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universal law of reflection man's reflection in mirrorUniversal Law Of Attraction Series

The Universal Law of reflection states that every person and situation in your life is a mirror aspect of you, therefore you should reflect upon what you see around you and use it as a guide to determine what you need to work on to experience growth.

When we try to change what we don’t like in someone else, we are simply denying that we share the same trait. Instead, reflect upon the parts of yourself that this person is revealing to you, and work on changing yourself. Then, your perception of the other person will shift as well. The same holds true for people that you like – they are mirroring parts of yourself that you like.

This Universal Law works hand-in-hand with the law of attraction, for when we use the law of attraction to bring into our lives the people and situations that will teach us what we need to know in order to achieve our dreams, we must then also use the law of reflection to recognize what these people and situations are being revealed to us to help us along the journey. These people and situations will show us what we need to change about ourselves in order to match the vibration of what we want so that we can attract it to ourselves.

For many people, this law is difficult to comprehend, but since it is a law, it is definite. Just like the law of gravity is true all the time, so is the Universal Law of reflection. And it is really a blessing because when we are able to reflect upon what is in our lives as if it were a mirror that we are viewing of ourselves, we can easily see what we need to change, just as you would if you were to look into a mirror and see that you need to lose weight.

If you were to look in the mirror after losing weight, you would see the changes you have made for your body. You are also be able to look at the outside people and situations in your life after you have made changes and see that they have also changed to match you – your outside world is a mirror reflection of you at all times. If you look around you, and you see chaos and disorganization, that is a reflection of you. If you look around you and you see kindness and happiness, that is also a reflection of you.

Your perception of others and of the situations in your life will shift according to your life at the moment, therefore you will only notice in others and in your situations what is a reflection of yourself. You simply won’t notice things that are not a reflection of you.

Universal Law of Reflection In Action

It is not always easy to determine what the reflection is trying to tell you. Here are some tips for those occasions:

If a situation comes up in your life that involves failed equipment or technology, look at what the equipment does normally or doesn’t do once broken. For example, if you have a flat tire, are you feeling deflated. If your brakes failed, are there certain behaviors you need to stop? If your hard drive goes, do you need some time for your mind to reboot?

If a person in your life is hard to take, look at what it is about them that makes them this way and ask yourself what that could be reflecting in you. For example, if you find someone to be rude, in what ways might you be coming across as rude? If someone in your life is floundering, how might you be floundering?

In Universal Law There are no accidents 

everything comes with a lesson attached to it. We will continue to experience the same hardships and endure the same relationship issues until the lesson is learned.

Use the Universal Law of reflection to learn these lessons so you can move onto noticing more and more positive reflections.