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traditional_real_estate_marketingWhile some habits die hard, one that is dying an ugly death is offline realtor marketing—at least as a primary marketing resource.  For those not in the know, traditional boots to the ground realtor marketing is what you saw ruling the market twenty years ago—signs on the front lawns of houses, newspaper ads with houses for sale and apartments for rent, fliers at the supermarket, brochures at the office and in local shops. 

Now, it’s not to say that any of this is still not effective—it certainly is regarding real estate sales—it’s just that it’s not as effective as it once was and it certainly isn’t effective on its own anymore.

Why Has Offline Realtor Marketing Fallen Out of Line?

That’s because the way people search for houses for sale and apartments for rent has changed.  With this shift in the customer base, the realtor industry has to respond in kind, and most have.  Instead of focusing primarily on traditional realtor marketing, the most successful realtors in the world have shifted their focus to online marketing.  While this isn’t to say that they’ve abandoned offline realtor marketing, it certainly has taken a big back seat to online marketing.  Here’s why.

Online Realtor Marketing Has Better Marketing Spend

For starters, while the costs of offline realtor marketing have gone down to some degree, the marketing spend still isn’t as cost-effective as online marketing.  That’s because so many online marketing techniques are free, the ROI is astronomical.  While it might take you two or three strong real estate sales to recoup the overall marketing spend of a brochure run or taking ads out in the local papers for months and months, a few well-placed blogs and properly optimized landing pages will cost you nothing but the time it takes you to write them.

Further, while your traditional realtor marketing techniques are essentially bait for a large pond of fish in which only certain fish like your bait, online marketing is specific bait for the fish you want.  In other words, where you place your offline ads and content is accessible to all.  Still, that means if 100 people see it, maybe only 1 or 2 are in your demographic.  That’s .98 to .99 cents of every marketing dollar wasted, just to get two qualified leads.

But with online marketing, since your marketing dollar is only targeting people who are looking for you, 100% of your money is reaching the people in your target demographic, making your marketing spend astronomically more cost-efficient and effective.

Being Online Equals Real Estate Sales

Another reason that offline realtor marketing hasn’t found the real estate sales success it once had is because now, customers search online for homes, apartments and condos.  The internet has changed the way we look for things, places to live included.  Who wants to call up or drive around and only get pieces of the information they want when they can lie in their bed and surf the web on their phone. 

They can get pictures, listings, prices, quotes, make appointments, compare properties, look into the area for schools—all from the internet.  All without hearing any pitches or anything they don’t want to hear.  As the old marketing saying goes, “be where your customers are.”  They’re online.

Combining Online and Offline Realtor Marketing—The Best of Both Worlds

While it’s obvious that real estate sales are being made online, it’s also obvious that you can’t just give up your offline realtor marketing efforts and campaigns.  They are still in play—even at this decreased level—for one reason: they do draw sales in.  Your job as a successful realtor is to not stack all of your eggs in one basket, but rather divide them appropriately in the right baskets.  Online and offline realtor marketing are those two baskets you want your real estate sales eggs in.

Where to Get Started with Online Realtor Marketing

So, assuming that you’re set with your offline realtor marketing, the real question now is how to get into online marketing for your realtor business.  The answer to that question is simple and can be discovered by CLICKING HERE right now and accessing the best online marketing system released to date.

So tell me… Are you online yet? To what extent?