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90 day total transformationFollow me on the Total transformation Challenge!

At the dawn of every new year, millions of hopeful Americans set out to make their new year resolution. Out of the top 10 resolutions, the top 3 are always the same year in and year out….

Lose Weight

•Get Organized

•Spend Less, Make More.

About 60 percent fail after the 1st 90 days. Which is why I don’t do new years resolutions, lol!  It’s actually a psychological, mass consciousness type thing that almost sets people up for failure. So instead, I’ve decided to join my team and commit to doing the 90 day Total Transformation Challenge in the last quarter of the year, which is, like, right now…=)

Now, statistics say that your chances of success when deciding to make a lifestyle change, is greater when your reason for doing it has absolutely nothing to do with a New Year resolutions. Makes sense to me….Your motivation must come from something more than just, “it’s that time of the year”

How does the 90 Day Total Transformation Work?

Our main focus in this challenge is to not only improve our overall health but our wealth as well.

My team and I are getting together and making a commitment for change in our lives now, and were blasting it out to cyberspace for all to witness…kinda scary, huh? I plan to document my progress along the way, and would love for you to join me.

So this is how the 90 day challenge will go down for me.

It will be in two main areas; health and wealth, we got that…

For the weight loss portion,I plan to use my company‘s super Sisel Lean Fat Burning System.

You can use any program or product that you chose to help you in the challenge.If you don’t have products you trust and want to know about Sisel International and their fat burning products you can have a look at them HERE

My menu will consist of Fish, brown rice, some fruits, veggies, and salads. I’m trying to eat as clean as possible. I would normally add chicken for the added protein, but I will be substituting that for my Sisel meal replacement/protein shakes. For fiber, I will be adding beans with my brown rice which actually forms the perfect amino acid that your muscles need while you are trying to lose weight. It also adds needed fiber antotal transformation challenged provides bulk so you’re not feeling hungry all day

My exercise schedule will be a compilation of cardio 3 times a week and some weight training….if my tendonitis allows..Undecided

Also, I plan to up my meditation time.

For the wealth part, the goal is to post one piece of content every day for 90 days . Now this can be an article, podcast, You Tube video or any activity you feel will get you closer to your business goals. The purpose is to create massive action and consistency.

I will be doing article syndication and video (fingers crossed on the video I use a marketing system that ensures that my content gets mass exposure and generates a constant stream of leads. If you’re interested in how that works, you’re more than welcome to CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Okay, so I’m super geeked up about this!! Let me know if you’re in.. Like, share and comment and join me in letting the world know you are ready to change your life…

The Countdown Begins….See you at the Top!