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home based businessHome-Based Business|Applying the 7 Universal Laws

If you want succeed in and grow your home-based business effortlessly, it would be beneficial for you to apply the 7 universal laws that we have gone through in the Law of Attraction series. In reality, these laws are already applied to your business because there is nothing on earth that is not subject to the universal laws, just as everything on earth is subject to the law of gravity.

While this is true, most people manage their business without realizing that fact; therefore the laws happen by default instead of the business owner using them to his or her advantage. If you want to grow your home based business and create more free time and financial freedom for yourself (and what business owner doesn’t?), then it is important that you study the 7 universal laws and strategically apply them to your home based business.

Let’s look at each law along with some examples of how you can apply them to your home-based business to bring you more success:

Using The Law of Deliberate Creation in your Home Based Business

“That which I give thought to with emotion, I attract more quickly.”

Set goals for your home based business and feel the emotion of the end results you seek. Believe you can succeed. Decide to achieve your business goals deliberately. Choose the vibration you want to attract and then match yourself to that vibration. Choose your words wisely and don’t speak words that are incongruent with your goals. For example, if you want to attract more leads, stop saying that you aren’t good at sales or that your marketing never works.

Using The Law of Allowing in your in your Home Based Business 

“Allow the Universe to bring you what you desire without imparting resistance, and allow others to be as they are.”

Practice feeling the good feelings that will come with the outcome you seek, but don’t wallow in the fear of not knowing how to do it – allow the Universe to handle the how. Start each workday from a place of non-resistance. Know that the Universe will deliver, but it may not come in exactly the way you expect. Don’t try to make your prospects into replicas of you. Allow them to be who they are and let their differences be a blessing since they can offer something to your home based business that they can’t.

Using The Law of Sufficiency & Abundance in your Home Based Business 

“An unlimited supply of abundance is available to all.”

Remove any fears that have you believing that you have to compete. Remove feelings of jealousy for people whose home based businesses are thriving. There is enough for everyone, and you will succeed more from working together than you would from competing against each other. Realize that money is simply an energy, and that energy is abundant. Use this realization to help you sustain a knowing that the money will come once you believe it into being.

Using The Law of Pure Potentiality in your Home Based Business 

“In our essential state, we are pure consciousness; therefore, through us all things are possible.”

Know that since you are spirit living in a physical body, your business is a spiritual extension of you. Run your business with the core spiritual values you stand for. When you do, doors will open for you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Be yourself in business. Don’t try to mimic others who are successful. Shine your own light. Be the unique individual that you are and people will respond to you in ways that will make your home based business soar.

Using The Law of Detachment in your Home Based Business 

“In order to acquire anything, you need to relinquish your attachment to it.”

Instead of coming from a place of fear, thinking that you won’t succeed in your home based business goals, choose an abundance consciousness and trust that the Universe will deliver. When you send a proposal to potential client, let go of the outcome. As long as you did your best, know that if they are meant to be your client, they will be, and if they don’t, it is for good reason (perhaps they are slow-paying for example).

Using The Law of Polarity in your Home Based Business

“Unity is plural at a minimum of two.”

Focus your attention on the positive end of the spectrum so that you can gravitate toward it. Know that you have the power to shift your perception at any time, and that doing so can transform any problem you might be experiencing in your business.

Using The Law of Reflection in your Home Based Business

“The traits you respond to in others, you recognize in yourself, both positive and negative.”

Understand that you can’t attract any person or circumstance to yourself that is not a reflection of you in some way. Use this knowledge to reflect upon problems and people that you have a hard time with to determine what lesson you need to grow past.

Accept all “bad” circumstances and people that come into your life as a blessing in disguise because they are there to reveal to you what you need to do to grow into the person you want to become and to have the home based business you’ve always wanted.