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mindbodyspirit2The Law of Pure Potentiality states that in our essential state, we are pure consciousness. In this field of consciousness, all things are possible, meaning there is literally nothing you cannot do if and when you become aligned with this pure consciousness. It is infinite and unbounded creativity, and at the core of our being, (our spiritual being, the essence of who we are), we are pure potentiality. 

This law demonstrates that you are at one with all of nature. How can this be? It is due to the fact that at the heart of everything in our Universe is spirit and energy, therefore we are all the same. This is why you can attract and create anything you desire – you yourself ARE pure potentiality, you are creation, you are abundance. It is all the same. You are not separate from any of it.

This law builds upon the law of sufficiency and abundance because it brings us back to the point that since we are all essentially the same, when you are living from your true self, or higher self, there are no feelings of judgment or superiority.

The potential of each and every one of us is limitless. To look within and get to know the spirit that lives within you, that IS you, is to be all powerful, because when you carry joy within you, no external thing can affect you. If you lose your job, your relationship or your home, you still hold within you the power to attract even better things to you than you ever have before all you need to do is be able to see it, believe it and hold that vision of the thing wanted until it has manifested. 

The movie/book, Eat, Pray, Love, demonstrates this beautifully. It’s a true story about the author who completely walked away from her entire life after a bad divorce. She lost all of her money, her house, her marriage, and her entire life as she knew it. But within a year, she had attracted incredible abundance to herself in every way.

Take a look in the mirror and understand who you really are. You are spirit; you are consciousness living in a physical body. You are pure potentiality. You hold all the power within you to have, be or do whatever you will! Prayer, meditation and turning within on a consistent basis will allow you to access that potential so you can become and have anything that you want.


And remember, life is meant to be fun! Enjoy the process!