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law of polarity400The law of polarity states that everything in the Universe has a polar opposite. This duality is what makes it possible for us to experience life as we do, for without experiencing what is bad, how can we know what is good; without experiencing sadness, how can we experience happiness; without experiencing failure, how can we experience success? In reality, these opposites work together for the greater good.

To master this law, you must first understand that although there are two extremes of each thing, those extremes form a unity, and that unity means that each opposite is simply a different degree of the same thing. At the same time, you must understand that these extremes are only experienced through perception. Since everything on this planet has an equal opposite, and we experience each through our perception, it is up to us to choose what side of the pole we want to experience.

The positive end of the poles contain the higher frequency vibrations, while the negative end holds the lower frequency vibrations. By bringing your attention to the higher frequencies, you attract more of the higher frequencies to yourself, and you therefore transform your reality. The reality you are currently living is merely a compilation of the perceptions you have chosen up to this point. Shift your perception and you shift your reality.

Without one, we would not have the other. It does no good to put energy toward wishing the dark side of light didn’t exist. Instead, by choosing to see the light, you will experience less darkness. You must realize that there really is no darkness; there is just an absence of light. This holds true for each pole that exists. There is no sadness, simply an absence of happiness. There is no bad, simply an absence of good. Each negative end of the spectrum is simply a lack of the positive, therefore all that you have to do is to bring more of the positive into your life so that you experience less of the negative.

If you want to succeed in your home business or something any thing, you must realize that failure and success are the same thing, just at opposite poles, therefore the potential for both exists. By bringing your focus to the positive side of the spectrum, you bring it into being. Instead of resisting failure, accept success. Resistance and acceptance are polar opposites, therefore any time you are resisting something, you are perceiving the negative end of the spectrum, and any time you are accepting what is, you are thriving at the positive end of the spectrum. Resisting brings your attention to the negative pole and accepting brings your attention to the positive pole. Always remember that.

There is no good or bad – it is all in how we perceive. The key to the law of polarity is to not resist that which you don’t desire. Instead, accept it and move your thoughts to what it is that you do desire.

The law of polarity is a blessing. It exists so that we can experience life to the fullest, and it provides us with the opportunity to choose our path in life. When you can bring the energy of acceptance to everything that shows up in your life and understand that everything works together for the greater good, you will shift your perception, which will in turn shift your reality. The gift that the law of polarity provides is a solution to every problem.