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massive action

Okay, so here’s the thing…..

I don’t have a problem with taking massive action in my business or for any goal.

I just believe it’s taking the “cart before the horse” so to speak.
Let me back up a bit…..
Now you’ve probably heard all of the statistics about network marketing or about new businesses….
97 percent of network marketers fail….
95 percent of new businesses fail after the first 5 years… yada- yada- yada-
There is a slue of reasons for these numbers, but I can say with a certainty that none of those reasons are due to a lack of knowledge or skill.
Because nowadays you can learn any skill with just a click of a button or hire any kind of business expert for a reasonable price, to get your business off the ground.
The real issues, whether you’re a small brick and mortar biz owner or network marketer, is due to lack of clarity of vision, direction and those “inner blocks” that seem to sabotage your efforts at every turn.
What do those inner blocks look like?
They look like fear, uncertainty, confusion, lack of confidence, procrastination and any other emotion you can think of that has ever tripped you up.
If you’ve ever asked for advice on how to get your Network Marketing  business off the ground and running, and you were told to just take “massive action,” or “just go find 10 people to talk to today,” then you may have felt a little irritated.
I know I sure did….
See, the problem most people are facing in their business is not that they won’t take massive action, it’s not like they don’t’ know what to do…
It’s that they don’t understand why they CAN’T take that massive action needed to see those results in their business they’ve been working for in spite of the fact that they already know exactly what they need to do.
Does this sound at all familiar?
In other words, we know what to do but often times we just can’t find the motivation or inspiration to do it.
How do I know this?
Well, because I’ve experienced it in my own life, in my own business.
See, the reality is that as humans we develop certain internal blocks that keep us from our success in many areas of our lives, however, we are usually not aware of them until we are faced with new challenges. (like trying to start a new business)

Success Tip: Changing your viewing point.

One way to overcome these internal blocks is to change how you see them in your life, don’t judge them as good or bad. Remember, anytime we are faced with something new we have to grow and expand into the new idea or vision.
One tip that I would like to offer is to see these seeming obstructions in our psyche as transitional periods that we need to pass through. We are transitioning into new ways of thinking. If you stay the course and get to the other side of it, you will be amazed at how much clarity you have about whatever was blocking your way and you will be able to truly take massive action.
So, if you’ve been struggling, if you’ve felt overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel because you can’t seem to take “massive action”…
….Don’t give up just yet….Success needs time to grow.

So tell me….

We’re there any instances in your life where you were told to just take massive action but you were blocked by a lack of motivation, fear, doubt etc.?

How did you get through it.?

Did you give up or push through?

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