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law of abundance

Law of Sufficiency & Abundance

The law of sufficiency and abundance states that we live in a Universe of abundance and that you already have everything within you right now to make your life a living dream.

Many people will read that statement and think it is crazy because they are so used to living with a scarcity mindset, but there is no scarcity in our Universe – there is only the limitations we set for ourselves.

The reason scarcity doesn’t exist is because we are natural born creators and we can create any amount of abundance that we want, whether it be more money, a successful home business, friends, the perfect job or any other goal. Why is that true? Because everything in our Universe, from the cells that make up our bodies to the components that make up material objects to money and even our thoughts and feelings, are made of energy, and energy is abundant.

Law of Sufficiency & Abundance Actin Plan

Get it out of your head that you are a physical being. You are not. You are a spiritual being in a physical body. Most people don’t question the “magical” things that a spiritual being like God, Jesus or Buddha can do. You are no different. You just don’t know it and therefore you limit yourself.

If you feel like there isn’t enough to go around, then you will attract everything to you that will “prove” that to be true for you, however that is not reality – it is just the cycle you have gotten yourself into.

See the abundance in yourself in order to attract abundance to you. What I mean by this is that you need to stop trying to change everything around you in an effort to bring more abundance to you.

Instead, you need to look inside and find inner peace. Find that inner knowing that you have everything you need inside of you right now to create what you want. Then you will attract those things to you, and you will find yourself manifesting abundance.