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realtorsWhether you know it or not, Realtor’s make great network marketers for a number of reasons, but mainly because the two professions deal with much of the same skill set in networking, dealing with clients and business models. We’ll go through each of the reasons below in more detail, but it is worth mentioning that not  are taking advantage of network marketing as a profession, given how successful they are at it.

With that said, let’s take a look at why Realtor make amazing network marketers.

Realtor’s Understand Time Put In Versus Money Pulled Out

Try to explain to an hourly wage earner why they aren’t getting paid by the hour and they’ll likely have a hard time—this is why they remain hourly wage earners. They have neither the understanding for the concept that trading off hours for exact dollars isn’t a good way to make a living, nor the stomach for the leap of faith it sometimes takes to understand that. It can be scary moving into a profession where you aren’t earning a set amount based on purely showing up for work.

But Realtor’s know better than that. They understand that hours for dollars doesn’t make sense—or cents. Putting in quality hours that work towards a larger payday is something Realtor’s do on a daily basis. A good Realtor knows that going through a few slim times in the beginning or your career is only a temporary setback—more like a rite of passage, especially once those big paydays start rolling in.

Realtors Understand Prospecting and Qualifying

Just like network marketers, Realtor’s have to be able to cut through the junk in the market and find the diamonds. Paying attention to a tire-kicker out of common courtesy is fine, but if you don’t understand how to prospect and qualify your leads, you’re going to be spending a lot of time holding people’s hands that have no intention to buy. If that’s what you want to do, perhaps the hourly wage is better for you since the big payday will never come.

That’s a common problem with first-time network marketers, but it’s why Realtor’s excel at the job. They already know how to spot the interested leads and prospects from the lookie-loos. Spending time with people who are actually going to buy is essential, so knowing how to identify those people is critical—Realtor’s are perhaps the best in the business at this.

Realtor’s Understand Mentoring and Assisting 

After identifying the prospects and qualifying them, many network marketers can grow weary with the sales process. They expect upfront action and instant sales. But a Realtor’s brings patience to the game, as well as a long list of skills that are meant to nurture even the most qualified lead as long as it takes to make the sale.

Mentoring and assisting customers and qualified prospects can be frustrating for many, but to realtors, it’s just another day at the office—or at the model. This is what drives home sales and builds a long list of retained clients and contacts for future endeavors. The point here is not to have a one-time sale, but a client for life—Realtor’s get this long-term aspect and understand that a little mentoring and assisting goes a long, long way. This is particularly true in network marketing as well.

Realtor’s Understand Relationships 

For the average sales person, a relationship lasts as long as the time it takes to close the deal. Then, they move on to the next person, form a “relationship” that ends when the money hits their palm, wash, rinse and repeat. But for realtors and network marketers alike, relationships are two-fold.

First, part of the job is cultivating new relationships, from the meeting point straight through the sale. Then, the second half of the job is keeping those relationships intact. A realtor’s job is never really done, not until the day they retire. They know that at any point, a former buyer might be looking in the area and so, they keep every relationship they cultivate—so do successful network marketers. For some newbies to the network marketing game, this proves too much work, but not for a realtor. 

Realtor’s are Self-Motivated realtors

Finally, realtors are self-motivated. They don’t need a boss standing over them cracking the whip—they know they are going to make more money when they do the work properly. Network marketers quickly find out the same, or they fall out the game. With realtors turned marketers, the latter rarely happens.

If you’re a Realtor, you owe it to yourself to take a look at network marketing, especially when your skill set would carve you out some easy cash. To find out more about a great business that you could excel in CLICK HERE right now.