful energy booster also has a number of other beneficial effects such as the boosting of energy and cardiovascular health. 


The powerful Sinetrol teams up with Guarana to further kick your metabolism into the highest gears possible. This synergistic interaction is highly effective—it will not only have you looking great, but feeling great as well. 

These ingredients can be taken on their own in supplement form, or you can get them all in the best blend of coffee in the world, Sisel Kaffe. For many coffee lovers, the choice is clear—why get inferior coffee that does nothing for your weight when you can drink coffee made from the best beans in the world while losing weight simply by drinking your coffee! 

Does Sisel Kaffe Really Help You Lose Weight? sisel kaffe

So, the only question left is, does Sisel Kaffe really work? Can you really lose weight simply by drinking coffee—and—not just any coffee, but the coffee brewed from the best beans in the world. The answer? Absolutely. Thanks to the amazing weight loss supplements, elements and ingredients put into every blend of Sisel Kaffe, you can lose weight and burn fat simply by drinking coffee. The thermogenic compounds contained in every cup of this amazing weight loss coffee will have you looking and feeling great in no time at all.

Imagine having less appetite, eating less food, having fat blocked from forming, having the fat you’ve stored break up and have more energy to burn that fat away—now, imagine that the fat burned away on its own as well! You don’t have to do anything to lose weight with Sisel Kaffe except drink the coffee—the ingredients do the rest.

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Are You Sure You Want A Network Marketing Business?

Are You Sure You Want A Network Marketing Business?

network marketingEveryone Getting On The Network Marketing Bandwagon.

More and more I’m seeing people around me jumping into the Network Marketing / Direct Sales industry hoping to create some additional and or residual income in order to spend more time with kids, have more time freedom, job freedom, etc….

And that’s all good because Network Marketing can really provide those things and so much more.

Sadly, 3-6 mos. later theses same entrepreneur enthusiast begin to drop off like flies in their businesses.


Because they felt It was too time consuming, too hard or just too expensive to keep up..

Had they taken the time to learn the industry that they so eagerly jumped into, and educate themselves on what it REALLY takes to generate even and extra $300 a month, they may have been more prepared to overcome these issues and found some success.

Fact: The main reason people fail in network marketing is because they quit too soon.

Once these people throw in the towel, some of them like to claim that it’s the businesses model that doesn’t work or that the business is a pyramid scheme….. ( I won’t get started on that one)

Not true…The real truth is ……You’re not going to get something for nothing in this world. Riches don’t come easy.

You see, it takes a lot more than throwing a few opportunity meeting or product parties or selling a few lipsticks or candles to make this business go. It takes a willingness and dedication to see this to the goal:

FREEDOM! (whatever that means to you)

Had they taken the time to learn the industry they would have been able to push through some of the temporary sacrifices that inevitably comes along with starting a business of your own.

Fact: Network marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme!network marketing

I don’t care what the person told you when you signed up, you will have to make sacrifices if you want to create residual income so you can spend time more with your kids. These things don’t happen without work and dedication.

This industry is no different than any other. The number one goal in all companies is profit through VOLUME. The more products you can get out into the marketplace the more money you make, pure and simple.

The way MLM accomplishes this is by allow individuals to create a business by building  a network of like minded people who are willing to not only use the products themselves, but share it with their own network of people and then wash and repeat. The bigger the network of active participants the more money everyone in the network makes.

That’s it…no big mystery.

Is it hard work?

Heck yeah! Is it worth it?

Oh my gosh, yes!!

Fact: Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other business opportunity.

What you need to know before you join a MLM company?network marketing


Understand that you will have to sacrifice time in order to get your precious time back. You have to give yourself at least 2 to 5 years in orders to really get your business off the ground. You have to be willing to give up a certain amount of time each week to build your dream. The question you need to be asking is how much time are you will to give to the success of your business? And, Can you be consistent in your efforts?


Yes, just like any other business out there today, you will need money to make money. If you’re looking for a free ride then play the lottery. But hey, even that cost money, right? The 1 percent-ers of this world didn’t get wealthy without investing in themselves and their business, and if you’re not willing to take risks and invest in your dreams with your money, then go get a second job. Although, that’s not really free either, is it? You’re paying time away from your family and losing out on the life you’ve always wanted.


You have be willing to learn about your industry. There are skills that you will bring to the table and there are skills that you are going to have to learn. If you say, “I’m not techy or I can’t sale”, that’s your own fault. The majority of people aren’t. The ones that are earning 6-7 figures per MONTH took the time to learn.

Fact: Network Marketing is a relationship business 


The MLM industry is built upon people networking together. People using the products, sharing the products and teaching other people do do the same. You’re ability to connect with people and build a team of leaders is essential to your success. As a mlm business owner, it is your responsibility to help other people reach their goals.

You you must be aware of before you sign up is that 95 % of the people you share your business with will NOT join you. This is just the truth, but there are ways to deal with this fact where you can still return a profit. Are you prepared to handle rejection?

So what is the solution?

This business is a numbers game; you need to share your business opportunity with as many people as possible. After you go through your friends and family, will you be willing to approach strangers? That’s something you have to ask yourself. Are you willing to overcome fears of approaching people you don’t know? It’s all up to you.

So, I’m I trying to discourage the brand new MLM marketer?


I truly believe in the power of this industry! It changes lives! It provides the average individual the ability to obtain the kind of wealth that 99% of people will only ever dream about.

I just want you to be informed. Once you know what you’re dealing with, once you understand that this is a real business that takes real work, then when you decide to join a MLM company and you are STILL willing to go all out to make it work….

Then I can say with a certainty that you WILL succeed in this industry.

network marketingListen, there is a way to be successful in this industry. The road has already been paved for anyone who is willing to follow it.

Is it less work?

Of course not!!

Do you still have to sacrifice your time and money?


But, if you follow it, be trainable and be consistent in your efforts, you wont regret following the footsteps of leaders that will get you to your goal in a shorter amount of time.


If your going to jump on the network marketing bandwagon, do it the right way! CLICK HERE to find out how the top earners do it.